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Hello and Welcome
Paul Privitera ~ Reading, England
I have always been interested in Fantasy art -- certainly inspired by the works of Frank Frazetta. 

I paint, using Photoshop, as this provides the utmost versatility. It requires no drying time, allows instant colour changes, and makes possible limitless image manipulations.

Fantasy art continues to capture the modern imagination. In the future, perhaps fantastic art will be recognized as a form of high art by the art establishment. 

Edgar Rice Burroughs and Arthur Conan Doyle are the main reasons for the creation of the following work. The illustrations included are inspired by comics from my childhood, movie posters, book covers and paintings. Towards the end, the paintings are given larger print space, each with the story behind the creation.

Paul Privitera and his unique ERB art
Remembered by his daughter Diana
Bill asked me if I would write a tribute to my late father, Paul Privitera, who passed away suddenly on January 3, 2017. Although he had been unwell for several years his death was very unexpected. During his latter years the interest that ERBzine showed in his work was always a source of great pride for him and Id like to thank Bill Hillman for his continued support and for giving him a platform to showcase his work.

It is fitting that he found an audience over in America as the movies, culture and comic books of the U.S. were his main inspiration and he visited the country several times over the years. In addition to Tarzan he was a big fan of DC Comics, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, JRR Tolkien and Hammer Horror films. But he was also a great admirer of the old masters and would often to take us to galleries in London to look at the paintings of Monet and Turner. 

I was amazed to see how many pieces of artwork he has sent to ERBzine, many of which Id never seen. Dad was always fascinated with technology and most of his creations shown here were done on the computer. Although I confess I have a particular fondness for his acrylic paintings and pencil drawings. 

Growing up, he was often to be found at the dining table with a canvas propped against his easel or sketching in a notepad. His father before him, Salvatore Privitera, was also an artist who painted almost compulsively. Dad encouraged both my sister and I to draw and paint but I was always acutely aware that I did not possess even an iota of his talent. 

Id like to take this opportunity to share some of his earlier paintings, many of which we found recently in his loft, to show you the range of his work. 

He was a great artist and an inspiring father, who is greatly missed. 


01. Early Fanzines: 1678
02. Tarzan/Mars: 1651
03. Tarzan/Misc: 2775
04. Pellucidar: 2710
05. Venus/Amtor: 2709
06. Tarzan: 2707
07. Mars/Barsoom: 2706
08. Mars/Barsoom: 2705
09. Mars/Barsoom: 2704
10. Mars/Barsoom: 3928
11. Mars/Barsoom: 3929
12. John Carter of Mars: 3930
13. Mars/Barsoom: 3931
14. Tarzan: 3932
15. Other Worlds: 3933
16. Pellucidar: 3915
17. Venus/Amtor: 3934
18. Mars/Barsoom: 3935
19. Mars/Barsoom: 3996
20. Venus/Amtor: 4524
21. Mars/Barsoom 4525
22. Pellucidar: 4526
23: Mars/Barsoom: 4527
24. Tarzan: 4528
25. Mars/Barsoom 4580
26. ERBworlds: 5122
27. Paul Remembered: 6031
Sample Collages of the Privitera Mars Art:

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