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 Edgar Rice Burroughs:
Beyond '50
Compiled by Bill Hillman

1947 June 25: Vernell Coriell produces the first Burroughs fan publication: The Burroughs Bulletin. (ERBzin-e BB Checklist)

1948  January:  Dell Comics begin a Tarzan comic series

1949  January:  Movie:  Tarzan's Magic Fountain, starring Lex Barker

1950: Associated Press chooses Johnny Weissmuller as the Greatest Swimmer of the First Half-Century
1950 February 13: Nick Viscardy takes over the daily Tarzan strip
1950  May:  Movie:  Tarzan and the Slave Girl, starring Lex Barker
1950  Burne Hogarth cofounded New York's prestigious School of Visual Arts
1950  First appearance of England's Tarzan Adventures Comic Book featuring reprints of American strips

1951  March:  Movie:  Tarzan's Peril, starring Lex Barker
1951  January 11: Premiere of the Commodore Productions radio series, Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, starring Lamont Johnson
1952 March 22: First CBS re-broadcast of the 67 stand-alone, 1/2 hour episodes of Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle

1952  April:  Movie:  Tarzan's Savage Fury, starring Lex Barker
1953 May 9: Tarzan article appears in Collier's Magazine

1953  June:  Movie:  Tarzan and the She-Devil, starring Lex Barker
1953 June 27: Last CBS radio broadcast of Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle
1953 Sept 8: Lex Barker Weds Lana Turner. Barker was the 10th official ape man who inherited the role of Tarzan, ended up making five Tarzan movies. He was Turner's fifth husband.
1954 Weissmuller refuses to coach the U.S.S.R. Swimming Team
1954 January 18: John Celardo signs his first Tarzan daily strip
1955  February 16: Release of Tarzan's Hidden Jungle, starring Gordon Scott (his 1st Tarzan movie)
1956  Day's ERB:  A Bibliography is published

1956  April 3:  The first issue of D. Peter Ogden's Erbania is published in England
1957 Beyond Thirty and the Maneater is published by Brad Day's SF&FP Publications with DJ and promo art by Gil Kane ~
229 pages ~ Word count estimate: 37,000.

1957  J. Allen St. John died - illustrator of 33 ERB first editions
1957  March:  Movie:  Tarzan and the Lost Safari, starring Gordon Scott - the first full-colour, wide-screen Tarzan movie, filmed in East Africa
1957 December 21: "The Tarzan Theme" by ERB is reprinted in the British comic, Tarzan Adventures.
1958 February 23: New York Sunday News article on the history of Tarzan films

1958 May 3: Disastrous fire at the ERB, Inc. warehouse
1958  July:  Movie:  Tarzan's Fight for Life, starring Gordon Scott
1958 Tarzan and the Trappers, starring Gordon Scott (unsold TV pilot)
1958 October 25: A John Carter strip starts in the British Sun Weekly.
1958 November 13: "Tarzans Creep, Climb, Bellow in Test for Film" appears as an AP story.
1959  July:  Movie:  Tarzan's Greatest Adventure, starring Gordon Scott

1959  October:  Movie:  Tarzan, the Ape Man, starring Denny Miller
1959 November 1: Spokesman Review points out that Tarzan is a worldwide business institution.
1959 November 16: Joanna Barnes - "A Jane With a Brain for Tarzan" appears in Life Magazine
1959  December:  Vernell Coriell publishes the first Gridley Wave
1959  December 23: The last issue of the British comic, Tarzan Adventures is printed.

1960  May 31:  ERB-dom magazine begins publication, edited by Alfred Guillory, Jr. and Camille "Caz" Cazedessus, Jr.
1960  July:  Movie:  Tarzan the Magnificent, starring Gordon Scott
1960 September 4: The Burroughs Bibliophiles are formed in Pittsburgh: Bob Hyde Pres. - Stan Vinson, VP - Robert Horvath, Sec. - Charles Reinsel, Treas. - Vern Coriell, Ed.
1960 November 10: The Mobile Press Register reports that Gordon Scott found the Tarzan tour "rough."
1961 April 1: Me Tarzan article appears in TV Guide

1961 June 24: Cincinatti Dum-Dum ~ No special guests
1961 December 27: A Downy, California school teacher says Tarzan and Jane never married.
1961 December 28: "Tarzan Fans Say Ape Man IS Married" appears as an AP story.
1961 December 29: Tarzan fans object to book suppression in Santa Ana.
1961 December 30: The Long Beach Ind. publishes the fact that Tarzan and Jane were legally wed.
1962  March:  Movie:  Tarzan Goes to India, starring Jock Mahoney

