II. With Friends and Family
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ERB and his Family of Creations


Tintype of MMA cadet, Burroughs, with unidentified lady
(Circa 1892) (Courtesy of Danton Burroughs.)

ERB and Fellow MMA Cadets
(Circa 1892) (Courtesy of Danton Burroughs.)

Ed with Daughter Joan, Sons Hulbert and Jack (JCB) and Wife Emma

Ed and his faithfull "Tarzan" and "Cheetah" the Chimp

ERB visiting "Dan the Monkey Man" in the woods outside of Los Angeles
after Dan had spent a night in the woods. (1924)
Ed and Bruce Bennett (Herman "Tarzan" Brix) and
Johnny "Tarzan" Weissmuller at his Tarzana Golf Course

 ERB and Glenn Morris, the 1936 Olympic decathlon champion
who played Tarzan in Tarzan's Revenge 1937.


Longtime ERB, Inc. Secretaries: Mildred Jensen and Ralph Rothmund

Longtime ERB, Inc. Secretarie: Ralph Rothmund

Ed and Younger Son: Artist John Coleman Burroughs

The Circus Comes to Tarzana Ranch

Ed and Flo on their Honeymoon.

Edgar Rice Burroughs at a  Meeting of the Authors' Association Inauguration
 Standing, left to right, are Nunnally Johnston, Rob Wagner, John Russell, Lewis Browns, Horatio Winslow, chairman Rupert Hughes,
Jack L. Warner, Jack L. Warner, Jr., W.R. Burnett, Mark Lee Luther, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Frank Craven.
Seated, left to right, are Nina Wiloux Putnam, Vina Delmar, Upton Sinclair, and Preston Sturges.

Painting from  Esoterica Art Agency

ERB ERB Painting by Son John Coleman Burroughs

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