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Volume 5926

MOLOCH  ~ 1933.06.18
As Tarzan and the apes raced across the desert the sky darkened, thunder roared and red lightning shot across the sky. The Princess Nikotris, who had seen Tarzan coming, hurried from the roof down into the temple. There the burning hands of Moloch were reaching out to seize Erich Von Harben, who stood under the black robe. Suddenly the clouds burst and a deluge of rain swept through the temple.

"Our prayers are answered! Moloch is appeased," cried Nikotris.

"But the stranger must die! said the high priest.

On reaching the temple, Tarzan and the apes scaled the wall, clinging to the deep-cut hieroglyphics. Once on the roof, the ape-man looked down in horror through the open space above Moldoch. There he saw his friend, Erich Von Harben, about to be sacrificed to the god. Then Tarzan hurled his lasso. Amid crashing thunder and flaming lightning, the Egyptians saw Von Harben swing high into the air, as if being transported toward heaven.

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