1962  May 12: Heins' original Golden Anniversary Bibliography appears hole punched or spiral bound
1962 September 2:  Chicago Dum-Dum - Mrs. J. Allen St. John
1962  The Ace ERB paperback series begins ushering in an ERB boom
1962 September 27: Skippy the chimpanzee star of Tarzan films dies
1962 November:  Gold Key begins a Tarzan comic series
1962 November 28: Canaveral Press publishes Tarzan at the Earth's Core
1963  The Ballantine paperback ERB series begins

1963  David Van Arnam, The Reader's Guide to Barsoom and Amtor (Lupoff)
1963  February:  John Harwood's The Literature of Burroughsiana is published by Camille Cazedessus, Jr.
1963 September 1: Washington, DC Dum-Dum ~  L. Sprague de Camp ~ Sam Moskowitz
1963  Movie:  Tarzan's Three Challenges, starring Jock Mahoney
1963 October 21: Wall Street Journal publishes an article about the ERB revival: Return of Tarzan.
1963 November 14: Canaveral Press republishes The Mucker.
1963 November 25: Canaveral Press publishes Savage Pellucidar.
1963 November 26: New York Times reports of the finding of long-lost ERB manuscripts in the ERB Inc. safe.
1963 November 29:  Tarzan of the Paperbacks article by Paul Mandel appears in LIFE Magazine
1963 November 30: Canaveral Press publishes Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins.
1963 December 16: Publisher's Weekly prints an article on the Tarzan revival.
1964 The biography, Water, World & Weissmuller by Narda Onyx is published (Vion, LA)

1964 January:  Gold Key begins a Korak comic series
1964 April 27: Tales of 3 Planets is published by Canaveral Press NY: (with "Beyond the Farthest Star" and "The Wizard of Venus") 282pp
1964 May 2: Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine reprints a Tarzan story
1964 September 5: Oakland Dum-Dum - Frank Merrill (could not attend due to illness) ~ Hulbert Burroughs
1964 September 9: Henry H. Heins' monumental Golden Anniversary Bibliography of ERB is published as a hardbound edition by Grant
1964 December 4: Canaveral Press publishes Tarzan and the Castaways.
1965 January:   Mike Resnick's The Forgotten Sea of Mars sent with ERB-dom #12

1965 January 25: Filming of Tarzan and the Valley of Gold begins
1965 August: The Girl from Farris's is published by The House of Greystoke (read the eText) ~ First "authorized" edition ~ from the Burroughs Bibliophiles ~ 76 pages ~ Approximate word count: 40,000
1965 September 4-5:  Chicago Dum-Dum - James H. and Joan Burroughs Pierce
1965 October 15: Master of Adventure by Richard Lupoff is published
1966 January 22: Ron Ely departs for Brazil to make a Tarzan TV series

1966 May 6: First American edition of The Efficiency Expert ~ (Read the eText) House of Greystoke photographic reprint of the All-Story version ~ 84 pages ~ Estimated word count 47,000.
1966 September 3: Cleveland Dum-Dum - Hulbert Burroughs
1966 September 3: Camille Cazedessus' fanzine ERB-dom wins a HUGO at the Cleveland World SF Convention
1966 September 16: The Tarzan TV series with Ron Ely debuts (ran for two seasons)
1966  Movie:  Tarzan and the Valley of Gold, starring Mike Henry
1967 January 14: Tarzan strip begins in TV Tornado, a British comic

1967 ERB's son Hulbert and Robert M. Hodes jointly manage ERB, Inc.
1967 Treasure of the Black Falcon by John Coleman Burroughs is published by Ballantine Books
1967  The House of Greystoke publishes the Illustrated Tarzan Book #1 (Apes)
1967 September 2: New York Dum-Dum - Harold Foster ~ Frank Frazetta ~ Bob Hodes
1967 September 1: I Am A Barbarian is published by ERB, Inc. with illustrations by Jeffrey Jones.
1967  Movie:  Tarzan and the Great River, starring Mike Henry
1967 September 24: Ron Ely is profiled by the New York Sunday News in the article Tarzan at Home.
1967  December 11: Russ Manning takes over the daily Tarzan strip.
1967  Robert W. Fenton's The Big Swingers was published by Prentice-Hall
1968 January 14: The first Russ Manning Tarzan Sunday page appears

1968 August 31: Oakland Dum-Dum - Russ Manning and John Coleman Burroughs (unable to attend)
1968  Gabe Essoe's Tarzan of the Movies was published by Citadel Press
1968  Movie:  Tarzan and the Jungle Boy, starring Mike Henry
1969 August 30: St. Louis Dum-Dum - William Juhre and Sam Moskowitz

