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Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. vigorously enforces and defends its rights in the Tarzan character and stories.  In 2003, for example, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit affirmed the trial court's decision in ERB's favor that two Tarzan books published in 1972 and 1976 illustrated by artist Burne Hogarth are works for hire owned by ERB, notwithstanding erroneous registrations stating that Hogarth was the author of the works. 

The district court initially sanctioned ERB's adversaries and their counsel, though the court later vacated the sanctions on the condition that ERB be reimbursed for certain of its attorneys' fees that had been the subject of the sanctions motion.

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Danton Burroughs of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. has received review copies of the new Disney Tarzan animated feature trailers and reports that he is quite pleased with the animation and backgrounds. 

Tarzan II, a 'midquel' set during Tarzan's youth in the jungle, is slated for Summer 2005." The official release information will be announced next month. Surprising news:  MPAA has just assigned a "G" rating to the upcoming direct-to-video Tarzan II  : )

Conran's 'Sky Captain' lands on DVD
by Ed Bradley ~ Friday, January 28, 2005 ~ Flint Journal

". . . Conran and brother Kevin - the production designer for "Sky Captain" - are working on their second film, an adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs tale "John Carter of Mars." By the time that movie is ready for DVD, there will be plenty of available material for extras. 'The great thing now is that there are people who can take the time to document the making of John Carter,' Conran said. 'In fact, there are people now who are already thinking about those things.' . . . "

Be Sure To Visit The
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Web Site

EDITOR'S NOTE: The DVD version of the "Sky Captain" video release contains some great commentary by the Conrans and the animation team, outtakes, Kerry Conran's original 6 minute "home-made" demo, as well as tours of the Van Nuys studio. The Wal-Mart version includes an extra disk containing "Anatomy of a Virtual Scene" and three trailers. Pre-production on John Carter of Mars is well underway.
View the Trailer

From our News Archive No. 4:
Danton Burroughs attended the September 14th Press Preview for the film
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow written and directed by Kerry Conran

Conran has been selected by Paramount to direct the new multi-million dollar
John Carter / Princess of of Mars production. Danton was very impressed with the production and Conran's work. He has sent the booklet from this advance showing of Sky Captain for film buffs who are following the progress of the new ERB film.
Links to content pages are featured in Archive 4

Conran and Paramount Team Visit ERB, Inc. Tarzana Offices
Tarzana, CA ~ Thursday, December 2, 2004

Director Kerry Conran, along with brother Kevin and a team of production personnel, met with Danton Burroughs at the Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. offices in Tarzana today, to discuss the Paramount John Carter of Mars film project.

Danton shared Edgar Rice Burroughs' vision for Barsoom adventures on film, while longtime ERB fan and Hollywood writer Tracy Griffin added his expertise to the discussions. 

A plethora of Barsoom reference material was presented to the Conran team: pulp magazines, comics, American and foreign editions of the Mars series, the Library of Illustration volumes, Trendmaster and other toys and memorabilia, games, fanzines, biographies and bibliographies. 

Artwork from a broad cross-section of Mars artists, old and new, was also on display: St. John, Schoonover, Burroughs, Marsh, Frazetta, Krenkel, Whelan, D'Achille, Boris, Jusko, Kubert, Kane, Yeates, Spratt, Stout, etc.

Adding to the uniqueness of this meeting was the showcasing of the artistry of Danton's father, John Coleman Burroughs. This included many of the materials JCB had created to serve as models for his John Carter art projects: a full-scale hand-carved Martian sword, a thark head, a large model of a thoat with moveable parts, and photographs of wife Jane Ralston posing in full Dejah Thoris costume. 

Danton followed this up by bringing out rare samples of his father's Martian art, which included original panels from the John Carter of Mars Sunday pages, art from the ERB Mars novels, samples from the JCB/Clampett animation project, as well as stacks of big little books and comics containing JCB Mars art. 

Most of these reference materials are also displayed on the and Websites, which makes for convenient future reference.

