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Illustrated with available 1st ed. dust jackets ~ some are from reprint editions
GW = Great Western Matched Editions by Grosset & Dunlop
Titles with links are available as online e-text editions or full-screen images

Tales from a Fisherman’s Log
1978 Hodder & Stoughton  Auckland  117 pages

Tales of Fishes
1919 Harper & Brothers NY 267 pages

Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas
1925 Harper & Brothers NY 216 pages.

Tales of Fresh-water Fishing
1928 Harper & Brothers NY 277 pages

Tales of Lonely Trails
1922  Harper & Brothers  New York 1922

Tales of Southern Rivers
1924  Harper & Brothers NY 249 pages

Tales of  Swordfish and Tuna
1927 Harper & Brothers NY 203 pages

Tales of Tahitian Waters
1931 Harper & Brothers NY 303 pages

Tales of the Angler’s Eldorado (New Zealand)
1926  Harper & Brothers  NY  228 pages

Tappan's Burro and Other Stories
1923 Harper & Brothers NY 253 pages
1923 Cover art by Charles S. ChapmanHamish Hamilton 1949 UK
30,000 on the Hoof
1940 Harper & Brothers NY 304 pages
GW 37
Woman of the Frontier by Zane Grey 
Restored original script from which 30,000 On The Hoof was adapted.
Restored Version from Dorchester Publishing

When Logan Huett discovers the magnificent Sycamore Canon on in central Arizona and decides he wants to homestead there, he wires back East to the woman he had courted in Missouri, proposing marriage. Lucinda Baker, a schoolteacher, accepts. But pioneering life proves very hard for her. Living is crude. She helps in the building of what will be their home, but finds the loneliness where they have settled oppressive. The dangers are many and constant. But despite the hardships, despite the dangers, Lucinda remains strong. She is determined to not only endure, but to triumph. 

Thunder Mountain
1935 Harper & Brothers NY 309 pages
GW 38

The Thundering Herd
1925 Harper & Brothers NY 400 pages
GW 39
Illustrated by Frank Street
To the Last Man
1921 Harper & Brothers NY 311 pages
GW 40
1922 photoplay editionFrank Spalding art - Photoplay edition 1922
Tonto Basin by Zane Grey 
Restored original script from which To the Last Man was adapted.
Restored Version from Dorchester Publishing
This classic novel of the West was written in 1921, but only now is it making its paperback debut in the form Zane Grey intended. For more than eighty years it has been available only in a shorter, censored version, titled To the Last Man. Finally readers can enjoy the full-length novel and experience the story and characters in all their glory. 

Jean Isbel travels from Oregon to Arizona to join his family and force a final showdown with Lee Jorth and his notorious band of cattle rustlers, known as the Hash Knife Gang. His savage hatred is tempered, though, when he meets and falls in love with Ellen, Jorth’s beautiful daughter. Ellen, too, is torn between loyalty to her father and her feelings toward Jean. As the confrontation draws ever closer, emotions run high on both sides and passions flare, but can any good come from bad blood? 

The Trail Driver
1936 Harper & Brothers NY 302 pages
GW 41

Twin Sombreros
1941 Harper & Brothers NY 301 pages
GW 42
Hodder edition 1952Armed Forces Edition
Under the Tonto Rim
1926 Harper & Brothers NY 281 pages
GW 44

The Undiscovered Zane Grey Fishing Stories
Edited and with a biographical preface and background vignettes by George Reiger.
Foreword by James Michener
Winchester Press 1983

The U.P. Trail
1918 Harper & Brothers NY 409 pages
GW 43
R. Felwell art
Valley of Wild Horses
Magazine 1927 ~ 1947 Harper & Brothers NY 244 pages
GW 45
G & D Great Western Edition
The Vanishing American
1925 Harper & Brothers NY 308 pages
GW 46

Wanderer of the Wasteland
1923 Harper & Brothers NY 419 pages
GW 47
Grosset and Dunlap: 1923 photoplay, Starring Jack Holt A PARAMOUNT PICTURE”
West of the Pecos
1937 Harper & Brothers NY 314 pages.
GW 48
G & D edition ~ Hillman '50s
Western Union
1939 Harper & Brothers NY 297 pages
GW 49
Armed Forces Edition
Wilderness Trek
1944 Harper & Brothers NY 304 pages
GW 51
The Great Trek by Zane Grey 
Restored much larger original script from which The Wilderness Trek was adapted.
Restored Version from Dorchester Publishing

Sterl Hazelton is no stranger to trouble. But the shooting that made him an outlaw was one he didn’t do. Though it was his cousin who pulled the trigger, Sterl took the blame, and now he has to leave the country if he wants to stay healthy. Sterl and his loyal friend, Red Krehl, set out for the greatest adventure of their lives, signing on for a cattle drive across the vast northern desert of Australia to the gold fields of the Kimberley Mountains. But it seems no matter where Sterl goes, trouble is bound to follow! 


1917 Harper & Brothers NY.321 pages
GW 52
Nelson UK edition
Wild Horse Mesa
1928 Harper & Brothers NY 365 pages
GW 50

The Wolf Tracker
1930 Harper & Brothers NY 98 pages
Reprinted in 1993 by Yestermorrow Press in a limited to 500 copies Thunderbird edition
Reprinted in soft cover by Santa Barbara Press
Yestermorrow Press, 1993 Thunderbird editionSanta Barbara Press edition
Woman of the Frontier
1998 Five Star Western Unity, ME  320 pages

1932  Magazine ~ 1953 Harper & Brothers NY 249 pages
GW 53

The Young Forester  (For boys)
1910  Harper & Brothers NY

The Young Lion Hunter (For boys)
1911 Harper & Brothers, NY

The Young Pitcher (For boys)
1911  Harper & Brothers NY

Zane Grey’s Adventures in Fishing
1952 Harper & Brothers  NY 263 pages

Zane Grey’s Book of Camps and Trails
1931  Harper & Brothers  New York  211 pages

Zane Grey in the South Pacific
1982  Angus & Robertson   Sydney

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