1970  Movie:  Tarzan's Deadly Silence, starring Ron Ely
1970  Movie:  Tarzan's Jungle Rebellion, starring Ron Ely
1970  Doubleday SFBC begins printing a Mars Series
1970Pirate Blood and Wizard of Venus are published in ACE ~ 158 pages
1970 September 5: Detroit Dum-Dum - Philip Jose Farmer and Frank Schoonover (unable to attend)
1970 Under the Moons of Mars, A History and Anthology of "The Scientific Romance" in the Munsey Magazines, 1912-1920, edited and with history by Sam Moskowitz published by Holt Rinehart & Winston
1971 R.D. Mullen publishes SF: The Other Side of Realism (Bowling Green University Popular Press) in which he criticizes ERB's Mars Series for its astronomical errors
1971 April: National Lampoon publishes the satire Tarzan of the Cows by M. O'Donoghue with cover by Frank Frazetta
1971 September 4: Boston Dum-Dum - Johnny Weissmuller
1971 October 20: Joseph C. (Gene) Pohler, the second man to portray Tarzan on the screen (The Return/Revenge of Tarzan), dies at age 79 after undergoing a toe operation
1972 Tarzan of the Apes ~ The New Color Illustrated Tarzan Book by Burne Hogarth with text adapted by Robert M. Hodes is published by Watson-Guptil

1972  McWhorter appointed Rare Book Curator at the U. of Louisville Ekstrom Library
1972 February: Robert M. Hodes, VP of ERB, Inc., announces that The Land That Time Forgot is to be made as a feature movie in England
1972 March 29: Monster Times #5 features an interview with Tarzan Comics artist and writer, Joe Kubert
1972  April:  DC Comics begins the publication of a Tarzan comic series
1972 April: Esquire Magazine publishes Tarzan Lives by Philip Jose Farmer
1972 May: The 3-page article, Me Jane...You Tarzan by Arthur Prager, appears in Cosmopolitan
1972 May 10: An ad for the feature film, Tarzana ("She lived and loved like an animal"), appears in Variety
1972  Philip Jose Farmer's Tarzan Alive was published by Doubleday
1972 September 2:  Los Angeles Dum-Dum - Herman Brix (Bruce Bennett) and Burne Hogarth - John Flint Roy is the recipient of the First Order of Edgar Award (A McClurg TA First Edition)
1972 December 31: Joan Burroughs Pierce dies of a heart attack following a long battle with cancer.

1973 February: The article: Mariner 9 - Journey to Mars in National Geographic mentions ERB as being accurate in his first descriptions of Mars.
1973 September 1: Toronto Dum-Dum - Buster Crabbe ~ Vern Coriell
1974  Philip Jose Farmer's Mother Was A Lovely Beast & Hadron of Opar published

1974  Adkins publishes an ERB Bibliography & Price Guide
1974  Movie:  The Land That Time Forgot, starring Doug McClure
1974  August 31: Washington, DC Dum-Dum - Joe Kubert ~ Mrs. Rex Maxon (unable to attend) ~ Neal Adams ~ Russ Cochran
1975  Porges' ERB:  The Man Who Created Tarzan is published by B.Y.U.

1975 February 15: Me Tarzan, Me Rich, an article which takes a look at the vast properties of the estate of ERB,  appears in Forbes Magazine
1975 February 21: Governor George Wallace proclaims March 7-13, 1975 to be EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS WEEK in Alabama in recognition of the 100th anniversary of his birth
1975 Spring: ERB Inc. publishes Tarzan Drum Beat #1 - Recent Developments from ERB, Inc., a 4-page newsletter with news and photos about the ERB Centennial
1975 Summer: ERB Inc. publishes Tarzan Drum Beat #2 - Recent Developments from ERB, Inc., a 4-page newsletter with news and photos about the ERB Centennial
1975 September 1: Los Angeles Dum-Dum - Tarzan and Jane Reunion ~ 4 Tarzans & 5 Janes
1975 September 8: Time Magazine has a short article on the Tarzan Cult.
1976 Danton Burroughs, 32-year-old, second son of John Coleman Burroughs, reveals that he would like to play Tarzan in the upcoming Warners' treatment of his Grandfather's work

1976  McWhorter begins his ERB Memorial Collection.
1976  Richard A. Lupoff's Barsoom:  ERB and the Martian Vision was published by The Mirage Press
1976  John Flint Roy's A Guide of Barsoom is published by Ballantine
1976  Russ Cochran's ERB Library of Illustration V.1 is published
1976  The Fantastic Worlds of ERB begins publication in England, Paul Norman, Editor
1976  Movie:  At the Earth's Core, starring Doug McClure & Peter Cushing
1976  September 4:  Kansas City, MO Dum-Dum - Jock Mahoney ~ Philip Jose Farmer
1977  June:  Marvel Comics begins the publication of a Tarzan comic series & a John Carter, Warlord of Mars series

