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Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950)

The master of imaginative fantasy adventure and the "grandfather of science-fiction"

Edgar Rice Burroughs (l875-l950) is known as the Grandfather of American Science Fiction. He predicted the invention of radar, sonar, television, teletype, the radio compass, the automatic pilot, homing devices on bombs and torpedoes, genetic cloning, living organ transplants, antigravity propulsion and many other concepts deemed totally fantastic in his time. His soaring imagination, coupled with the sure instinct of a master storyteller, assures him a position of honor among American writers of the twentieth century.
-- George T. McWhorter -- Curator, Burroughs Memorial Collection / Editor: BURROUGHS BULLETIN
For years he thought himself a failure . . . then he wrote a story. It sold and he wrote others and they too sold. Success no longer eluded him. His romantic fantasies were transformed into a world of vast adventure and excitement. He was imitated by many but none could equal him; none could match that special quality that set him apart. For each of those worlds he created was unique and fascinating and believable in its own right."

-- ERB Creator of Tarzan Website introduction, ( 
The creations of Edgar Rice Burroughs continue to live on in the imagination of his readers in a way that few authors ever achieved. No matter where you go in this world, everyone knows of Tarzan. The imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs is with us today and endures. -- Robert B. Zeuschner, ERB: The Exhaustive Scholar’s and Collector’s Descriptive Bibliography

Edgar Rice Burroughs...could pace, he was accessable, he was a brilliant inventor of languages, and he told emotionally satisfying morality plays in an action/adventure framework. He had the capacity to imagine fully-fleshed worlds by the carload. one since then ...has created a greater number of wildly popular imaginative series. Yes, he was followed by many better, more subtle, more erudite writers ...most of whom built upon his foundation...but...he was the first, and he is still very readable and very popular, and what more need you ask of a pioneer?
-- Mike Resnick -- The Burroughs Style - A Writer's Analysis
(Adapted and Excerpted from ERBFAQ) 
Edgar Rice Burroughs was to become the acknowledged master of the scientific romance. In stories of this nature, colourful adventure in the classical sense is seasoned with just enough science to lend wonder and enchantment to the background and locale. ...The rousing enthusiasm that greeted his first novel, A Princess of Mars, was to usher in a golden era of escape science fiction. Burroughs completely divorced the reader from association with reality and carried him off to a never-never world of his own creating. ...He was a natural storyteller. His style never jarred. It flowed along, quickly and smoothly, weaving the reader into the spell of the story. ...Literary critics, judging ERB by absolute literary standards, have never been kind. They have pointed out that his plots are repetitious, his prose construction often hasty, with an overwhelming emphasis on action and violence and the fact that some of his novels seemed to be a pointless procession of incidents rather than a completely co-ordinated whole. Burroughs never denied the charges and with almost a note of apology frequently explained that it was his purpose to write for those who desired entertainment and escape and that he expected his works to be judged by that standard. ...In all the literature of mankind, only Sherlock Holmes is nearly as well known as Tarzan. This popularity is justified. Tarzan of the Apes is a great and fabulous adventure epic. seems likely that at least Tarzan will be printed and read long after many authors "with pointed messages for our times" have been forgotten.

--Sam Moskowitz -- 1958 
The novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs have acted as dream catalysts, spanning the planet with an uncountable number of mind dramas. ...We have shared the dreams he invoked. In a very real sense the spirit of that great Magician of Dreams pervades these pages. His magic took hold of (our) has reached across the decades to draw us together.... We are fellow wayfarers. Sometimes, of course, the magic fails; and so we have critics who look on in amazement at the phenomenon that is ERB. The dreams have gone unrecognized, perhaps hidden behind failing of language and character and plot -- dingy gold, cast aside for brass. The loss, of course, is theirs. All man's works are flawed, if one looks closely enough, and there is little to be gained -- much to be lost -- by judging a work on its failing rather than its successes. Magic is fragile and does not bear close scrutiny. --Patrick H. Adkins -- Dream Vaults of Opar -- 1984 

