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Pulp magazine: inexpensive (18 × 25 cm) publication made from chemically treated wood pulp; popular from 1920s to 1950s; catered to newly  literate working-class Americans; mostly fiction, with emphasis on adventure,  fantasy, romance, and heroism; often had bright, outlandish covers; 100 to 200  pages long, selling for between 10 and 25 cents; had coarse, sharp-smelling paper  that yellowed quickly; began with Frank Munsey's Argosy' in 1896; main source  of early science fiction, especially in works of Hugo Gernsback; introduced  notables such as Jack London and Edgar Rice Burroughs, though literary  reputation was generally poor.


Argosy: March 19, 1938: Red Star of Tarzan Pt. 1/6: Cover by Rudolph Belarski


Cover by Rudolph Belarski
(Pt. 1 of 6) (Pages 4-22)
By Edgar Rice Burroughs
King Tarzan of the Apes in his newest, most amazing adventure.
There was a red star, the witch-doctor whispered, which would lead the mighty Tarzan on his greatest adventure.
Here is the story – the finest, we believe of all the great Tarzan novels.

Chapter I: Lord of the Jungle
Chapter II: Safari Lost
Chapter III: Simba Stalks
Chapter IV: The Dark Drums
Chapter V: White Sacrifice

Argosy March 26, 1938: Red Star of Tarzan Pt. 2/6

March 26, 1938
(Pt. 2 of 6) (Pages 62 – 81)
By Edgar Rice Burroughs
The jungle clans are dancing beneath the Dum-Dum Moon.

Arthur Gregory, American millionaire, has come to Africa to seek the whereabouts of his son, Brian, who embarked on a secret expedition and has since been among the missing. It is supposed that Brian Gregory has been seeking to find Ashair, the Forbidden City, and bring back the fabulous Father of Diamonds.

Assigned by the French government to assist Gregory is Captain Paul d’Arnot. On the trip to the interior, where the safari waits, d’Arnot has spent much time in the company of Gregory’s daughter, Helen, and has fallen in love with the girl.

The same river boat to the interior has as passenger one Atan Thome, a fat Eurasian who once accompanied an unsuccessful expedition that sought to find Ashair. Thome learns that Gregory has a route map to the place drawn up by his son. He manages to steal the map – and also to bribe the leader of the safari for which Gregory has arranged. With Gregory’s bearers and equipment he heads out.
D’Arnot, however, believes they can overtake the thief. The captain is an old friend of Tarzan of the Apes, and at his request Tarzan agrees to help the Gregory party. Through his government, d’Arnot arranges for a Navy plane to be placed at their disposal. The pilot of the plane is a certain Lieutenant Lavac. Also attached to the party is a mysterious woman, Magra, who claims that Brian Gregory is betrothed to her.

The plane starts in pursuit. As a result of a tropic storm they are driven from the course and lost above the jungle. As they drop down for an emergency landing on a little lake a mammoth creature flies at them on lumbering wings. Lavac brings them down in a semi-crash.

Meanwhile, Atan Thome and his bearded servant Lal Taask are also having their difficulties. As they approach closer and closer to Tuen-Baka, the mountain that marks the region of Ashair, their native porters become increasingly alarmed. They complain that this place is evil. Great beasts from another age prowl in this country, and moreover there are spirits who steal a man’s soul away. Thome lashes them on, however – and awakes one midnight to find they have deserted him. Even as he makes the discovery he is thrown into panic by the appearance of a hissing monster-like a dinosaur.

The Gregory party manages to save some equipment from the wrecked plane. They erect temporary shelters and attempt to make the best of it. In an attack by prowling natives, though, Helen Gregory is carried away. Tarzan sets out in the dark to find her, guided by the sound of the torture drums.

Chapter VI: The Dum-Dum
Chapter VII: Two Against Terror
Chapter VIII: The Man From Thobos
Chapter IX: Brain-Work

Argosy April 2, 1938: Red Star of Tarzan Pt. 3/6

April 2, 1938
(Part 3 of 6) (Pages 80 – 94)
By Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Forbidden City lies ahead – and doom for unwary strangers.