1977  Burne Hogarth's The Golden Age of Tarzan is published by Chelsea House
1977 September 3: Miami Beach Dum-Dum - Hotel Fountain Bleu - Leigh Brackett
1978  David Day's The Burroughs Bestiary (London, New English Library)
1978 September 2: Phoenix, AZ Dum-Dum - James Pierce (not in attendance) ~ Buster Crabbe, Michael Pierce who is introduced as the new President of ERB, Inc.
1979 February 22: John Coleman Burroughs, youngest of ERB's three children, dies
1979 June 24: The last Russ Manning Tarzan Sunday page
1979  September 26:  The first issue of the ERB News Dateline is published by Michael Conran
1979 September 1:  Louisville, KY Dum-Dum - Special guests James Pierce & Lester Del Rey
1979 Demise of the Marvel Tarzan and John Carter of Mars comic books

1980 November 1:  Hunt Valley, MD Dum-Dum - Honoree Boris Vallejo
1981  Harold Foster, Tarzan comic illustrator, dies

1981 Russ Manning, Tarzan comic illustrator, dies
1981  Erling Holtsmark's Tarzan and Tradition is published by Greenwood
1981 August:  Movie:  Tarzan, the Ape Man, starring Miles O'Keeffe & Bo Derek
1981 September 5:  Denver, Colo. Dum-Dum - Honoree Michael Whelan
1981 November 11: Originator of the Jane movie role (Tarzan of the Apes and Romance of Tarzan), Enid Markey, dies at 90
1982 April 6: Stan Vinson, ERB scholar and collector, dies

1982  A theft at ERB Inc. at Tarzana - the only known perfect copy of RT in dust jacket & 25 other rare books are stolen.
1982  September 5:  Chicago, Ill. Dum-Dum - Don Wollheim and Denny Miller (Denny not present)
1982 ERB receives the SF Gernsback Award at the 40th World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago
1983 February 24: Roy G. Krenkel, ERB artist, dies

1983 February 27: Last Tarzan Sunday page by Mike Grell
1983 April 23: Buster Crabbe - Tarzan the Fearless - dies at age 75
1983  Frank H. Westwood becomes the editor of The Fantastic Worlds of ERBin England
1983  September 2: ERB Birthday Party ~ Forerunner of the ECOF gathering
1983 September 3: Baltimore, MD Dum-Dum - Jack Williamson & Forrest J. Ackerman - special guest Mrs. Rex Maxon - Last Dum-Dum organized by Vern Coriell (Achievement Award)
1983 November 12: James H. Pierce, ERB's son-in-law and Tarzan of the silents and radio, dies at age 83
1984 January 20: Johnny Weissmuller (born June 2, 1904) dies in Acapulco.

1984 March:  Movie:  Greystoke:  The Legend of Tarzan, starring Christopher Lambert
1984  March 31:  The first issue of ERB-APA was published, John Guidry, Official Editor
1984  August 10-12:  ECOF holds its first annual gathering in Toronto ~ Honoree Frank Shonfeld, B.E.M.

1985 June 28-30: ECOF is held at the University of Louisville, hosted by George McWhorter ~ Burne Hogarth and Danton Burroughs

1986 Erling Holtsmark's Edgar Rice Burroughs is published by Twayne
1986  Mike Conran discovers ERB's Tarzan Jr. story in Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry
1986 A Princess of Mars (with AEC) is published in a leather-bound edition by Easton Press
1986  July 25-27:  ECOF in Jenison, Michigan ~ Honoree John Flint Roy
1986 August 31: Atlanta Dum-Dum (Special fund-raising event for Vern Coriell organized by Forry Ackerman and 4E)
1987  January 15:  Vern Coriell dies, a large portion of his ERB library is added to the ERB Memorial Collection at Louisville

1987  July 30-August 2:  ECOF in Arnold, Maryland ~ Darrell C. Richardson (absent) ~ son Coleman Richardson accepted the award
1987  September 1: McWhorter's Burroughs Dictionary is published by the University Press of America
1987  James A. Bergen, Jr's first Price and Reference Guide to Books Written by ERB is published
1987 December 8: John Flint Roy, famous ERB scholar, dies
1988  A single edition of Tarzan of the Apes with Son, TEC, & TT is published by Avenel

1988  July 6-10: ECOF at London and Greystoke, England ~ Pete Ogden ~ Mr & Mrs. Stafford Howard and Mr. & Mrs. Neville Howard
1989 The documentary, The Many Faces of Tarzan, is released on video by Amvest