ERBANIA (British) edited by D. Peter Ogden...Number 1, April 1956...numbers 2-9, 15-18, 41-81.
ERB-Dom edited by Camille Cazedessus, Jr. Vol. 1, No. 1 May 1960 (2 printings)... And Numbers 3-13, 15-17, 23-26, 29, 30, 31, 33-36, 42, 43, 45, 46, 49-73, large size format 74-79, 80-85, 88, 89 ~[ LOOKING FOR: 2, 14, 18, 20-22, 27, 28, 32, 44, 47-48, 86, 87]
Forgotten Sea of Mars by Michael Resnick (A Sequel to Llana of Gathol)...Supplement with ERB-Dom #12
Burroughs Bulletin published by the Burroughs Bibliophiles...edited by Vernell Coriell #10,  #15 (1964), #16 (1966), #17 (1967), #18 (1968), #19 (1969), #30 (1973), Nos. 66, 67, 68 (Amazing Stories Annual reprint of Master Mind of Mars)
Burroughs Reader & Thuria edited by Dale R. Broadhurst...Thuria #1 (1962), BR 2-6, 7-9
Anomaly #1, 1969
FOOM! Friends of Ol' Marvel, #20, 1978, Much ERB
Burroughs Bulletin, New Series, #1 (Jan. ‘90), #2, #3, #9-24, #26, #27,  #29 (Winter ‘97), #30 (Spring ‘97),  #31 (Summer  1997), #32 (Fall, 1997), #33 ( Winter, 1998), #34 (Spring, !998), #35 #38 ~  Ed. George T. McWhorter
Burroughs Bibliophiles Fan Directory, 1962 and 1996
Vern Coriell: Burroughs Bibliophile (Bio Booklet published by Burroughs Bibliophiles Circa 1969)
Gridley Waves (many)
Pulpdom by Caz (many)
ERB News Dateline, #57/58 (Jan ‘97), #59 (May 1997)
ERB Collector, #3

ERB in the PULPS

(Updated August 2003)
Argosy All-Story Weekly, February 18, 1922 ~ Chessmen of Mars 1 ~ ERB
Argosy All-Story Weekly, December 9, 1922 - January 20, 1923, Tarzan and the Golden Lion
            - All 7 parts excerpted from mags and bound - ERB
Argosy All-Story Weekly, January 13, 1923, Tarzan and the Golden Lion ~ 6/7
Argosy All-Story Weekly, May 26, 1923, The Moon Maid ~ 4/5 ~ ERB
Argosy All-Story Weekly, February 2, 1924 ~ Tarzan and the Ant Men ~ ERB 2
Argosy All-Story Weekly, March 8, 1924 ~ Tarzan and the Ant Men ~ ERB

Argosy All-Story Weekly, February 21, 1925 ~ The Moon Men ~ 1/4 ~ ERB
Argosy All-Story Weekly, February 28, 1925 ~ The Moon Men ~ 2/4 ~ ERB
Argosy All-Story Weekly, March 14, 1925 ~ The Moon Men ~ 4/4 ~ ERB
Argosy All-Story Weekly, September 12, 1925, The Red Hawk - 2/3 - ERB
Argosy All-Story Weekly, May 7, 1927, The War Chief ~ 4/5 ~ ERB
Argosy All-Story Weekly, June 2, 1928 ~ Apache Devil
Blue Book, October 1930 - April 1931 - Tarzan, Guard of the Jungle
       - All 7 parts excerpted from mags and bound - ERB
Blue Book, November 1931, Triumph of Tarzan ~ ERB (Mag contains a feature called "Laugh It Off")

Argosy All-Story Weekly, April 9, 1932, Tarzan and the City of Gold - 5/6 - ERB
Argosy All-Story Weekly, April 16, 1932, Tarzan and the City of Gold ~ 6/6 ~ ERB (also a Ray Cummings story)
Blue Book, November 1934, Swords of Mars ~ #1 ~ ERB
Blue Book, October 1935-March 1936, Tarzan and the Immortal Men (all parts excerpted & bound) - ERB
Blue Book, October 1935, Tarzan and the Immortal Men (NC) 1/6 ~ ERB
Blue Book, November 1935, Tarzan and the Immortal Men ~ 2/6 ~ ERB
Argosy Weekly, September 19, 1936, Tarzan and the Magic Men - 1/3

Argosy Weekly, January 9, 1937,  Seven Worlds to Conquer - 1/6 - ERB
Argosy Weekly, January 16, 1937, Seven Worlds to Conquer - 2/6 - ERB
Argosy Weekly, January 23, 1937, Seven Worlds to Conquer - 3/6 - ERB
Argosy Weekly, January 30, 1937, Seven Worlds to Conquer - 4/6 - ERB
Argosy Weekly, February 6, 1937, Seven Worlds to Conquer - 5/6 - ERB
Argosy Weekly, February 13, 1937, Seven Worlds to Conquer - 6/6 - ERB