ERB fans will be excited over the news that the long-overdue film adaptation of the Burroughs Mars series is about to be realized. All parties involved are committed to making this production a big-budget blockbuster that is true to the spirit of the original novels. 

Director Kerry Conran is a dedicated fan of classic science fiction, as he showed in his recent "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," and in his choice of Ehren Kruger as scriptwriter for the project. Conran is also a master of the spectacular computer graphics needed for creating the fantasy alien world of Barsoom.

Danton Burroughs with John Carter's Sword created by John Coleman Burroughs

The above news item has been picked up 
by many media sources across American, the UK and other countries.
A Sample:

Kerry Conran & Co. Study Mars - USA
ERBzine reports that director Kerry Conran (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, along with brother Kevin and a team of production personnel, met with Danton Burroughs at the Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. offices  in Tarzana, to discuss Paramount's John Carter of Mars adaptation. . .

Kerry Conran Meets Execs to Sell A Princess of Mars
Monsters and Critics - Glasgow, UK
... Burroughs at the Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. offices in Tarzana today, to discuss the Paramount John Carter of Mars film project.. .See ERBzine
Conran's Mars Adventure

FilmForce IGN - Brisbane, CA, USA
December 07, 2004 - ERBzine, an Edgar Rice Burroughs online fanzine, 
has an update on Kerry Conran's John Carter of Mars... .. 

Two Conrans visit the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate! 
JOHN CARTER OF MARS preproduction underway?!?
. . .  it shows the level of respect Kerry and Kevin Conran have for the original estate and material, which is crucial in a story this epic. To know and love all aspects of the story can be the very thing to keep the film from sliding too far in the wrong direction. The below also seems to indicate that JOHN CARTER OF MARS is officially, actively beginning its preproduction. The wheels are turning, squirts! I, for one, can't wait!
Below you'll find a bit of info from the good people at ERBzine.comdetailing the Conrans' visit to the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate and being shown some awfully cool stuff! I want that sword!!! Anyway, read on, squirts, and enjoy!
ERBzine News

John Carter Of Mars By Kevin And Kerry Conran ~ December 7th 2004
Kevin and Kerry Conran are in talks to helm "John Carter of Mars" for Paramount Pictures according to ERBzine. The film centers on John Carter, a Civil War officer from Virginia who is transported to Mars and finds himself a captive of the savage green men from Thark. Eventually, he rises to become the greatest warrior of all time, marries the beautiful Dejah Thoris, raises a family and embarks on numerous adventures. For more information read the article over at ERBzine.

Cinefex Weekly Update
December 14, 2004
John Carter of Mars:, the official Edgar Rice Burroughs tribute website, reports Sky Captain director Kerry Conran and production designer Kevin Conran met recently with Danton Burroughs, grandson of author Edgar Rice Burroughs, to begin preproduction discussions for Paramount Pictures' upcoming adaptation of Burroughs' vintage Martian fantasy adventure. The group met at Burroughs' California headquarters in Tarzana, named after the author's most famous vine-swinging creation. For details about Burroughs' colorful life and fiction, click here

Conran broers bestuderen Mars
Quin's Reviews ~ 8-12-2004
ERBZine, een wekelijks webzine over alles rond Edgar Rice Burroughs, meldt dat regisseur Kerry Conran (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) en zijn broer Kevin Conran een bezoek hebben gebracht aan het kantoor van Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. om daar materiaal te bestuderen voor de aankomende verfilming van de John Carter of Mars-serie naar de boeken van Burroughs. Aldaar sprak Conran met Danton Burroughs over de visie die men voor ogen heeft voor de verfilming. Een grote hoeveelheid referentiemateriaal kwam op tafel, waaronder magazines, comics, Amerikaanse en buitenlandse edities van de boeken, tekeningen en schilderijen, speelgoed en spelletjes en ga zo maar door. 
Voor wie een glimp wil opvangen van deze materialen kan terecht op of 
John Carter of Mars ~ Aktuelles
Kerry Conran & Co. Study Mars

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ERBzine Weekly Webzine
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January 12, 2005