1989 January 8: Asbury Park Press, the only paper to feature the Tarzan Sunday comic in half-page format, changes to 1/3 page format
1989 June 22-26:  ECOF in Tarzana, CA ~ hosted by Mike Shaw and Ralph Brown ~ Irwin Porges ~ Guests: Eve Brent ~ Danton Burroughs ~ Gordon Scott ~ Denny Miller ~ Gabe Essoe ~ Burne Hogarth ~ Jack Iverson ~ Forrest J. Ackerman
1989  Movie:  Tarzan in Manhattan, starring Joe Lara with Tony Curtis as Archimedes Porter
1989  Aug. 31 - Sept. 1: Chicago ~ 75th Anniversary Diinner (since TA book publication) ~ Hosted by the Normal Beans of Chicago ~ Honorees: Bob Hyde, George McWhorter, Bill Ross ~ Guest: Philip Jose Farmer
1989  September 30:  Bill Ross begins publication of his ERB Collector
1989 December 15: Movie Tarzan Jock Mahoney [Tarzan Goes to India, Tarzan's Three Challenges and Tarzan the Magnificent (villain)] dies of a stroke following a car accident

1990  January:  Publication of the first issue of The Burroughs Bulletin (New Series)
1990  Alan Hanson's A Chrono-log of ERB's Tarzan is published by Waziri Press
1990  April:  Jungle of Dreams:  The Tarzan Mythos of ERB published, William P. Waters, Editor
1990 June 29 - July 1: ECOF at Binghamton, NY ~ Henry H. Heins (absent) and Bill Ross
1990  July 31:  Frank Shonfeld died (founder of ECOF, awarded the BEM)
1990 Dum-Dum is reinstated by George McWhorter
1990  Aug. 30-Sept. 2: Louisville, KY - Dum-Dum - The Galt House -  Burne Hogarth, Danton Burroughs, Denny Miller, Russ Cochran, Sammy the baby Gorilla
1990  October 19-21: Chicago, IL ~ Second Annual Dinner ~ Hosted by the Normal Beans of Chicago ~ Honorees: Tim Conrad and Mike Conran
1990 November 2: Donald A. Wollheim dies of a heart attack at age 76. He started the '60s ERB boom by publishing PD titles in ACE paperbacks and hiring Krenkel and Frazetta to illustrate them
1991 McWhorter's ERB Collection:  A Catalog is published by the House of Greystoke

1991  June 28-30: ECOF at Williamston, Michigan ~ Mike Conran
1991 Aug. 31 - Sept. 1:  Chicago, IL Dum-Dum - Omni Hotel - Erling B. Holtsmark ~ Guests: Sam Moskowitz ~ Richard Powers ~ Mike Chapman ~ Forrest J. Ackerman
1991 August 8: Hulbert "Hully" Burroughs, eldest son of ERB, dies at age 81 of a heart attack
1991  September: Debut of the Tarzan Television Series, starring Wolf Larson and Lydie Denier. This two-season series is shot in Mexico
1991  November 13:  Darrell C. Richardson's J. Allen St. John:  An Illustrated Bibliography is published by Mid-America Publishers
1992  March:  Malibu Comics publish a Tarzan comic series for two years

1992  NBM begins a series of reprints of the Tarzan Sunday comic strips
1992  Allan Gross' Farewell Pellucidar is printed
1992  June 26-28: ECOF at Denver, CO ~ Life Achievement Award Bob Hyde ~ Guest: Danton Burroughs,
1992  August 27-30: Louisville, Kentucky Dum-Dum - Gault House - Mitchell Harrison ~ Frank Westwood ~ Bob Zeuschner ~ Rita Coriell ~ Denny Miller ~ Guests: Burne Hogarth, Don Kraar, Sam Moskowitz, Dick Lupoff, Henning Kure
1993  June 18-20: ECOF at Willows, CA ~ Tom Yeates and John Eric Holmes

1993   September 16-19:  Pittsburgh, PA Dum-Dum - Don Kraar ~ Guests: Tom Yeates, Denny Miller, George Evans (absent), Gray Morrow and Dave Fury
1994 January 17: Frances Gifford - Jungle Girl (Nyoka) and Tarzan Triumphs (Jane) - dies

1994  McWhorter shepherds David Adams into the fold
1994  David Fury's Kings of the Jungle is published by McFarland
1994  Joe Jusko's ERB collector cards
1994  A large print edition of Tarzan of the Apes is published by G.K. Hall
1994  June 23-25: ECOF at Baltimore, Maryland ~ Mark Wheatley, Marc Hemple and Damon Willis
1994  September 1-4: Atlanta, GA Dum-Dum - Perimeter Center - Dave Fury (in absentia) & Tracy Griffin ~ Guest: Sam Moskowitz