Argosy Weekly, January 8, 1938, Carson of Venus - 1/6 - ERB
Argosy Weekly, January 15, 1938, Carson of Venus - 2/6 ~ ERB
Argosy Weekly, January 22, 1938, Carson of Venus - 3/6 - ERB
Argosy Weekly, February 5, 1938, Carson of Venus - 5/6- ERB
Argosy Weekly, February 12, 1938, Carson of Venus - Conclusion - ERB

Argosy Weekly, March 19, 1938, The Red Star of Tarzan - 1/6 - ERB
Argosy Weekly, March 26, 1938, The Red Star of Tarzan - 2/6 - ERB
Argosy Weekly, April 2, 1938, The Red Star of Tarzan ~ 3/6 ~ ERB
Argosy Weekly, April 9, 1938, The Red Star of Tarzan - 4/6 - ERB
Argosy Weekly, April 16, 1938, The Red Star of Tarzan - 5/6 - ERB
Argosy Weekly, April 23, 1938, The Red Star of Tarzan - 6/6 - ERB

Argosy Weekly, Jan. 14, 1939, The Synthetic Men of Mars - 2nd of 6 episodes - ERB
Argosy Weekly, Jan. 21, 1939, The Synthetic Men of Mars - 3rd of 6 episodes - ERB (2 copies)
Argosy Weekly, Jan. 28, 1939, The Synthetic Men of Mars - 4th of 6 episodes - ERB
Argosy Weekly, February 4, 1939, The Synthetic Men of Mars - 5/6 - ERB
Argosy Weekly, Feb. 11, 1939, The Synthetic Men of Mars - 6th of 6 episodes - ERB

Thrilling Wonder Stories, June 1939, HC Binding, The Man Without a World by John Coleman Burroughs and Hulbert Burroughs AND Stolen Centuries by Otis Adelbert Kline
Blue Book, April 1940, Tarzan and the Champion ~ ERB
Thrilling Adventures, May 1940, Terrible Tenderfoot ~ 3/3 ~ ERB
Amazing Stories, March 1941, The City of Mummies
Amazing Stories, June 1941, Black Pirates of Barsoom ~ ERB
Amazing Stories, August 1941, Yellow Men of Mars
Amazing Stories, Quarterly Fall 1941~ John Carter and the Giant of Mars NC ~ ERB/JCB
Startling Stories, September 1941, The Bottom of the World by John Coleman Burroughs and Hulbert Burroughs

Amazing Stories, Quarterly Feb. 1942), The Return to Pellucidar ~ ERB
Amazing Stories, Feb. 1942, The Return To Pellucidar - 1/4 - ERB (2 copies - 1 sans cover)
Amazing Stories, March 1942, Men of the Bronze Age ~ ERB
Fantastic Adventures, March 1942, War On Venus ~ ERB
Amazing Stories, December 1950, The Burroughs Legend by Sandy Miller (also Stolen Centuries by OAK)
Amazing Stories, April 1961, John Carter and the Giant of Mars (2 copies) - ERB (JCB)
Amazing Stories, November 1963, Savage Pellucidar, 4/4 - ERB
Amazing Stories, January 1964, Skeleton Men of Jupiter (Reprint of Feb. 43) - ERB


Argosy All-Story Weekly, March 21, 1925, Radio Beasts ~ 1/4 ~ Ralph Milne Farley
Argosy All-Story Weekly, March 28, 1925, Radio Beasts ~ 2/4 ~ Ralph Milne Farley
Argosy All-Story Weekly, April 4, 1925, Radio Beasts ~ 3/4 ~ Ralph Milne Farley
Argosy All-Story Weekly, April 11, 1925, Radio Beasts ~ 4/4 ~ Ralph Milne Farley
Argosy All-Story Weekly, July 10, 1926, Radio Planet ~ 3/5 ~ Ralph Milne Farley

OTIS ADELBERT KLINE ~ some with H. Hoffman Price
Argosy All-Story, January 4, 1930, Maza of the Moon ~ 3/4 ~ OAK
Argosy All-Story, August 2, 1930, Prince of Peril NC ~ 1/6 ~ OAK
Argosy All-Story, September 27, 1930 ~ Spawn of the Comet (3 copies/1sans cover) ~ OAK
Argosy All-Story, April 18, 1931, Jan of the Jungle NC ~ 1/6 ~ OAK
Argosy All-Story, May 2, 1931, Jan of the Jungle NC ~ 3/6 ~ OAK

