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TARZAN ADVENTURES - UK VOLUME 9 - Pt. I: Nos 1-16 -1959
Jim Cawthorn - Longtime ERBANIA Artist -
Remembers Tarzan Adventures
James Cawthorn interviewed by David Britton (1979)
DB: And from illustrating the Michael Moorcock fanzine you eventually began to appear in TARZAN ADVENTURES?

JC: Very shortly after I met Mike, when he was about seventeen I think, he got offered the editorship of TA, and he began looking around for new artists because he had a totally different policy in mind to the one that had been used for TA until then. The man who had been running the magazine was fairly elderly and at that time he had a rather mild, 'Children's Hour' approach to his readership, and Mike wanted to move the magazine up into the teenage bracket and higher. So he rounded up a lot of people to write and draw.

DB: Can you describe the office where TARZAN ADVENTURES was produced?

JC: It was about the size of a large cupboard. It was quite dark because as far as I remember the only window was quite high up on the wall, and very small. It had a table running along the left-hand side as you went in through the door which took up most of that side of the office. Then there was Mike, and a chair, who took up most of the middle of the office, and there was a table at the back which was stacked with thousands of copies of the various publications that IPC did, and that took care of the rest. I remember the whole place, even the Senior Editor, whose office was just through a door in a sub-divided wall; bleak and bare and making no concessions to absolutely anything except Work. My whole impression of that place is that it was bleak and dark and absolutely bare.

[Later] I did several Edgar Rice Burroughs strips, Gods of Mars, Warlord Of Mars, Pellucidar, and The Land That Time Forgot. That was largely why I ended up working on the film script for The Land That Time Forgot in the early '70s, because I had already done a breakdown of it several years before, and since breaking down a story for a strip cartoon is pretty similar to breaking it down for film script.

DB: For the future, are there any long-term projects that you would particularly like to embark on?

JC: It has been a long-term, cherished idea of mine to do an illustrated version of A Princess of Mars. But I suspect that there will be a difficulty obtaining permission from the Edgar Rice Burroughs Corporation. I have yet to see a version that in any way captures the full Burroughs flavour. If the opportunity arises I would be particularly pleased.

Volume 9 Number 1 Week ending 4th April 1959
Volume 9 Number 2 Week ending 11th April 1959
The Diamond 
Rex Maxon art 1943  (59.4.4)
Daily 1327-1348
Back-up Jungle strip:  Rifle


The House In the Trees 
Rex Maxon art 1943 / 1944  (59.4.11)
Daily 1349-1370
Back-up strip Red Coat 
2-page photo feature on Lex Baxter as Tarzan 
TEXT: Quicksands of Mars by Sydney J Bounds (3 pp)
olume 9 Number 3 Week ending 18th April 1959
Volume 9 Number 4 Week ending 25th April 1959
Tarzan strip 
Rex Maxon art  1944  (59.4.18)
Daily 1371-1392
Back-up strip: Rex Hunter 
TEXT: Hawkesworth: Paul's Secret Mission (2 pp) 
Moorcock: "Dutch Cassidy the Laughing Rustler" (1 pp)
Tarzan strip 
Dick Van Buren / Celardo art  (59.4.25)
57.6.16 - 57.9.29
Weekly 1371-1386
Back-up strip: Rex Hunter 
Volume 9 Number 5 Week ending 2nd May 1959
Volume 9 Number 6 Week ending 9th May 1959
Tarzan strip 
Dick Van Buren / Celardo  art  (59.5.2)
57.10.6 - 58.1.5 Weekly 1387-1401
Back-up Western strip: The New Sheriff
TEXT: Test of Courage by Eric Hawkesworth (2 pp) 
Michael Moorcock: "Captain Jack" Indian non-fiction 1p
Tarzan strip 
Dick Van Buren  / Celardo  art  (59.5.9)
Celardo 58.1.12 - 58.4.27 Weekly 1402 - 1416
Back-up Western strip: The New Sheriff
TEXT: Hawkesworth: St Abracadabra-School of  Magic (2 pp)
Volume 9 Number 8 Week ending 16th May 1959
Volume 9 Number 8 Week ending 23rd May 1959
Celardo 58.5.4 - 58.8.10
Weekly 1417-1431
Tarzan strip 
Dick Van Buren / Celrado  art  (59.5.23)
Celardo 58.8.17 - 58.11.16  Weekly 1432-1445
Back-up SF strip Ghost Ship-Tale of the Space Police Pt.1
TEXT: Mary McAndrew: Secret of the Haunted Tower (2 pp) 
Hawkesworth: Adventures of Brandon Race:
3 Bucaneer at Bay by Eric  (3 pages)
Volume 9 Number 9 Week ending 30th May  1959
Tarzan strip 
Dick Van Buren / Celardo  art  (59.5.30)
Celardo 57.7.9 - 57.8.2  Daily 5594-5615
SF strip: Ghost Ship - Tale of the Space Police Pt 2
TEXT: Adventures of Brandon Race:
Leo Loops The Loop by Eric Hawkesworth (3 pp)
Celardo 57.8.3 - 57.8.28
Daily 5616-5637
Volume 9 Number 11 Week ending 13th June 1959
Volume 9 Number 12 Week ending 20th June 1959
Tarzan strip 
Dick Van Buren / Celardo art  (59.6.13)
Celardo 57.8.29 - 57.9.23  Daily 5638-5659
Back-up Western strip: The Coward
TEXT: Sydney J Bounds: World of Water  (2 pp)
Tarzan strip 
Dick Van Buren  / Celardo  art  (59.6.20)
Celardo 57.9.24 - 57.10.18  Daily 5660-5681
Back-up Western strip: The Youngster 
TEXT: Adventures of Brandon Race:
Destination Doom by Eric Hawkesworth (3 pp)
Volume 9 Number 13  Week ending 27th June 1959
Volume 9 Number 14 Week ending 4th July 1959
Tarzan strip 
Dick Van Buren  / Celardo art (59.6.27)
Celardo 57.10.19 - 57.11.13  Daily 5682-5703
Back-up Western strip: Drought at Dry Springs
TEXT: African Adventure by T T Brooke  (2 pp)
Tarzan strip 
Dick Van Buren / Celardo art  (59.7.4)
Celardo 57.11.14 - 57.12.9 Daily 5704-5725
Back-up Western strip: Hell Road
TEXT: Trouble With Bears by Sidney J Bounds (3 pp).
Volume 9 Number 15 Week ending 11th July 1959
Tarzan strip 
Dick Van Buren / Celardo art  (59.7.11)
Celardo 57.12.10 - 58.1.3  Daily 5726-5747
Back-up Western strip: Jim Scott / Kidnapped Redskin
1-page photo feature on Denny Miller as Tarzan 
TEXT: Smugglers Defeat by Eric Hawkesworth (2 pp)
Celardo 58.1.4 - 58.1.29
Daily 5748-5769

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