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Volume 110

Tarzan the Terrible

Dell Comics Pal-ul-don Stories

Tarzan & Korak Comics Covers Are Featured at ERBzine 0110A
Pal-ul-don as found in the Tarzan comics is a very crowded and busy place.
Men and beasts from Pellucidar and locales from other Tarzan novels --
as well as creations from the fertile mind of Gaylord DuBois
and other comics story writers --
all meld together into a strange mix that would
have ERB scratching his head in bewilderment:
Terribs on Gorobars - Thipdars - Croc Boats of Lutor - The Cities of Athne & Cathne -
Giant Riding Swans - Goliath the Lion - Gorgo the Giant Buffalo - Garths - Gryfs
Bolgani - Gimla   - Tailess Ho-dons and Waz-dons
... even Opar is just a short trip away.

Tarzan's Jungle Annual #4 1955
Tarzan Defends the Walls of Cathne (Pal-ul-don)
Reptile with a Heart (Pal-ul-don)

Tarzan's Jungle Annual #5  1956
Tarzan and the City of Silence (Pal-ul-don)

Tarzan's Jungle Annual #7 1958
Tarzan and the Axe Man of Jalur (Pal-ul-don)

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle Giant Annual 1885
Tarzan Makes War (Pal-ul-don)

6 1948/11-12
Tarzan and the outlaws of Pal-ul-don

7 1949/01-02
Tarzan in the Valley of Monsters (?)

9 1949/05-06
Tarzan and the Men of A-lur

19 1951/01-02
Tarzan in the Ivory City
Tarzan and the Thipdar

20 1951/03-04
Tarzan and the Terribs

22 1951/07
Tarzan and the Winged Terror
Tarzan and the Chariots of Cathne

26 1951/11
Tarzan and the Treasure of Isis (JM)(Pal-ul-don)

34  1952/07
Tarzan and the Great Swamp

36 1952/09
Tarzan and the Threat of Athne (Pal-ul-don)
Tarzan and the Marsh Dwellers(Pal-ul-don)
Jungle World color sketches in middle of magazine:
'The Lost Land of Pal-Ul-Don'

39 1952/12
Tarzan and the Elephants of Athne

41 1953/02
Tarzan and the Tower of Ta-Dan
Tarzan Makes War

49 1953/10
Tarzan and the Thipdar's Prey

51 1953/12
Tarzan and the Terribs' Captive (Pal-ul-don)

52 1954/01
Tarzan and the Serpents of Pal-ul-don
Drawing of The Serpent of Pal-ul-don on last page

57 1954/06
Tarzan and the Swords of Alur

58 1954/07
Tarzan (Untitled - white apes in Pal-ul-don)

59 1954/08
Tarzan (Untitled: crossing Great Barrier Swamp on Gorgo...)(Pal-ul-don)

61 1954/10
b&w: Tarzan's World - Pal-Ul-Don - inside front cover
ill: Jungle World -- 'Gryf'

62 1954/11
Tarzan Meets Ambush in Kor-ul-gryph

64 1955/01
Tarzan and the Man from Nevada (JM)(Pal-ul-don)

65 1955/02
Tarzan and the War of the Dyals
ill: The Lost Land - Kronosaurus

68 1955/05
b&w: The Killer Plant of Pal-ul-don (inside back cover)

70 1955/07
Tarzan Guards a Hostage (JM)(Pal-ul-don)

71 1955/08
Tarzan and The Plague of Lions (JM)(Pal-ul-don)

77 1956/02
Tarzan: The Golden Men (JM)(Pal-ul-don)

83 (GS) 1956/08
Tarzan and the Stranger from Pal-ul-Don (JM)

84 (GS) 1956/09
Tarzan and the Eye of Thoth (JM)(Pal-ul-don)

87 (GS) 1956/12
Tarzan in The Messenger from Jorah (JM)(Pal-ul-don)

88 (GS) 1957/01
Tarzan and the Search (JM)(Pal-ul-don)
Thipdars of Pal-ul-don  - JM 1/2 page

89 (GS) 1957/02
Tarzan and the Smoking Valley (JM)(Pal-ul-don)

91 (GS) 1957/04
Nandi Bear of Pal-ul-don -- JM 1/2 page

94 (GS) 1957/07
Tarzan and The Watchers (JM)(Pal-ul-don)

97 (GS) 1957/10
Tarzan and The Last Tyrant (JM) (Pal-ul-don)

103 (GS)1958/04
Tarzan and the Fall of Cathne (JM) (Pal-ul-don)

106 (GS) 1958/07
Tarzan and the Prisoners of Castrum Mare (JM)

107 (GS)1958/08
Tarzan in the Shrouded Valley of Monsters (JM) (Pal-ul-don)

112 1959/05-06
Strangers in Lost Pal-Ul-Don

113 1959/07-08
Tarzan in Invasion From Pal-Ul-Don (JM)

122 1961/01-02
Prince of Athne
Tarzan Gift for the Cliff Dwellers

123 1961/03-04
Tarzan: The Terror of Pal-ul-don

134 1963/04
Tarzan - The Hunting of the Beast

135 1963/05
Tarzan: The Spear of M'Banda (JM)(Pal-ul-don)

142 1964/06
Tarzan of the Apes: The Dreadful Swamp (JM)(Pal-ul-don)

163 1967/01
Tarzan the Untamed (RM)
Continent of Contrast map page
(Mabu: Kalulu and the Chief)
Leopard Girl: Narrow Escape

164 1967/02
Tarzan the Untamed (RM) - The Lions of Xuja
(Mabu: The Trading Post)
Tarzan's Ape-English Dictionary (JM) inside F & B Covers
(inside covers and one interior page)
Leopard Girl: Buried Alive

166 1967/04
Tarzan the Terrible (RM)(Pal-ul-don)
(Mabu: New Friends)
Leopard Girl: Munya's Miracle

167 1967/05
Tarzan the Terrible (cont)(Pal-ul-don)

202 1971/08
Tarzan of the Apes: Descent Into The Past (RM)(Pal-ul-don)


4 1964/08
Korak: Warrior From The Past (Pal-ul-don)(RM)

11  1965/11
Korak: Invasion From Pal-ul-don (RM)

24  1968/08
Korak: The Forbidden Land (Pal-ul-don)(DS)

27   1969/02
Korak: Jungles of Ja-Lur (Pal-ul-don)

30  1969/08
Korak: Valley of the Bat-People (Pal-ul-don)

34   1970/04
Korak: The Warlord of Alopan (Pal-ul-don)

44  1971/11
Korak: When Giants Feast (Pal-ul-don)

48  1972/09-10
Korak: Lord of Pal-ul-don (FT)


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