Argosy All-Story, March 9, 1935, Fang of Amm Jemel NC ~ All ~ OAK
Argosy All-Story, December 30, 1939, Allah Sends a Reaper ~ HHP
Argosy All-Story, August 24, 1940, Yaqui Gold (conc) ~ HHP
Argosy All-Story, November 30, 1940, Satans on Saturn NC ~ 1/5 ~ OAK & E.H. Price

ERB-Related Books & Magazines

Science Adventure Books, Two Complete Stories (pulp mag), Spring 1953, Survivor of Mars by Vargo Statten
Tarzan and the Lost Safari, Whitman, 1957 Pictorial Hardback, Adapted from Movie Script, Gordon Scott on cover #1522, authorized, 282pp
Tarzan and the Lost Safari, Whitman, 1966, Pictorial Hardback, Adapted from Movie Script, Tarzan & Plane Crash painting on cover, 282pp
Tarzan and the Valley of Gold, Fritz Leiber - Ballantine, 1966 PB (#U6125), authorized, 317 pp
Treasure of the Black Falcon, John Coleman Burroughs - Ballantine, PB, (U6085), 253pp,
Tarzan Alive, Phillip Jose Farmer - Doubleday, 1972, DJ, 312pp
Tarzan Alive, Phillip Jose Farmer - Panther, 1975, 367pp
Tarzan and the Amazons based on illustrations by Hogarth -- Superscope Story Teller Pictorial Hardback, 1977.
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar by Edgar Rice Burroughs, duplication of original pulp text & illustrations, added missing art folio by J. Allen St. John, 1964, House of Greystoke.
Tarzan Folio #1, The First 28 Sunday Pages by Rex Maxon, 1931, 1968, House of Greystoke
Tarzan Folio #2, Illustrated by Harold Foster (B/W Sunday Pages), 1931, 1932 & 1971, House of Greystoke.
Tarzan: Two Great Adventures - Tarzan & the Vikings -- The Sinister Safari, Illustrated by Hal Foster, 1935, 1936 & 1970, House of Greystoke. Illustrated Tarzan Book #1, Tarzan of the Apes, 300 Pictures by Harold Foster, 1929, 1938 & 1967.
Illustrated Tarzan Books #2, The Return of Tarzan, 239 Pictures by Rex Maxon, 1929 1936 & 1968, House of Greystoke
Illustrated Tarzan Books #23, Tarzan Under Fire, 336 Pictures by William Juhre, Originally published in Whitman book form as Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins with Jad-Bal Ja, The Golden Lion. 1937, 1928 & 1968, House of Greystoke.
David Innes of Pellucidar by 269 Pictures by John Coleman Burroughs, 1940 & 1978, House of Greystoke
Edgar Rice Burroughs, New English Library, 1975, Large soft cover English mag tribute to the worlds of ERB 

Big Little Books
RETURN OF TARZAN - Whitman #1102 - 1936 (cover by Hugh Hutton; 209 interior illustrations by Rex Maxon, adapted from his 1929 newspaper daily Tarzan comic strips).
TARZAN THE TERRIBLE - Whitman #1453 - 1942 (John Coleman Burroughs cover, 209 interior illustrations adapted from the 1931-1932 Rex Maxon daily Tarzan comic strip. This "Better Little Book" also has a flip-cartoon by John Coleman Burroughs)
TARZAN AND THE LOST EMPIRE - Whitman #1442 - 1948 (the cover of this "Better Little Book" is a copy of a panel by Jesse Marsh from the Dell one-shot #134, "Tarzan and the Devil Ogre," with 141 illustrations by Rex Maxon from the 1930 newspaper strip)
TARZAN AND THE JOURNEY OF TERROR - Whitman #709-10 - 1949/50 (cover and interior by Jesse Marsh, including 186 illustrations from the Dell Tarzan Comic #7, Jan-Feb 1949, "Tarzan In the Valley of Monsters")
TARZAN: THE MARK OF THE RED HYENA - Whitman #2005 - 1967 (written by George S. Elrick; cover and 122 interior illustrations by Jerry Pellini, of which many are close copies of Russ Manning's Tarzan comic work; 256 pp) 
Comics and Art