Brian Gregory, young American explorer, game to Africa to search for that fabulous stone known as the Father of Diamonds. Somewhere in the jungle depths all trace of him has been lost. It was known that he was seeking to find Ashair, the Forbidden City – the stronghold of a strange white race that guards its secrets zealously.

Gregory’s father has financed an expedition to discover the fate of his son. Accompanying the party is Captain Paul d’Arnot of the French Navy who has fallen deeply in love with Gregory’s lovely daughter, Helen. Through d'Arnot’s influence they have secured the aid of the man who knows Africa better than any other – Tarzan of the Apes.

By a curious chain of circumstances the expedition finds itself near the goal they have been seeking. Most of their equipment has been lost, but Tarzan leads them on through the wilds. In the distant sky he has seen the strange red glow that is said to mark Tuen-Baka, extinct volcano that houses Ashair.

Meanwhile, a rival expedition has also been seeking the Forbidden City. This is a two-man safari consisting of the fat and sly Eurasian, Atan Thome and his bearded servant, Lal Taask. This pair of rascals had reached Tuen-Baka when they were deserted by their bearers. They attempted the dangerous cliff passage to the interior and were captured by a galley-load of the strangely garbed warriors of Ashair.

Spears prod them into the presence of Atka the exotic queen of the tribe. They buy temporary freedom by informing her that another expedition is coming to capture the city, telling tall tales as to the prowess of Tarzan and his companions. The queen orders Akamen, her chief noble, to see to the capture of these strangers.

Tarzan, scouting the slopes of Tuen-Baka ahead of the others, has come upon a warrior about to be destroyed by a queer hissing creature from the prehistoric. He rescues the man and learns that he is Thetan, nephew to King Heart of Tobos.

Within the great bowl of Tuen-Baka, it appears, there is a lake that conceals many mysteries in its depths. From many years the rival cities of Thobos and Ashair have been warring for supremacy here. All strangers are forbidden to approach under the penalty of death, yet Thetan agrees to assist Tarzan and his party to whatever extent he is able.

Chapter X: The Phantoms of Tuen-Baka
Chapter XI: Bound North for Ashair
Chapter XII: The Devil’s Daughter
Chapter XIII: Shipwreck

Argosy April 9, 1938: Red Star of Tarzan Pt. 4/6

April 9, 1938
(Part 4 of 6) (Pages 77 – 96)
By Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tuen-Baka the Forbidden rings with the battle challenge of the great white ape.

Deep in the wild heart of Africa lies Tuen-Baka, towering shell of what was once a smoldering volcano. Here strange prehistoric creatures have lived on and a queer civilization has persisted. A great lake now fills the bottom of the volcano, and at either end of  the lake cities have risen. One of these is Ashair, ruled by Queen Atka whose cruelties have earned her the name of “devil’s daughter.” The other is Thobos where King Herat holds sway.

For many years warfare has raged between them.

Into this strange land comes Tarzan of the Apes, heading an expedition of disaster. Some years ago, a young American explorer had disappeared while in search of Ashair and the fabulous Father of Diamonds. In the party of the ape-man are Arthur Gregory, father of the explorer, and lovely Helen Gregory, his sister; also Captain Paul d’Arnot, Tarzan’s friend who is in love with Helen, and one Lieutenant Lavac, of the French Navy. A mysterious woman who calls herself Magra has also accompanied them, on the pretext that she is Brian Gregory’s fiancee.

After many unusual adventures the party has reached its goal, but they are without equipment, arms or ammunition. They cannot go back – they fear to push forward. Tarzan, however, has made friends with a young warrior of Thobos whom he rescued from death, and the two of them capture an Asharian galley that patrols the outer river. Aboard this craft the expedition rides the tunnel entrance to the inner lake, where disaster again strikes.

They are attacked by a powerful force of Asharians and their galley wrecked. Captain d’Arnot and Helen are captured by the foe and taken to the Forbidden City. Tarzan, together with Gregory, Lavac and Magra, find temporary safety ashore. Thetan, the young Thobotian warrior, has agreed to lead them to his city and plead in their behalf before King Heart, his uncle.

