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Volume 1152
A Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile:
Camille (Caz) Cazedessus
Legendary ERB Scholar and Fanzine Editor

Winner of the 1965 Hugo Award for best amateur magazine
"ERB-dom stands out as valuable even for readers who do not adulate the writer.
It gives many background and bibliographical details of Burroughs' work
as it has appeared in magazines, books, comic strips and movies."

- Tymn and Ashley (eds), Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Weird Fiction Magazines
KAOR!  ERB-dom lives on as Pulpdom!  Published “on line only”, Pulpdom!, Son of ERB-dom magazine, continues the celebration of ERB and his creations with short, medium and long illustrated articles about TARZAN, Pal-ul-don, the movies, BARSOOM, the new sequel books, the comics, the pastiches, nearly everything.  

Send me an email at and I’ll send you all 12 issues in pdf, or go to and read #12 free, just published. I believe the enjoyment of the worlds of ERB should be revisited, discussed and relived every few months, and that’s what Pulpdom does. ERB is more than a bookshelf of his works extensively indexed and listed with footnotes.  Have more fun, view Pulpdom Online at   ERB-dom & Caz still live, oh yes we do!

I¹d rather not go into the details about the ERB-dom years, as the 89 issues sort of  "speak for themselves." It was great fun and a way of life. It¹s too bad that Hully didn¹t hire me to work at ERB, Inc., I know he considered it. If he had... bundolo! But alas, it was not meant to be.

ERB led me into the study of history, the real world... while he also led me into fantasy, the make-believe world, a dream land of possibilities. In my older years I¹ve come to prefer the real world. 

Caz at the Taos Fair
Caz at the Taos Fair
The photo at the left is from around.1986. besides ERB and pulps, I¹ve always had an interest in frontier history, and the lives of Kit Carson and the mountain men. This photo was at the Taos Fair, which began in the 1600's in N. New Mexico. Shoz Dijiji is a friend of mine! 

I taught history at Pueblo Community College, and have written and published books on Teddy Roosevelt (Theodore Roosevelt and The Rough Riders), the Mountain Men and Pagosa Springs. I'm preparing one on Kit Carson, and one on "pulp writers."  My store is at where all my books and mags are listed.

The most unusual moment of ERB-dom was winning the Hugo, but the best memory are friendly visits with Hulbert and especially Danton, ERB¹s grandson, along with the friendship of Pete Ogden, Bob Hyde, John F. Roy, Russ Manning and Roy Krenkel, Jr. 

On a fanish note, I particularly pleased to be the only person to have published a Mars serial by by Normal Bean. (Under the Moons of Mars, The 1912 All-Story facsimile serialized in Pulpdom, 1997). I also founded the Denver Area Science Fiction Association - DASFA, c. 1969.

My interest in history and ERB dovetail into studying his contemporaries in the popular fiction field, who they were, what they wrote, and what became of their creations... all balanced against what ERB achieved. Clearly ERB was the most successful, and perhaps he was indeed the best. But the other writers of the era deserve some study, and I enjoy the investigations and the ultimate pulication of the info that I am able to dig up or have other fans write-up, especially by Alvin Lybeck and Mike Taylor. My estimate is that I¹ve published almost two hundred magazines since 1960.

Pulpdom has been in color since May, 2001, and pulp writers such as H. Bedford-Jones, George F. Worts, Austin Hall, Murray Leinster, Sax Rohmer, Joel T. Rogers, A. D. H. Smith, J. A. Dunn, A. V. Elston, G. A. England, A. Merritt, etc. have been profiled in some detail. I¹m particularly proud of the Brian Stableford investigations into the origin of Tarzan that I¹ve published, and also into my study into the origin of Barsoom. Their origins are no longer the vast mystery they once were. ERB did not create them in a vacuum.

As for current ERB situation, movies, comics, Disney, etc.... I told Danton I knew how to make Tarzan movies. As for the new Mars movie... hmmm, I hope I¹m pleasantly surprised.

There have been three important dates in my life:

  • I was born Dec. 8, 1938
  • ERB-dom was born May, 1960
  • FC/Pulpdom the Son of ERB-dom reborn in Dec. 1988. Pulpdom #38, about Austin Hall, is latest issue. We are approaching over 200 different issues of these magazines. 
ERB forever!  I still live!

Caz's Photo Memories
A few of the ERB-dom contributors

Caz and Hulbert Burroughs
with Wyeth painting in ERB, Inc. warehouse 1968

Jock Mahoney visits Caz 
Admiring Caz'  ERB collection the ERBdom offices


Caz and John F. Roy 1972

Pete Ogden ~ Burne Hogarth ~ Dan Burroughs 1972


Caz visits Hully at ERB, Inc.

Burne Hogarth and Russ Manning 1972

Bruce Bennett and James Pierce 1972
All photos and artwork copyright Camille Cazedessus, Jr.

Camille "Caz" Cazedessus II and ERB-dom
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