John Carter of Mars by John Coleman Burroughs Reprint of 1941-42 Sunday Pages - House of Greystoke -- Large Size B/W
           72  Colour photocopies - 11" x 18" sheets.
Tarzan and the Barbarians 1942-1943 by ERB and Hogarth Book 2 of 4 -- Comic-Strip Preserves Reprint, 72pp, 1986
Tarzan Dell Comics 23(1951), 24, 26, 27, 36, 59 (1954), 64, 66, 69, 70-74, 76-111, 113, 114, 117, 118, 135, 139, 140,142-145, 148, 149, 154, 156, 158-166, 168-204, 206(1972)
Tarzan Charlton: Jungle Tales of Tarzan - 1965 Nos. 3, 4
Tarzan Marvel 1977 Nos. 1-6, 10, 11, 13-18, 20, 22, 27-29
Tarzan DC: 1972 Nos. 207 (1st), 209-258 Spectacular #19 - Aug. 1973
Tarzan, Marvel, 1984, Two issue limited series #1 & 2
Tarzan, Malibu, 1992, #1-3 (All 3 of Lost City), #2-5 (Warrior), #1-7 (The Beckoning - complete)
Tarzan, Dark Horse, ‘90s, Tarzan/John Carter #1 of 4, Tarzan vs Predator #4 of 4, Return of Tarzan #1-3, Tarzan #1 & 2 (Yeates), #9 & 10 (pts. 3 & 4 of 4 - Legion of Hate), #11 & 12 (Le Monstre), #13 (pt. 1 & 2 of Modern Prometheus #13 & 14), (pt. 1 & 2 of Tooth and Nail #15 & 16), (pts. 1-4 of Tarzan vs Moon Men #17-20), (pt. 1 Carson of Venus #21)
Korak Gold Key #2(Mar ‘64), 4, 8-9, 11, 15, 16, 18, 21-24, 27-35, 37, 39, 44, 45
Korak, The Tarzan Family, DC, (1972), #46 (#1 DC), #48-66 (1976)
Weird Words of ERB, DC, 1972, 1-9
Tarzan in The Land That Time Forgot and The Pool of Time by Russ Manning, Dark Horse Comics, 1996
Tarzan Versus  Predator At the Earth's Core, Lee Weeks and Walter Simonson, Dark Horse, 1997
Brothers of the Spear, Gold Key, #4, 6
Bomba, DC, 1968, #3
The Land That Time Forgot, 1975, Marvel Movie Tie-In Mag #1, comic, text & stills
John Carter of Mars, 1952/1964, Dell/Gold Key, #1, #2 (Gods of Mars), #3 (Black Pirates of Omean)
John Carter Warlord of Mars: Marvel 1977 -- Complete Set #1-28, Annuals 1-3
Tarzan’s Jungle Annual -- Dell -- #4(1955), #5(1956), #6(1957), #7(1958)
Tarzan Lord of the Jungle - Gold Key Annual 25 cents, #1
Tarzan Annual, Brown Watson (London), HC, Text and comics reprints 1973
Tarzan of the Apes, DC, 1973, Large Format, Kubert
The Return of Tarzan, DC, 1974, Large Format, Kubert
Tarzan DC Digest, 1972, #1, Manning
Tarzan Gold Key Digest, Aug. ‘69, #4
Tarzan Gold Key Digest, Mar ‘70, #9 
Tarzan Comics, 6 pence, V.2 #7, 1951 reprints of Hogarth June 1945
Tarzan V.3 #28 (53.10.14) & 33 (53.11.18) reprints of 1949 dailies
Tarzan V.4 #49 (55.3.12) & 51 (55.3.26) reprints Celardo/Van Buren ‘54 & Maxon ‘45
Tarzan V.5 #4, 25, 27, 29, 32, 34, 34, 36, (Ap. 55-Dec. 55) Maxon ‘45, ‘40, ‘41, dailies
Tarzan V.6 #6, 27, 34, 35 (May 12 & Oct 6 56, Nov 24 & Dec 1 56) Celardo 54 Hogarth
Tarzan V.7 #6, 13, 52 (May 11 & Jun 29 ‘57, Mar ‘58) Rubimor ‘47 Celardo ‘56, Hog ‘48
Tarzan V.8 #8, 23, 24, 28-52 (‘58/‘59) Hal Foster, ‘47/‘49 Hogarth, Celardo ‘58, Maxon ‘43,
Tarzan V.9 #1-32 (Ap.4-Dec.26, 1959) Celardo ‘59, Maxon ‘43/’44, Celardo ‘57, 56, ‘59
Tarzan: 1975 - Nos. 101,107, 108 1976 - Nos. 115, 116 with chapter serializations of TOA
Korak: 1975 - Nos. 55, 57, 62, 63 1976 - Nos. 70, 71
Tarzan Weekly UK - July 23, 1977, July 30, 1977, Aug. 6, 1977 (good art)
Tarzan Monthly UK - 1978 #4 & #5? 
Tarzan Spanish (Mexican) & Italian

