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My Collection: The Toys
Wayne "Tintin" James
Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile No. V
Do I have toys? Sure, I have a few. 

At first I really did just have a few. On the plains of southeast Colorado, in the 1960s, they were hard to find. Also, at that time, I doubt that I looked very hard. It was not until after I got out of the navy that I started watching for anything besides the books. In the late 1970s my toys fit on a single shelf. I do not remember what was first, but near the beginning I found the Tarzan bubble blowing snake with a bottle of liquid soap. This find is still in the original blister pack and has never been opened, but all the soap has evaporated from the plastic bottle. How did that happen? Most of my older toys were obtained from garage sales, the hucksters at Dum-dums and ECOF conventions, little out of the way shops, and flea markets (both in the U.S. and Belgium). However, one I distinctly remember picking up in 1980. I came to Colorado Springs to interview for a job. Before leaving Colorado Springs, I stopped at K-Mart to pick up something for my sons. As I was looking through the toy section I came across a Tarzan Poster Pen Set (1979) which I picked up for me. (Yes, I remembered to get toys for my sons also.) My older toys, pre-Trendmasters (1996), include: 

  • Aurora rubber Tarzan (three inches tall) in a yelling pose from the 1967 "Tarzan King of the Jungle" set.
  • Aurora plastic Tarzan model (kit #181) with comic book.
  • Craft House "Tarzan Fast Dry Paint by Number" (1979) which I have painted. (I know! I know! But it was fun.)
  • DISJORSA-CE rubber Tarzan (four inches tall) standing, with Cheetah on  the ground by his feet (1995).
  • Imperial Toy Corp. "Tarzan Bubble Blowing Snake."
  • Tarzan Poster Pen Set (1979)
Some of the toys I have found do not even mention Tarzan, but they do use an illustration of a white man in a animal skin loin cloth. So who else would it be? Some of these toys are: 
  • Kinder egg toy with a jungle man in leopard skin swinging on vine over a lion's head.
  • Vo Toys hunting knife with sheath.
  • Jungle man with a blue monkey.
  • Jungle man in leopard loin cloth with a black panther and a short silver spear.
  • Two PEZ BON BONS plus Body Parts which is a jungle man in a leopard skin  with a knife (looks pretty good in a Fred Flintstone PEZ ~ further below).
  • Jungle Master Archery Playset

Kinder egg toy
I thought I had really struck gold when Dakin Toys' merchandise from "Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes" hit the markets around 1984. I managed to pick up the three following "Tarzan King of the Apes" toys as well as some coloring and activity books and some story books with records.
  • Large adult Tarzan with knife and rope
  • Adult Tarzan (4 inch) with knife and rope
  • Young Tarzan (4 inch) with Kala and rope

It was not until after "Tarzan: The Epic Adventures" that I really started my collection. There used to be a discount store, in Colorado Springs, that carried these action figures for only a few dollars each. I managed to pick up most of the figures in the black packaging. Later the company started using green packaging and came out with a few that I had to add to my collection. I do not know if they were new or I just missed them in the black packaging. (About half of these make noise.) My Trendmasters Toys (1996-97) include:
  • Action Figures (6 inch): John Carter of Mars, Kerchak, King Kerchak Evil Cyber Ape, Nolach the Kaldane, Numa the Golden Lion, Tars Tarkas the Green Martian, Tarzan City of Gold, Tarzan Dino Armored, Tarzan of Mars, and Tarzan the Hunter.
  • Action figures (14 inch): Tarzan of Lord of the Jungle, in armor.
  • Double figure sets: Dejah Thoris vs. John Carter, Harbenite Tarzan vs. the Mahar, John Carter vs. O Mad Zad, Tarzan of Mars vs. the Plantman.
  • Micro Action Sets: Tarzan At Earth's Core, Tarzan Conqueror of Mars, and Tarzan Lord of the Jungle
  • I also have a some fairly new toys from Barcelona Universal Models that are based on Tarzan, but not Disney's Tarzan. These are small plastic figures, like the little green toy soldiers.
  • Tarzan "King of Apples" (sic) BUM3000
  • Tarzan "King of Animals" BUM3001

  • However, the biggest section of my toys is associated with Disney's Tarzan of course. In this area, of toy collecting, we have also been assisted in our efforts by friends in England and The Netherlands. Tarzan started out with his own line of toys, Disney's Tarzan. He then moved into the group known as Disney Adventurers. This group included characters from Peter Pan, Hercules, Tarzan, and Aladdin. Now he has moved to Disney Heroes. I do not know who makes up this group, but I do know that Peter Pan and Tarzan are in it. The number of Disney Tarzan toys in in our collection is too large to list every individual one here, but some of the highlights of our Disney Tarzan toy collection are:

            Disney's Tarzan
               Action figures: four, six, and 10 1/2 inch
               Bean bags
               Body Art Markers and Rub-ons
               Cell phone
               Ceramic and porcelain figures
               Cool Canteen
               Crate of Baboons
               Die-cast Figures
               Disney on Ice Tarzan action figures
               Grow-things - Tarzan wrapped in a python to put in water
               Jungle Treehouse Playset
               Key chains
               McDonalds Happy Meal toys from 1999, 2000, and 2002
                   and Tarzan, Terk, and Tantor straws
               Plush (stuffed) figures
               Posable figures
               Punching Balls
               Snow Globes
               Tarzan and Friends Playset
               Thinking Toy - Electronic Talking Bank (Terk and band)
               Timepieces and Watches
            Disney Adventurers
               Action figures: four and 11 1/2 inch
               Disk Shooter
               Fan, personal mini
               Flyin' Glider
               Jungle Glider
               Mega Minis Action Packs
               Snow Globe
               Super Secret Flashlight
               Tarzan Spear/Lance
               Walkie Talkies
            Disney Heroes
               Action figure: six inch Tarzan with spear launching cannon (see
               the sky blue box, next to Terk, in the Trendmaster picture above)

    Disney's Tarzan

    Games were even harder than toys for me to find in the 1970s. I remember glancing up at the games, on a shelf in my comic book store in Livermore, California in the late 1970s, and then doing a double take. Up there, on that shelf, was a "John Carter, Warlord of Mars" role playing game from SPI! Even after I had the clerk get it down for me I had trouble believing it. This was the first game I had seen, that was based on an ERB character, and it was mine for $19.95. Later I came across the Milton Bradley Tarzan board game (1984). Of course, since 1999, there have been numerous games out there, mostly based on Disney's version of Tarzan. We even picked up an electronic Disney's Tarzan game in Belgium. It is just a small travel game to keep children (of all ages) occupied during a trip. It runs on two AA batteries and can make very annoying noises, as we found out when we were asked to turn the sound off on a return flight from Paris, France. Fortunately the sound "can" be turned off, so we were able to continue playing. My games include:

            ColorForms Tarzan Cartoon Kit (1966)
            Disney's Tarzan
               Flippin' Fun king-size card game
               Happy Families card game (Netherlands)
               Kwartet card game (Belgium)
               Mattel Tree Top Chase 3-D Game
               Mysize Puzzle
               Parker Brothers Disney Edition Monopoly
               Parker Brothers Disney Edition Sorry!
               Parker Brothers Disney Trivial Pursuit
               Scene It! Disney version DVD game
               Selecta 12 cubes (puzzle blocks)
               Selecta Lotto
               Tiger Electronic hand held Disney's Tarzan game
               Woodboard Puzzles
            Idaho Center for the Book: Idaho Authors Card Game
            Milton Bradley (1984)
               Tarzan board game
               Tarzan card game
            Tarzan Picture Puzzle #2628 - Lex Barker

    Although they are not toys per se, this is the section in which I choose to include trading cards with an ERB theme. My cards are mostly those of well known artists who have done illustrations for ERB stories, but there are some based on Disney's Tarzan and I have the set based on "Tarzan, the Ape Man" (1981). Unless noted by listing individual numbers, I have the complete sets of the standard cards, and any chase cards that are ERB related. (In some cases I may not have all the chase cards if they were not ERB related.)

            Chris Achilleos: #6 from 1992 and set from 1994
            Clyde Caldwell: #60, 61 from 1995
            Colossal Cards I: 11, 14
            Colossal Cards II: 17, 19, 20
            Richard Corben: #54 from 1993
            Frank Frazetta: 1991 and 1993 and Best of Frazetta 1996
            Richard Hescox: 1993
            Joe Jusko: ERB Colossal sets I, II
            Joe Jusko: ERB 1994 and 1995 and an uncut sheet of MS1-MS6
            Masters of Fantasy metal foil 1996
            David Mattingly: 1995
            Ron Miller: "Firebrands" 1994
            San Julian: #42 from 1994
            Barclay Shaw: 1995
            William Stout: I(1993), II(1994)
            Disney's Tarzan
               Panini Album Stickers (which are still on their cards, not in the album)
               Disney's Treasures featuring Donald
               Disney's Treasures featuring Mickey
               Disney's Treasures featuring Pooh
               Kid Cuisine 3-D cards
               Nestle (UK) 3-D cards
            "Here's Bo" 198


    Joe Jusko: an uncut sheet of MS1-MS6
    I have a few more items, in my collection, that I feel will be of interest to many of you, so in the next chapter I will cover items that are very special to me. Some are limited edition and some are "one of a kind" so stay tuned.

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