1995  The Porges archives are added to the ERB Memorial Collection at Louisville
1995  Spring: Tarzan the Lost Adventure is finished by Joe Lansdale and published by Dark Horse & they begin a series of Tarzan comics with A Tale of Mugambi
1995  Huckenpohler publishes his first ERB Collector's Pocket Checklist
1995  An edition of Tarzan of the Apes with The Return of Tarzan is published by the BOMC
1995  Richard J. Utz's Investigating the Unliterary:  Six Essays on Burroughs' Tarzan of the Apes is published
1995  June 30 - July 2: ECOF at Portland, Oregon ~ Thomas Yeates ~ Peet Janes ~ John Eric Holmes
1995  Aug. 31- Sept. 6:  Rutland, VT Dum-Dum - Joe Jusko, Surprise guest Maureen O'Sullivan
1995 Rob Greer's 1994 thesis (From Africa to Mars: The Political, Moral, and Social Commentaries of ERB) appears in a website shortly after the launch of
1996  January 28:  Burne Hogarth, Tarzan comic illustrator, died (Born December 25, 1911)

1996  Robert B. Zeuschner's ERB Bibliography is published by McFarland
1996  Clark A. Brady's Burroughs Cyclopedia is published by McFarland
1996  Van Hise's ERB's Fantastic Worlds is published
1996 The Barsoomian Blade - an ERB website by Jeff Long begins operation
1996  June: Tangor's ERBList debuts
1996  June 20-23:  ECOF at Chicago, IL ~ Denny Miller
1996  July:  ERBCOF-L an internet ERB fan discussions list begins operation
1996  August 22-25: Woodland Hills/Tarzana, CA Dum-Dum - Harlan Ellison - Guests: Danton Burroughs, Tom Yeates, Chuck Porge, Janes & Tarzans: Joanna Barnes, Eve Brent, Vanessa Brown, Gordon Scott, Denny Miller
1996 ERB-List an internet ERB fan discussions list begins operation
1996  September:  National Capital Panthans organize & begin publishing their  Journal
1996  Trendmaster produces ERB action figure toys
1996 December: A Barsoom Glossary finds a home on the Internet
1996  Bill Hillman's ERB Web sites start to unfold
1997 Tangor's Beyond and Whizzle's SF debut on the Net

1997 April 25 - May 4: Palmdale Playhouse production of You Lucky Girl!
1997 June 21-22: ECOF at Holt, Michigan ~ Allan Gross
1997  June 27-29:  The British ERB Society host a London Greystoke ERB convention ~ Marcia Lincoln and Burne Hogarth (In Memorium)
1997  Tarzan: The Legacy of ERB, television biography produced by the A&E network, hosted by Peter Graves
1997 In Search of Tarzan, an AMC documentary televised during AMC's film festival of 32 vintage Tarzan movies.
1997  Moi, Tarzan, French television documentary
1997 August 22-24: Newton, IA Dum-Dum - Gordon Scott ~ Jim Thompson ~ George McWhorter ~ Guests: Earling B. Holtsmark ~ Bob Zeuschner and Dave Fury
1997  The Palmdale Playhouse in California staged the premiere of You Lucky Girl!
1997  Sarkis Atamian's The Origin of Tarzan is published by Publication Consultants
1998  February: ERB4Sale is created on the Net as a service to ERB buyers and sellers

1998  March: Tangor launches the ERBmania! website
1998 History of the Burroughs Bibliophiles and Bulletin by George McWhorter appears in the Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook
1998 Minidoka is published by Dark Horse Comics
1998 Tarzan of the Apes is published with Son & TEC by Gramercy
1998  Movie:  Tarzan and the Lost City, starring  Casper Van Dien
1998 Icon:  A Retrospective by the Grand Master of Fantastic Art Frank Frazetta published by Underwood Books
1998  June 19-21: ECOF at Pittsburgh, PA ~ Michael Friedlander ~ Guests: Joe Jusko and Allan Gross
1998  August 3-6: Baltimore, MD Dum-Dum - Gabe Essoe ~ J.G. Huckenpöhler ~ George McWhorter ~ Guests: Al Williamson and Mark Schultz
1998 December 25: Von Horst's ever-expanding Pellucidar website debuts
1999  Legacy:  Selected Paintings & Drawings by the Grand Master of Fantastic Art Frank Frazetta published by Underwood

