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Volume 1037

1944  ERBzin-e 1037
*  An essay by Altrocchi, "The Ancestors of Tarzan," was published in the book Sleuthing the Stacks, Harvard University Press.

January 15: ERB again wrote Caryl Lee to encourage her to use the Burroughs name. He sent her many letters and presents over the years.
February 16: ERB noted that his pride and joy was his autograph books in which he had obtained signatures of 572 persons. He had written no fiction since March 1943.
Hawaii Guest Book April 1940Wartime letters and autograph books
March 10 - February 1, 1945: ERB wrote Diary #4 - Tarawa-Kwajalein.
March 20: Through the efforts of Brigadier General Truman H. Landon, ERB flew from Honolulu to Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands, and on to Eniwetok in the Marshalls. He experienced life in the field and went on bombing missions in Landon's B-24 Liberator. He even met Hulbert, now a captain, on Kwajalein Island.
B-24 Liberator Bombers in FormationTarawa MapTarawa Natives and PalmsTarawa BeachEniwetok Atoll
Kwajalein MapKwajalein AtollKwajalein Sunset
Son HulbertERB with son Hulbert examining windmill power aparatusBeachside conversation between ERB and son HulbertCorrespondent Ed mixing with the troops

April 24: Ed returned to Honolulu on a 4-engine hospital plane after having completed a 7,000 mile mission in C-47s, C-54s, and B-24s. Ed chose to lie in an unoccupied bottom litter of one the 4-litter tiers rather than sit in "the gosh-awful tin bucket seats."

B-24 Liberator

April 27: An envelope with a letter and Douglas Aircraft booklets from Jack finally caught up with Ed, having travelled to Kwajalein and back. Ed's autograph books have over 2,000 entries since Dec. 7, 1941. Ed offered to check with Air Force to see if Jack might enlist as an artist. He ordered Ralph to take a $100/month raise. Ed is waiting to hear of the birth of new grandchild (Danton).

Douglas Aircraft Propaganda ManualDouglas Aircraft Propaganda Manual by JCBEd's Autograph Books

May 1: Land of Terror is published by ERB, Inc. Burroughs books finally arrive. Ed has been asking Ralph for shipment for two years.
May 19-24: A 1,787-word horror story, "Uncle Bill," was written. George Luther? of Hawaii Magazine drops by to invite Ed to friends' home.
June 2: Another son, Danton, was born to Jack and Jane. Ed celebrates the birth of his grandson with Frank Capra at the Outrigger.

Jack and Jane BurroughsBaby DantonFrank Capra
June 7: ED starts compiling notes for new Tarzan novel with Sumatra as the locale. The first since September 1940. Dinner with Frank Capra, Phil, et al at the Roundhouse. Ed returns to the hotel to find that his director's chair has been swiped.
June 8: Ed spends time doing research at the library. Met with Netherland officials. He writes till after 5 PM -- nice to work again.  Ed dines with Mary Pflueger, Admiral Halsey, Landon, Duke Wiley, Mildred Rathbone, Hully and other friends at the Outrigger and watch a floor show of Hawaiian entertainers. The pass arouind a Chinese coin retrieved from a sunken ship. Brother George died at Fontana, California.
Brother George Burroughs
June 9: George's close friend, Lew Sweetser, died. He and George Burroughs were cremated together.
Lew Sweetser
June 10 - September 11: Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion" was written. Its idea of Tarzan fighting the Japanese was suggested by George Carlin of United Feature Syndicate. It is rejected by the pulps, but is published in book form on August 22, 1947 by ERB, Inc. The book dedication is to Brig. Gen. Truman H. Landon.
General Landon wrote the following dedication in Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion" for ERB scholar Bob Hyde: "From one thus honored (both by my old friend Ed Burroughs and yourself) and one who takes modest credit for some of Ed's combat and air experience - accurately reflected in this story. Twas in my B-24, "Pacific Tramp," that Ed flew on two combat missions and had his first no-nose-wheel-landing (not a part herein). With Best Wishes Truman H. Landon General USAF, Ret."
Gen. Truman H. Landon and Ed by the Pacific Tramp bomberLandon's dedication written on Tarzan and The Foreign LegionHe hurtled toward death ~ interior art by John Coleman BurroughsTarzan and The Foreign Legion cover art by John Coleman Burroughs
June 30: In a 1,500-word article, "Our Japanese Problem," which appeared in Hawaii Magazine, ERB offered a much more sympathetic opinion of Japanese loyalty on the Islands.
July 28: Dysentry
August 9: Card game at Mildred's - lose 25 cents. Writes more entries in his notebook.
September: In his article, "What Price Tolerance," printed in Hawaii Magazine, ERB demanded automatic citizenship for alien parents of any man who had served honourably in the armed forces.
September 15: Jack removed Mary Evaline's ashes from the Pierce Brother Crematorium where they had been stored for over 20 years. They were later buried beneath the large tree in front of the ERB, Inc. offices in Tarzana.
MARY EVALINE ZIEGER BURROUGHSMary Evaline BurroughsEd and the ERB, Inc. Ventura Tree
November 5: Emma died of a stroke, alcoholism and depression in Bel-Air - 10452 Bellagio Road.
Newlyweds Ed and EmmaEmma Burroughs
Hollywood Area: Bel-Air and Tarzana
Click for larger map image
Bellagio Road, Bel-Air ~ Neighbour Basil RathboneBel Air view from garden
November 17: Ed and Hully granted compassionate leave and flew to join the family California. He saw grandsons Johnny and Danton for the first time. Ed spent his first Christmas in 11 years with his family. He later met with Florence and her new husband, Dr. Alfred Chase, and Caryl Lee.
Ed Burroughs and grandchildren
December - (end): Ed underwent surgery for a hernia and spent a month in convalescence.

Updates will be added to this timeline as more dates become available.

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