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From our ERBzine Presents The Dell Tarzan Series
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DELL #115 November/December 1959 ~ 36 pp. Still 10 cents

Art interior: Jesse Marsh ~ Cover Painting: Morris Gollub
Writer: Gaylord Du Bois
Cover Caption: “Trying to help his pygmy friends, Tarzan is captured by their giant enemies!”
There are no pygmies in this issue. Tarzan is not captured in this issue.
There are giant enemies in the first story but not enemies of pygmies.
This is the first time the cover caption appears to have nothing to do with the stories contained therein.
Inside Front Cover: Advertisement for Kraft Candies - slightly different than last two ads -- color

1st story “Tarzan The Slingers of Kroo Maun” - 15 pp.
Type -- Hairy Giants - Rescue Mountain Man and Woman - Terribs

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Part I: Pages 1-18

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