1999  Nkima (David Adams) begins his analysis of ERB's novels via Vladimir Propp
1999  March 19-21:  Bellaire, TX ~ Bruce Bozarth's Texas ERB Wake and CD-ROM
1999  John Taliaferro's Tarzan Forever: The Life of ERB Creator of Tarzan is published by Scribner
1999 Heritage of the Flaming God by Frank J. Brueckel & John Harwood is published by Waziri Publications
1999  Philip Jose Farmer's Dark Heart of Time published by Ballantine
1999 June 10-13: Woodland Hills/Tarzana, CA Dum-Dum - Eddie Gilbert, Stu Byrne, 4E
1999 June 11: Special showing of Tarzan for ERB fans on the Disney lot
1999 June 12: Hollywood premiere of the new Walt Disney Tarzan animated feature movie
1999 July 9: The Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest officially open their Edgar Rice Burroughs Museum
1999  August 5-8: ECOF at Gaithersburg, Maryland
1999 Marcia of the Doorstep and You Lucky Girl are first published by Donald M. Grant
2000  January 30: Phil Collins and Tarzan appear on the Super Bowl half time show

2000  February: Second series of Disney Tarzan premium toys from McDonalds with the release of the videotape & DVD of the movie.
2000 February 1: Release of Disney Tarzan on VHS and DVD
2000  March 17-19: ERB Wake at Bellaire, TX ~ Hosted by ERBlist Moderator Bruce Bozarth
2000 April: David Fury: Johnny Weissmuller: Twice the Hero published
2000 April: Glen Erardi: Collecting Edgar Rice Burroughs published
2000 May: Marci’a Lincoln Rudolph: My Father, Elmo Lincoln published
2000 May 18 - 21 ECOF - Clarksville, Tennesse - Host Jim Thompson ~ GoH Mary Burroughs & Barry Stubbersfield
2000 June 27: Eddie Gilbert, ERB’s brother-in-law died at 83 - ERB Collection auctioned at PBA Galleries on November 15, 2001
2000 July 13-16: Dum-Dum Grandville Michigan - GoH Johnny Sheffield
2000 August: Oak Park Historical Society celebrated ERB’s 125th birthday
2000 November: William J. Boerst: ERB Creator of Tarzan, biography published
2000 December: Roy & Dela White donate 1344 unique ERB items to the Ekstrom Library
2001 April: Beyond Thirty published by University of Nebraska Press

2001 April: David Ullery: The Tarzan Novels of ERB published
2001 April: Frank Cho Illustrator published
2001 April: Caprona (The Land That Time Forgot trilogy) German edition: Blitz Verlag
2001 June 21-24, Dum-Dum 2001: Tampa, Florida ~ Pete Ogden ~ GoH Steve Hawkes, Lydie Denier (Golden Lion Awards)
2001 June: Collins, Max Allan: The Pearl Harbor Murders
2001 July: Chapman, Mike: Please Don’t Call Me Tarzan: The Life & Career of Herman Brix/Bruce Bennett
2001 August: "Them Was the Days!" Michigan Military Academy Symposium
2001 Aug. 17-19: Binghamton, NY ~ Elaine Casella, Hostess ~ Michael Kaluta
2001 September: Henry Heins: famous ERB Golden Anniversary Bibliography republished
2001 September: Kasson, John F.: Houdini, Tarzan and the Perfect Man
2001 September: Tantor Media: ERB audiobooks
2001 September: Pirates of Venus published by Bison Books, University of Nebraska Press
2001 October: Quiet Vision Publishing issues over 30 ERB titles/introductions by George T. McWhorter
2001 October: Kane, Brian M.: Hal Foster, Prince of Illustrators
2001 October: Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Forgotten Tales! 
2002 April: The Moon Maid published by Bison Books

