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ERB  portrait by John Coleman Burroughs
Happy Birthday Dan
June 21
Danton Burroughs


Grandfathers: Danton Ralston and Edgar Rice Burroughs
Son: John Coleman Burroughs
Grandkids: Baby Danton Burroughs and Brother Johnny

The John Coleman Burroughs Family
Johnny ~ Danton ~ Jane Ralston ~ Dian ~ John Coleman
Photos from the Danton Burroughs Family Archive ~ Copyright ERB, Inc. ~ Not For Reproduction
Portrait of a young Danton Burroughs by his father, John Coleman Burroughs
Recently discovered photo and  portrait of a young Danton Burroughs by his father, John Coleman Burroughs
Letter To Danton from Grandfather Ed Burroughs

June 22  1944 ~ Master Danton Burroughs ~ Tarzana, California 

Dear Danton: 

ERB personal letter to young DantonJust two years ago today your brother arrived when our world did not look too bright.  But you come in on the crest of a victorious wave that is carrying us and our allies to successful ending of World War II much sooner than we had expected. 

If your generation shows more intelligence than past generations, perhaps there will be no more wars.  But that is almost too much to expect.  However, there is a chance.  You have been born into the greatest nation the world has ever known.  Keep it great.  Keep it strong.  If you do, no country will dare to go to war if we say no. 

Put this letter away and read it June 21st 1965.  You will be of  age then.  See then if the politicians have kept your country great and strong.  If they haven't, do something about it.  If I'm around I'll remind you. 

Good luck my boy, Your Grandfather ~ (sig) Edgar Rice Burroughs 

ERB with grandsons Mike, Johnny and Danton
Edgar Rice Burroughs
with grandsons Mike, Johnny and baby Danton
ERB's Letter Home to the Family in California from Wartime Honolulu 
on the Occasion of the Birth of His Fourth Grand Child: Danton.
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tarzana, California
1298 Kapiolani Boulevard
Honolulu 42  Hawaii
June 23 1944
Joan darling:

Click for full size Am glad the package arrived, but evidently you never received (or I never wrote) the letter explaining the silly things. I could have sworn that I wrote to both you and Jane, telling where I got the souvenirs and for whom they were intended. But I can find no carbon copies of any such letters. Am I slipping! Antiquity has sneaked up on me and batted me on the bean. 

The Jap bill and photo were for Mike. The soldier who found them in a Jap barracks bag when we took Kwajalein gave them to me. 

I also explained about the cowrie shell necklace. I think that the one I sent you was given me by the soldier who made it on Kwajalein. I tried to get the silver or gold chains that the boys use in stringing these, but there were none left in Honolulu. Our servicemen had bought them all.   The loose shells I got on Apamama.

My none too subtle hints that I would like to hear something about you having met with no success, it has finally dawned on me that you consider it none of my damn business. Well, I suppose it isn't.

It may interest you to know that I met Col. Frank Capra the other evening and all evening until midnight, and that I had him at lunch at the Outrigger Canoe Club yesterday. Almost from the first it was "Frank" and "Edgar". I think he is a very swell person with a great sense of humor (he laughed at my sallies).  He told me the first evening that he had heard a lot about Hully and his work, and of course that endeared him to me immediately.

It was good news about Jane and Danton.  Jane and Jack are doing more for America than they could accomplish if he were drafted. At my luncheon yesterday a French colonel (the Governor of Tahiti), an American Colonel (Capra), Capt. Phil Bird, and Capt. Lawrence toasted Danton. And yesterday evening at Fort Shafter, a colonel, a lieutenant colonel, two majors, and four wahinis stood and toasted him. Do I brag about my grandchildren!

I wish that I had a late picture of Mike. Joanne's is very much admired by all my friends.  I also wish that I had a good portrait of you.  If you will have one taken, I will pay for it.

Tell Mike that the knife was given me by a 7th AAF Bomber Command Flight Surgeon on Kwajalein.

Lots of love to you all!


Baby Danton 1944
Baby Danton 1944
Jane ~ Dan ~ John
Mother Jane ~ Danton ~ Johnny
JCB and boys
Father Jack ~ Johnnie ~ Danton
Xmas morning ~ John and Dan
Xmas Morning: Johnny and Danny
Dan and Mom at home at 5135 Avenita Orienta
At 5135 Avenita Orienta
Dan and Dad with soldiers: Soldiers collected by Jack and Hully in their early days at Tarzana Ranch.
With Jack & Hully's Toy Soldiers

John Coleman Burroughs and son Danton
Danton and father, John Coleman Burroughs

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