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Flower Fables Louisa May Alcott
Jo's Boys Louisa May Alcott
Old Fashioned Girl (alternate) Louisa May Alcott
Under The Lilac Louisa May Alcott
The Story of a Bad Boy by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
An Old Town by the Sea by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920s by Frederick Lewis Allen
Table Service by Lucy Grace Allen
Joseph A. Altsheler books on American Indians
Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Anderson
Ancient languages, Appelton's Classics (Appleton's Classics?)
Phra the Phoenician aka The Wonderful Adventures of Phra the Phoenician by Edwin Lester Arnold
The Young Visitors by Daisy Ashford
Keeping up with Lizzie by Irving Bacheller
Paste Jewels  byJohn Kendrick Bangs
Bismya: Or, the Lost City of Adar...Explorations of the Ruins of the Oldest of the Buried Cities of Babylonia by Edgar James Banks
The Admirable Crichton  by J. M. Barrie
The Yellow Hen (Ozma of Oz)  by L. Frank Baum
Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce
The Chink and the Child from Limehouse Nights by Thomas Burke
Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett
The Head of the House of Coombe by Frances Hodgson Burnett
The Lost Prince  by Frances Hodgson Burnett
The Shuttle  by Frances Hodgson Burnett
A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Jewel by Clara Louise Burnham
Memoirs of a War Bride by Mary Evaline Burroughs
Edgar Rice Burroughs first editions
The Eternal City by Hall Caine
Miss Minerva and William Green Hill by Frances Boyd Calhoun
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
The Professor's House by Willa Cather
Richard Carvell by Winston Churchill (American)
Speaking of Operations by Irving S. Cobb
Kazan, the Wolf Dog by James Oliver Curwood
My Life on the Plains  by General George Armstrong Custer
Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex by Charles Darwin
The Truth About Geronimo by Britton Davis
Captain Macklin by Richard Harding Davis
The Cuban and Puerto Rican Campaigns   by Richard Harding Davis
The Exiles by Richard Harding Davis
The Lion and the Unicorn   by Richard Harding Davis
The Scarlet Car  by Richard Harding Davis
Soldiers of Fortune  by Richard Harding Davis
Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
A Dog of Flanders by Louise De La Ramee
The Obstacle Race  by Ethel M. Dell
Numa Pompilius By Plutarch ~ Translation by Roy De Rohme
Charles Dickens Set
Fanny Herself by Edna Ferber
Rubaiyatof Omar Khayyam by Edward Fitzgerald
My Old Kentucky Home by Stephen Foster
Miss Lulu Bett by Zona Gale
Saint's Progress by John Galsworthy
The White Monkey: The Forsyte Chronicles 4 by John Galsworthy
Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire:by Edward Gibbon and Rev. H. H. Milton
The "BAB" Ballads  by W. S. Gilbert
Elementary Greek Grammar by William W. Goodwin
Secrets of the German War Office by Armgaard Karl Graves
The Woman in the Alcove by Anna Katharine Green
Last of the Great Scouts by Zane Grey
The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey
The Rainbow Trail by Zane Grey
A Heap O' Livin' (Along Life's Highway) by Edgar A. Guest
Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler
A Chance Acquaintance by William Dean Howells
Tom Brown's School Days by Thomas Hughes
The Sheik by E. M. Hull (Edith Maude Winstanley)
Pride of the Village ~ The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon by Washington Irving
Peggy Stewart Navy Girl at Home by Gabrielle E. Jackson
Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow by Jerome K. Jerome
To Have and to Hold by Mary Johnston (Virginia swashbuckling)
Works  Antiquities of the Jews ~ War of the Jews by Josephus
The Ocean of Theosophy by William Q. Judge
Globe Reader,  The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales for My Children by Charles Kingsley
The Seven Seas by Rudyard Kipling
Jim Waring of Sonora-Town by H. H. Knibbs
The Last American (Possibly by John Ames Mitchell?)
