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Illustrated with available 1st ed. dust jackets ~ some are from reprint editions
GW = Great Western Matched Editions by Grosset & Dunlop
Titles with links are available as online e-text editions or full-screen images

Adventures of a Deep-Sea Angler by R. C. Grey
1930 ~ Intro by ZG

Adventures of a Deep-Sea Angler
1991 Derrydale Press

The Adventures of Finspot
1974  D.J. Books  San Bernardino
Written for ZG's daughter, Betty Zane, when she was a youngster - a rare illustrated title ~ reprinted 1993 in a Yestermorrow,  Thunderbird edition limited to 500 copies Brown leatherette hardcover with silver illustration.
Yestermorrow,  Thunderbird edition

An American Angler in Australia
1937 Harper & Brothers NY 115 pages
Reprinted in 1990s by American Reprint Company
American Reprint Company, 1990s
Arizona Ames
1932 Harper & Brothers ~ NY  310 pages
Great Western Edition No. 1

The Arizona Clan
1958  Harper and Brothers NY 211 pages
GW 57

Betty Zane (ZG first book)
1903 Charles Francis Press  NY 291 pages
GW 2
1903 Louis GrantG&DGreat Western Edition
Black Mesa
1955 Harper and Brothers NY 244 pages
GW 54
54Large Print edition
Blue Feather and Other Stories
1961 Harper & Brothers NY 234 pages
GW 60

The Border Legion
1916 Harper & Brothers NY 366 pages
GW 3
Illustrated by Lillian E.Wilheml
Boulder Dam
1963 Harper & Brothers NY 234 pages
GW 61

The Call of the Canyon
1924 Harper & Brothers NY 291 pages
GW 4

The Camp Robber and Other Stories
1979 Walter J. Black, Inc, Roslyn NY 249 pages ~
1993 ~ Second printing 1st by Yestermorrow Press, Thunderbird edition limited to 500 copies
Captives of the Desert

Magazine in 1926  ~ 1952 Harper & Brothers NY 279 pages
GW 5

Code of the West
1934 Harper & Brothers NY 309 pages
GW 6

The Day of the Beast
1922 Harper & Brothers NY 351 pages ~ WWI story
G & D edition
The Deer Stalker
Magazine 1925 ~ 1949 Harper & Brothers NY 243 pages
GW 7
Deer Stalker - Harper 1925
Desert Gold
1913 Harper & Brothers NY 326 pages
GW 8
scenes from the photoplay Produced by Zane Grey’s own companyUK Nelson edition ~ 1920s
UK paperback Nelson edition 1950Armed Forces Edition
Shower of Gold by Zane Grey 
Restored original script from which Desert Gold was adapted.
Restored Version from Dorchester Publishing

When young Richard Gale arrived in the Southwestern border town of Casita, he didn’t realize it was a tinderbox waiting to explode. There’s a revolution in Mexico and American troops are stationed along the border. The town itself is overrun by bandits and renegades. And things only get worse for Gale when he promises to help protect the daughter of a murdered Spanish aristocrat. The bandit leader who killed the girl’s father wants her found—right away—and he’ll destroy anyone who tries to stop him. 

The Desert of Wheat
1919 Harper & Brothers NY 377 pages
GW 9
Large Print editionWHDkoerner art
Don - The Story of a Dog
1928 Harper & Brothers NY 69 pages

The Drift Fence
1933 Harper & Brothers NY 314 pages
GW 10

The Dude Ranger
1931 Magazine ~ 1951 Harper & Brothers NY 240 pages
GW 11

Fighting Caravans
1929 Harper & Brothers NY 361 pages
GW 12

Forlorn River
1927 Harper & Brothers NY 338 pages
GW 13

The Fugitive Trail
1957 Harper & Brothers NY 215 pages
GW 56

The Hash Knife Outfit
1933 Harper & Brothers NY 323 pages
GW 14

The Heritage of the Desert
1910 Harper & Brothers NY 298 pages
GW 15
Mactey Photoplaycover art by Lillian Robertson
Horse Heaven Hill
1959 Harper & Brothers NY 216 pages
GW 58

Ken Ward in the Jungle (For boys)
1912  Harper & Brothers  NY

King of the Royal Mounted in Ghost Guns of Roaring River (For boys)
1946  Whitman, Racine, Wisconsin

Knights of the Range
1939 Harper & Brothers NY 308 pages
GW 16

Last of the Duanes
1996 Five Star Western  Thorndike, Maine

Last of the Great Scouts ~ Author: Helen Cody Wetmore ~ Foreword by Zane Grey

The Last of the Plainsmen
1908 Outing Publishing Co NY 314 pages
Hodder Stoughton edition 1950

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