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The Publisher’s Limited Edition 
Back to the Stone Age 
by Edgar Rice Burroughs™ 
John Coleman Burroughs: Back to the Stone Age - 7 b/w plates
Printout Version in WORD

Recently, the printing plates for Back to the Stone Age were discovered - stored in their original wooden shipping crates.   They are thought to be the only surviving set of plates for any Burroughs book.  While most plates were used for as many as 30 printings, these plates were only used once – to print the first edition in 1937.  Back to the Stone Age was the only pre-war Burroughs title not reprinted by either ERB Inc. or Grosset & Dunlap.  That is until now. 

This Publisher’s Limited Edition for Back to the Stone Age will be the first book published by ERB Inc. in almost 50 years, and their first book to feature multiple color illustrations – stunning works by some of the best ERB artists past and present.  It will be printed in the same way ERB books were made 80 years ago – only better.   A master printer will use the original plates to letterpress print the text on premium paper which will be sewn and cased into a vintage-style binding.  Each of the 300 books produced will be signed, numbered and covered in a dust jacket produced by Phil Normand. 

And most importantly, every copy of the Publisher’s edition will include one of the first edition plates used to print this edition – all housed in a custom clamshell presentation box. 

The Publisher’s Edition will include: 

A First Edition Printing Plate for Back to the Stone Age
Each Publisher’s Edition will include one copper electrotype plate used to print a page of the book.  ERB production plates were used to print the first edition and then for up to 30 additional printings of a book.  These plates will have only been used twice – in 1937 for the first edition & again in 2015. 

Back to the Stone Age by Edgar Rice Burroughs™, ERB Inc., Tarzana, CA. 2015. 
This second edition by ERB Inc. will be printed using the first edition plates and limited to 300 signed and numbered copies. 

A Presentation Box housing both the book and the plate. 
Each book and plate will be secured in a custom clamshell presentation box with gilt titles. When opened, the printer plate will be displayed in a tray on the left side across from the compartment securing the book. and the book will be secured in the compartment on the right side. 

- RETAIL PRICE:   $249.99 (+ $9.00 for shipping). 
- ADVANCE ORDERS (before 02.01.15)   Receive a 10% Discount + Free Shipping - 
- EXPECTED SHIP DATE:  On or Before March 30, 2015 

For more information go to  or email

Trademark Edgar Rice Burroughs(TM) Owned By Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. And Used By Permission.  Back to the Stone Age (c) 1937 Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

We’re offering Pre-Publication Promotional Packs for the Publisher’s Edition. 
These packs will provide an advance preview of some of the key components of the book and hopefully facilitate additional sale of the edition. 
The following pieces will ship USPS First Class in a mailing tube: 
(a.) A numbered “Advertising Dust Jacket” for the Publisher’s Edition – printed on both sides; 
(b.) An Advertising Postcard in Color
(c.)  Sample page including the new Title Page and a page from the book. 
(d.) Samples of color illustrations for the book and 
 (e.) An Announcement Form & an Order Form and for the Publisher’s edition. 
The Advertising Dust Jacket will be much like the ones ERB Inc. sent out to booksellers back in the 1930s and 1940s.  (Ex. Synthetic Men of Mars)  The dust jacket will be the actual production color dj used for the final edition with one addition.  The reverse (inside) of the jacket will feature a full-length ERB Inc. retro-style advertisement for the book.  Each dust jacket will be numbered and limited to a total printing of 150. 
Cost . . . . . . . .  $24.99 including shipping. 
Send an email to to confirm order.  Payment can be made by check or PayPal. 
For more information on the publishing history 
visit ERBzine's Illustrated ERB Bibliography
Watch the video, showing the printing of the new publisher’s edition of 
using the original printing plates! 
For full description and purchasing information:

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