Riddle of the Rhine: Chemical Strategy in Peace and War by Victor LeFebure
Plutarch's Lives by J. W. Longhorne
Heroes Every Child Should Know by H. W. Mabie
Lays of Ancient Rome by Thomas Babington Macaulay
Half A Rogue by Harold MacGrath
Jim Davis by John Masefield
Martin Hyde The Duke's Messenger by John Masefield
Graustark by George Barr McCutcheon
Moby Dick by Herman Melville
The Cuckoo Clock by Mrs. Molesworth
Franklin (His Life) by Montgomery
Anne's House of Dreams  by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Rilla of Ingleside  by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Blix by Frank Norris
Harriet and the Piper  by Kathleen Norris
Sisters by Kathleen Norris
The Story of Julia Page  by Kathleen Norris
The Great Impersonation E. Phillips Oppenheim
The Kingdom of the Blind  E. Phillips Oppenheim
Cargoes for Crusoes by Grant Martin Overton
Carnac's Folly by Gilbert Parker
Donovan Pasha: and Some People of Egypt by Gilbert Parker
The Ladder of Swords (Michel and Angele) (A Tale of Love, Laughter and Tears) by Gilbert Parker
The Seats of the Mighty: A Romance of Old Quebec: Being The Memoirs Of Captain Robert Moray, Sometime An Officer In The Virginia Regiment, And Afterwards Of Amherst's Regiment by Gilbert Parker
The Vision of Desire by Margaret Pedler
The Gates Ajar by E. S. Phelps
Mary Marie by Eleanor H. Porter
Polly-Anna by Eleanor H. Porter
Freckles by Gene Stratton Porter
Her Father's Daughter by Gene Stratton Porter
Griffith Gaunt or Jealousy by Charles Reade
High School Grammar by Reed and Kellogg
Lost on the Moon or In Quest of the Field of Diamonds by Roy Rockwood
Numa Pompilius By Plutarch translated by Roy De Rhome?
Dope   by Sax Rohmer
Fire Tongue by Sax Rohmer
The Princess by Alfred Lord Tennyson Edited by William J. Rolfe
Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand Translated by Helen B. Dole
Scaramouche A Romance of the French Revolution by Rafael Sabatini
Rhymes of a Rolling Stone by Robert W. Service
Wild Animals I Have Known by Ernest Thompson Seton
Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
Ten Girls from Dickens  by Kate Dickinson Sweetser
Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift
The Flirt  by Booth Tarkington
The Magnificent Ambersons by Booth Tarkington
Monsieur Beaucaire by Booth Tarkington
Penrod by Booth Tarkington
Penrod and Sam by Booth Tarkington
Tennyson Poems by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
With the Riff Kabyles by Bernd Terhorst
The Sea and the Jungle by Henry Major Tomlinson
Cruise of the Kawa; Wanderings in the South Seas by Walter E. Traprock
The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain
Vergil's Aeneid ~ Ancient languages, Appelton's Classics 1st Edition, six volumes
A Tour of the World in Eighty Days  by Jules Verne
Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne
Germany, France, Russia and Islam by Heinrich von Treitschke
Betty Wales Sophomore: A Story for Girls  by Margaret Warde
Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster
Dear Enemy  by Jean Webster
Brigham Young by Morris R. Werner
Under the Red Robe by Stanley J. Weyman
The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton
Andivius Hedulio: Adventures of a Roman Nobleman by Edward Lucas White
Merton of the Movies by Harry Leon Wilson
Ruggles of Red Gap by Harry Leon Wilson
Lady Baltimore by Owen Wister
Lin McLean  by Owen Wister
A Damsel in Distress by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
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Online eText Editions 
Edgar Rice Burroughs
A Princess of Mars
The Gods of Mars
Warlord of Mars
Thuvia, Maid of Mars
The Chessmen of Mars
1. Tarzan of the Apes
2. The Return of Tarzan
3. The Beasts of Tarzan
4. The Son of Tarzan
5. Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar
6. Jungle Tales of Tarzan
7. Tarzan the Untamed
8. Tarzan the Terrible
9. Tarzan and the Golden Lion
1. At the Earth's Core
2. Pellucidar

Jungle Girl
The Mucker
The Girl From Farris's
The Outlaw of Torn
Beyond Thirty
The Mad King
The Oakdale Affair
The Eternal Lover
The Land That Time Forgot (Caspak Series)
The Efficiency Expert

More Online eText Editions 
Possible ERB Influences
Pre-ERB Mars Books by Edwin L. Arnold
Gulliver of Mars (Lieut. Gulliver Jones)
The Wonderful Adventures of Phra the Phoenician ~ Intro
The Wonderful Adventures of Phra the Phoenician ~ The Text
William Scott-Elliot
The Story of Atlantis: The Lost Lemuria: Intro
The Story of Atlantis: The Lost Lemuria: Text
A Novel and Poetry by One of ERB's Favourite Authors:
Henry Herbert Knibbs
Section I: 80 Pages
Section II: 85 Pages
Section III: 74 Pages
Unformatted Text Version I
Unformatted Text Version II
Unformatted Text Version III
And Many Excerpts from 
The Writings of General Charles King
1. King: Custer's Last Battle
2. King: Illustrated Excerpts I
3. King: Illustrated Excerpts II
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