Tarzan: 1969 - Nos. 221, 222, 225, 227
Tarzan ...small size format...1975: Nos 461, 463, 465, 467
Tarzan -- Russ Manning large colour reprint book in Italian -- Il Re Della Giungla - La Culla Degli Dei 

Dailies  and Sunday Comics
The Menomonee Falls Guardian
(reprints of complete runs of vintage dailies and Sundays on good white stock paper) Numbers 1-12 (1973)
The Menomonee Falls Gazette "America's Greatest Comic Weekly"
(Reprints of Complete Runs of vintage and current dailies and Sundays on good white stock paper - much Tarzan, Prince Valiant, ) Numbers 43-155 (October 9, 1972 - December 2, 1974)
Favorite Funnies (White paper reprints of vintage strips) Numbers 1-12 (1973)
Golden Funnies (White paper reprints of vintage strips) Numbers 1-16 (1973)
Vintage Funnies (White paper reprints of vintage strips) Numbers 29-94 (1973)

Miscelleanous Items
Tarzan LP Record Album - A special version for children of ERB’s classic tale of adventure and mystery!...Songs include: Tarzan’s Theme and Lullabye for Baby Tarzan...Adapted and produced by John Braden, 1984, URTI and Kids Stuff Records -#KSS5043 -- Made in Canada
Tarzan Calendar 1988 Illustrated by Boris Vallejo
John Carter, Warlord of Mars -- SPI Simulations Publications Role Playing Box Game, 1978, Ill: Don Maitz
Dust Jackets: E. R. Burroughs, Inc. Tarzana (one fold) -- Forbidden City, Back to the Stone Age, Pirates of Venus, Carson of Venus, Magnificent, Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County, Triumphant, Foreign Legion
New Adventures of Tarzan- Serial -- Booklet with 12 chapter synopses, photos of posters/cards, cast list, etc.
Lord Greystoke, An Exclusive Interview Philip Jose Farmer from The Book of Philip Jose Farmer, Berkley Science Fiction paperback,1973
Philip Jose Farmer books: Hadon of Ancient Opar, Flight to Opar, Time's Last Gift, The Book of Philip Jose Farmer, The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, Riverworld Series: To Your Scattered Bodies Go, The Fabulous Riverboat, The Dark Design, Gods of Riverworld, World of Tiers Series: the Maker of Universes, The Gates of Creation, A Private Cosmos...
Otis Adelbert Kline books: Port of Peril HC/DJ & PB, ACE PBs: Planet of Peril, Prince of Peril, Swordsman of Mars, Outlaws of Mars, Maza of the Moon, Jan of the Jungle, Man from the Moon (Science Fiction Classics Mag #2, 1967), A Vision of Venus (Swordsmen in the Sky, ed. Wollheim)   See OAK Bibliography, Bio Info, and reprints at our ERBzin-e Website:
The Best of ERBAPA, 1995, Celebrating One Decade of Fan Publishing, Compiled and Published by Scott Tracy Griffin.
The Best of ERBAPA, 1994, Annual, Official Editor: Henry Franke
ERB tradition: Mahars of Pellucidar by John Eric Holmes, Hadon of Ancient Opar & Flight to Opar by PJ Farmer, Quest of the Dawn Man by J.H. Rosny, Radio Beasts and Radio Planet by Ralph Milne Farley, Science Fiction by the Rivals of H. G. Wells (30 stories and a complete novel from early Pulps), The Man Who Mastered Time by Ray Cummings, The Black Swan by Rafael Sabatini, Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini  ...  Mike Resnick, Lin Carter, John Wyndham, John Russell Fearn, Michael Moorcock, etc...many more contained in the Science Fiction section of our library. For a Zane Grey Bibliography and Bio see the Bill & Sue-On Hillman Eclectic Studio
Juveniles in the ERB Tradition: Bomba by Roy Rockwood - The Giant Cataract, On Jaguar Island, The Underground River, Tom Stetson by John Henry Cutler- Giant Jungle Ants,  Blue Devil, On the Trail of the Lost Tribe.
Tarzan and the Well of Slaves by Douglas Niles, 1985, TSR Endless Quest, Pick a Path to Adventure, #26.