Meanwhile, added to the plot and counter plot are the activities of the fat Eurasian, Atan Thome. This sly rascal has set his heart upon obtaining the Father of Diamonds, and has endured tremendously to reach Ashair. With his bearded servant, Lal Taask, he is accepted on the suffrance at Atka’s palace. Already he is plotting with Akamen, chief noble of the court, to murder the haughty queen.

Chapter XIV: The Cages of Brulor
Chapter XV: The Judgment of Heart
Chapter XVI: Nine In Flight
Chapter XVII: The Mogro-Mu

Argosy April 16, 1938: Red Star of Tarzan Pt. 5/6

April 16, 1938
(Part 5 of 6) (Pages 96 – 114)
By Edgar Rice Burroughs
Cannot even the Lord of the Jungle escape from the devil-cages of Brulor?

Brian Gregory, young American explorer , has been lost in the African jungle while searching for Ashair, the Forbidden City and for that fabulous stone, the Father of Diamonds. Gregory’s father has set out on a rescue expedition, accompanied by Captain Paul d’Arnot and Gregory’s daughter, Helen, with whom d’Arnot has fallen deeply in love. And leading them is an old friend of d’Arnot’s, the man who knows Africa better than any other – Tarzan of the Apes. At last they near their goal which is Tuen-Baka, an extinct volcano that houses Ashair.

Meanwhile a two-man safari has also been seeking the Forbidden City, the sly Eurasian Atan Thome and his servant Lal Taask. Near Ashair they are captured and brought before Atka, the exotic Asharian queen. When Thome tells her of Tarzan’s approaching expedition she gives the two men temporary freedom. The Eurasian manages to win the confidence of Akamen, a great noble of the tribe, and they whisper of a plot to kill Queen Atka so that Akamen may rule.

The Gregory expedition which is accompanied now by a warrior from Thobos, the city hostile to Ashair, is menaced by Asharian warriors. Aided by a tribe of great apes, Tarzan captures a galley from Ashair and in  it the party heads for Lake Horus which surrounds the Forbidden City. But they are met by one of Queen Atka’s warrior galleys, overcome, and Helen and d’Arnot are captured. Thetan, Tarzan’s friend leads the remainder of the Gregory party to Thobos where his uncle Herat is king.

The raven-haired Queen Atka condemns d’Arnot to the cages of the temple of Brulor and Helen to serve as handmaiden to the priests. Deep under Lake Horus lies this temple, constructed over an air-shaft. There the old man Burlor guards the Father of Diamonds, and there d’Arnot is imprisoned – next to the cage of Brian Gregory. Escape seems hopeless. But Helen Gregory strikes down the priest whom she is to serve, and frees her brother and d’Arnot. They let out the other prisoners and guided by Herkuf, an unfrocked priest, they flee through a tunnel that leads under the lake. Their escape is discovered when Lal Taask, Atan Thome and Akamen are brought to the cages, condemned because they have attempted to murder Queen Atka.

In Thobos King Heart agrees to liberate Tarzan and his companions on three conditions. Tarzan fulfills the first two by slaying a giant Asharian warrior, and a half-beast half-man called the Mogro-Mu. Then he sets out on the third test which is to bring King Heart the Father of Diamonds form Ashair. In the jungle he comes upon Helen, d’Arnot and the other prisoners; they have just been seized by a hand of Asharian spearmen. Tarzan rescues them and eventually the whole party turn their faces toward the Forbidden City….

Chapter XVIII: Return to the Temple
Chapter XIX: The Summons of Atka
Chapter XX: The Blue Death
Chapter XXI: The Waters of Horus
Chapter XXII: Fish of the Sea
Chapter XXIII: White Shadows in the Jungle

Argosy April 23, 1938: Red Star of Tarzan Pt. 6/6

April 23, 1938
(Part 6 of 6 – Conclusion) (Pages 112 - 127
By Edgar Rice Burroughs
Hail to the true god – for the false lies dying

Chapter XXIV: Death of a God
Chapter XXV: The White Ptome
Chapter XXVI: Sacrifice to Chon
Chapter XXVII: The True God’s Vengeance

The End

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