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Volume 3351
Both Series ~ Nos. 1-8
Abbett has been working on twenty-three covers for a Tarzan series. Specifications demanded that the the pictures should differ from each other as much as possible in over-all color appearance. His heavy foundation-color technique helped in this respect, and the desired effects were further emphasized by contrasting colors used in the title areas.

If described by an exhibition jury; his paintings would generally be called strong, or even powerful -- qualities necessary for attention-getting in small-scale format. He cannot tolerate the banal, and strives for individual quality in each work. He has a great feeling for mood, atmospheric as well as conceptual, or that brought about by unusual color combinations. What he considers to be another dimension in illustration is action which naturally, in a painting, can only be suggested. His facility in this department proves to be a most valuable asset.

Ref: American Artist Magazine ~ ERBzine 3336a
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Scans from the Steve Allsup, Nick Knowles and Bill Hillman Collections

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Robert Abbett
Robert Abbett was born in Indiana and graduated from Purdue University and the University of Missouri. After formal training at the Chicago Academy of Fine Art, Bob worked as an illustrator for a number of years. After a commission to paint "Luke", his first animal portrait, he turned his talents to that of being a full-time artist.

Even though Bob is best known for his sporting dog paintings, his talents expand a much broader scope. His emotion-evoking works can be found in fly-fishing paintings, the world of horses, western scenes and portraiture.

Bob is associated with the American Artists Group and the Society of Illustrators, and is a member of the Society of Animal Artists. He has participated in a number of group and one-man shows including the National Academy of Western Art Exhibition and the Brandywine River Museum Exhibit, where his work hung alongside that of Winslow Homer and Andrew Wyeth. He has also had books featuring his work and currently writes a regular column for Wildlife Art Magazine.

Bob and his wife, Marilyn, currently live in Connecticut. It is here that Bob roams the fields and woods and becomes a living part of each of his paintings. 

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