Jungle Tales of Tarzan, June ‘70, #1, Gold Key Story Digest, adapted by Gaylord DuBois, Ill: Dan Spiegle.
Amazing Edgar Rice Burroughs by Sam Moskowitz, Satellite Science Fiction, Oct. ‘58 & the same article: Edgar Rice Burroughs by Sam Moskowitz, Science Fantasy, UK, #41, 1960
Tarzan’s Savage Fury, early ‘60s, 3-D trading cards set, #1-60, glasses
Tarzan and Other Heroes Come Back Once More, Esquire, April 1970.
Visions of Mars, CD-ROM, The Definitive Collection of Literature, Art and Recordings About Mars, Virtual Reality Labs, CA, Excerpt from Princess of Mars, good martian art, and ERB refs. Space 1889 Computer Game, manual, and guide book: Tales from the Ether, GDW Bloomington, Ill.
Harvey Kurtzman’s Goodman Beaver Meets T*rz*an, 1984, Kitchen Sink Press
Mad's "An Apeman Named  MELVIN!, Mad Comics, #2,  Dec. 1952, EC Entertaining Comics.
Mad’s Melvin of the Apes by Egad (Long Grain) rice Burrows, Mad Comics, #6, 1953, Entertaining Comics.
MAD Special No. 21, Tarzan (Melvin) on the cover and reprint of Melvin! story from Mad #2
Whatever Became of... by Richard Lamparski, Buster Crabbe & Johnny Weissmuller, 1967, Crown.
SRA Reading Kit Card, 1964, Reading Lab IIIa Tan 10, Science Research Associates, The Man Who Created Tarzan by Edward T. Ewen, Reprinted from The New York Times 1962, ("Eh-wa-au-wau-aoooow Tarzan"), contains 2 pages of reading analysis questions and the key card.
Princess of Mars Poem by Charles R. Tanner, Aug 1968, Fantastic: Science Fiction & Fantasy
War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches - The Martian Invasion of Earth As If Whitnessed By: Edgar Rice Burroughs, etc., Mars: The Homefront by George Alec Effinger, 1996, DJ, Bantam Spectra, 274 pages...ALSO PB Bantam 1997.
Tarzan Movies and Documentaries: Copies of most available items (Part of our 4,000 VHS tape video library)
Tarzan Radio Shows: Many scattered through our collection of 10,000 Old Time Radio shows on Reel to Reel tape and 16" ETs.
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, Story Synopses of Animated TV Series, 1976.
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, TV Animated Series Script, Tarzan and the Golden Lion by Chuck Menville, 1976
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, TV Animated Series Script, Tarzan and the City of Gold.
The Reader's Guide to Barsoom and Amtor by David G. Van Arnam et al. (photocopy)
Tarzan at Mar's Core by Edward Hirschman  (photocopy)
Red Axe of Pellucidar by John Eric Holmes
Hulbert Burroughs autographed copy of booklet issued by Tarzana Chamber of Commerce and Tarzana Bank of America: Edgar Rice Burroughs - First Citizen of Tarzana, May 5-16, 1969. Reed Crandall? art of ERB surrounded by his creations. Promoting the "First Public Display of Priceless Mementos" & "History of Tarzana."
Numerous personal photos taken of ERB office & desk, Hulbert Burroughs, James and Joan Pierce.


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ERB-Dom #56 -- Camille Cazedessus, Jr. ed. March 1972, pages 8 & 9

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On March 19, 1950, alone in his home after reading the Sunday comics in bed, Edgar Rice Burroughs died.
By then he had written ninety-one novels, twenty-six of which were about Tarzan.
The man whose books have sold hundreds of millions of copies in over thirty languages once said
"I write to escape ... to escape poverty".
Edgar Rice Burroughs Still Lives

A comparative study of the evolution of ERB book covers
Compiled by Bill Hillman
"A" "B" "C" etc. are doorways to Companion Cover Galleries


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