2002 May: Whitezel, Karl: Buster Crabbe: A Self Portrait
2002 May: Bohnett, Brian J.: "Them Was the Days!" ERB & the History of the Michigan Military Academy
2002 May 23 - 26: Dum-Dum, College Station, Texas ~ Brad Vinson host ~ Joe Lansdale (Golden Lion Award) ~ ERB Achievement Award: Brad Vinson
2002 June: Schneider, Jerry L.: ERB and the Silver Screen, Volume 1 - The Silent Years Expanded second edition)
2002 July: Fenton, Robert W.: Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan (republication of 1967 biography)
2002 August: Wildside Press ERB Editions: The Lost Continent, Tarzan the Untamed, Tarzan the Terrible, Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar, & Jungle Tales of Tarzan
2002 August 30 - September 1: ECOF - Tarzana, CA ~ Danton Burroughs ~ Bruce Boxleitner ~ Lydie Denier
2002 September: Normand Design offers Thuvia in dust jacket reconstructions
2002 October: The Land That Time Forgot in Modern Library edition by Random House
2002 October: Weissmuller, Johnny Jr.: Tarzan, My Father
2002 November: Pellucidar published by Bison Books
2002 November: Disney’s direct-to-video Tarzan sequel, Tarzan and Jane, on VHS or DVD
2002 November: Tarzan of the Funnies published by the House of Greystoke & Mad Kings
2002 December: The Girl From Farris’s (Limited hardcover edition by Jerry L. Schneider)
2003 Year: A flurry of publishing activity: Hanson's Chrono-Log reprint, McWhorter edition of Fenton's ERB & Tarzan, Barrett's Tarzan of the Funnies, Bohnett's Tarzan Big Little Books, Schneider's ERBville Press editions of ERB pulp versions matched hardcover, ongoing ERB reprint editions by Bison Books, reprint of the Heins Bibliography, update of Huck's Pocket Checklist, many new Websites and ongoing expansion of the Bozarth and Hillman Web Empires. Danton Burroughs launched a personal Website and collaborated with regular Burroughs Family Archive features in ERBzine. Fanzine editors are still active with new editions: McWhorter's Burroughs Bulletin (with updates to his BB Online Index), Ogden's ERBANIA, Ross' ERB Collector, Conran's ERB News Dateline, Westwood's Fantastic Worlds of ERB, Van Hise's zine, National Capital Panthan's Newsletter. . . and Hillman's Online weekly ERBzine now has thousands of issues in archive.

2003 January: The Land That Time Forgot (Amazing Stories version by Jerry L. Schneider)
2003 January: History Channel Fantastic Voyage: The Evolution of Science Fiction
2003 February: Tarzan of the Apes in Modern Library edition by Random House
2003 February: The Land That Time Forgot & Out of Time’s Abyss (Wildside Press)
2003 March: The Moon Maid published as Conquest of the Moon by Jerry L. Schneider
2003 March: ERB and the Silver Screen, Volume 4 - The Locations by Jerry L. Schneider
2003 April: Chapman, Mike: The Gold and The Glory: Glenn Morris biography
2003 April: Taliaferro donates Tarzan Forever papers of U of L Burroughs Collection
2003 May: Under the Moons of Mars (first three Barsoom books in one volume) Bison Books
2003 June: A Princess of Mars by Modern Library
2003 June: ECOF 2003 - National Capital Panthans
2003 June 27-29 : ECOF hosted by National Capital Panthans in Hanover, MD
2003 August: Quiet Vision ERB publications: The Chessmen of Mars, Tarzan and the Jewels 0f Opar, Pellucidar, & The Mucker
2003 August 28-31: Dum-Dum Louisville ~Host: George T. McWhorter U. of L. ~ GoH Danton Burroughs, Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell, Denny Miller, Bob Zeuschner, Huck Huckenpohler ~ Lifetime Achievement Awards: Bill Hillman & Brian Bohnett
2003 October: Travis Fimmel plays Tarzan in new television series Tarzan
2003 October 3: TARZAN: The Warner Brothers TV Series debuts

2004 January: ERBzine: Edgar Rice Burroughs Tribute and Weekly Webzine  moves from a multitude of linked "free servers" to a 1500 megabyte server with the domain:
2004 May: Danton Burroughs and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. launch tribute site.
2004 June 25-26: Dum-Dum 2004 in Fort Collins, Colorado is hosted by Mike Chapman. It has a Glenn Morris and Olympics theme
2004 August 12-14: ECOF 2004 is held in Sacramento, Califoria with guests Dan Parsons - Artist, Tom Yeates - ERB Artist, Lydie Denier ~ "Jane" actress, Richard Lupoff.

2005 January 11: Danton Burroughs and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. of Tarzana, California announce the launch of the Web's largest Armada. A giant fleet of ERB, Inc. Web ships commanded by the all-new flagship The Command Vessel with a multitude of decks packed with new features and hundreds of Webpages.  TARzine: The Fleet's Official Monthly Bulletin sent out by Command Centre: ERB, Inc. in Tarzana featuring an archive of back issues back to July 2004  The refurbished Webship that has patrolled ERB Webspace since the completion of the Disney contract for their use of The John Coleman Burroughs Tribute Site with its vast stores of weekly features from Danton Burroughs Family Archives and Tarzana Treasure Vaults  The Edgar Rice Burroughs Tribute Site with its Weekly Webzine and Archive of over 10,000 ERB Web features:and regular News features:

2026 January 6: The Barsoom is sabotaged by Orthis while drunk
2026 January 8 - 11 AM: The Barsoom enters the interior of the Moon


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