Part 4

Illustrated with available 1st ed. dust jackets ~ some are from reprint editions
GW = Great Western Matched Editions by Grosset & Dunlop
Titles with links are available as online e-text editions

~ Short Stories ~ Pamphlets ~ Anthologies, etc.
Tarpon the Silver King ~ Pamphlet
1906  New York and Cuba Mail Steamship Co.   New York
Great Game Fishing at Catalina ~ Pamphlet

Santa Catalina Island Co. 32 pages
Fishing in the Gulf Stream ~ Pamphlet

1922  Miami Angler’s Club  Miami

The Bonefish Brigade
1922  Zane Grey  Pasadena, 1922

Fly Fishing ~ Pamphlet
1936  Ibbotson Horrocks  NY
Fly Fishing Booklet
The Lord of Lackawaxen Creek
1981  Lime Rock Press   Salisbury, Ct.
Contains Zane Grey story 1930s

Trail of the Jaguar
Fan edition of 500
Great Game Fishing at Catalina
Great Game Fishing at Catalina
George Washington: Frontiersman

The Great Trek

Zane Grey's Arizona Ames
By Romer Zane Grey
1988 ~ Leisure Books

100 Years of Fishing
Contributors include Zane Grey, Sigurd Olson, Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Carter and many more
1999 ~ Voyageur Press

Ace of Hearts bio
Ace of Hearts ~ Westerns of ZG ~ by Arthur G. Kimball
Zane Grey Biography by Jean Kerr

The Zane Grey Murders

ZG Outdoorsman: Hunting and Fishing Tales
Prentice Hall

A Photographic Odyssey
A Photographic Odyssey
The Life of Zane Grey  ~ 1967
Norris Schneider

Five Complete Novels
Avenel 1980

The Golden West Deluxe Edition Set

Zane Grey's Arizona by Candace C. Kant,
1984 ~ Foreword by Loren Grey ~ Northland Press, Flagstaff, Arizona ~ 184 pgs.

Zane Grey’s Western Annual by Zane Grey
1966 World Distributors (Manchester) Ltd. ~ Illustrated. First Edition.~ 94 pages

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