Bill and Sue-on Hillman's ERBzine
Edgar Rice Burroughs, 'the master of imaginative fantasy adventure, the creator of Tarzan and the grandfather of science-fiction' comes to life in Bill Hillman's Edgar Rice Burroughs ERBzine site.  The ERBzine is 'the first and only weekly Webzine devoted to the life and works of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Created in 1996, the site now contains over 3,000 web pages in the archives.  The material has been hypertexted and annotated 'by an exhausted scholar' as Mr. Hillman describes himself in his comment on the work that has gone into this project (rest assured, the exhaustion that Mr. Hillman claims is not evident in his site).  Here's your opportunity to find out everything about the Ape Man's creator and The Ape man himself, find other ERB collectors and fans, research details about the original Tarzan movies and bone up on everything associated with the life and work of this twentieth century man, Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Come meet Mr. Burroughs and see the gifts that he has given to imaginations of all ages

If you missed it. . . 
it will be listed later in 
The Good Housekeeping 
Site of the Day Archive at:

Tarzan Poisoned
TARZANA RANCH, May 12, 1924 -- (To the Editor of The LA Times) 
I wish to register a protest against the ruthless and inconsiderate methods of the government Biological Department in the placing of poison in the hills without proper posting or other notification.

Last Saturday morning the papers carried a notice ot the effect that the quarantine was lifted in the Santa Monica Mountains east of Topanga Canyon, and on Sunday morning we rode back into the hills and took one of our dogs with us. There was no poison sign posted on the gate through which we passed or in any part of the hills through which we rode, yet there was poison out, and our dog died before we reached home. 

For nearly nine years this Airedale, who is known almost from coast to coast, has been the constant friend, companion and protector of my children. Those who have owned dogs know how closely the affections of a family are knit to these faithful friends and the grief of children when such a playmate is taken from them. The most casual amenities of social intercourse should have prompted the proper posting of the poisoned district, and that posting was possible is evidenced by the fact that when I rode this morning I found poison warning posted on the gate through which we took the dog Sunday morning -- put there too late.

No action on my part can bring "Tarzan" back to my children, but I am in hope that some publicity may help to safeguard other animals in the future. 

Very sincerely yours,


Conran's 'Sky Captain' lands on DVD
by Ed Bradley ~ Friday, January 28, 2005 ~ Flint Journal

Flint's Kerry Conran got to relive the sense of excitement of making his first movie, "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," when he helped prepare the home video version. He admits he did the obligatory director's commentary "in a state of shock - I'd never done one before, obviously," Conran said recently from Los Angeles. "I hope it sheds some light on how the film was made."

This week's DVD and VHS release of "Sky Captain" - a science-fiction adventure starring Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie - caps a whirlwind time for Conran. He created the film's unusual look - its all-digital backgrounds - on his home computer, then in 1999 found major-studio backing for his first film, which he wrote and directed for release last September. The "Sky Captain" DVD (Paramount, $29.99) includes deleted scenes, a gag reel and five behind-the-scenes featurettes. One of the latter contains the six-minute short that Conran initially created to sell the film. To unearth the primitive short of robots invading Depression-era Manhattan was "a bit embarrassing, frankly," Conran said. "Some people will be shocked that it was what got the film made. But it can be something of an encouragement to people that they can sit in their home and create something" for a movie.

Conran and brother Kevin - the production designer for "Sky Captain" - are working on their second film, an adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs tale "John Carter of Mars." By the time that movie is ready for DVD, there will be plenty of available material for extras. "The great thing now is that there are people who can take the time to document" the making of "John Carter," Conran said. "In fact, there are people now who are already thinking about those things.

For "Sky Captain," he said, "we didn't have a lot of footage of the (production) process from day one - but there was just enough." In "Sky Captain," set in 1939, the titular flier-adventurer (Law) and a persistent newspaper reporter flame (Paltrow) seek the mastermind of a plot to rule the world through attacks by giant robots and the kidnapping of prominent scientists.

Despite much positive response, "Sky Captain" grossed only $37.7 million, slightly less than the $40 million it took to produce. (The use of digital backgrounds, before which the actors emoted, made "Sky Captain" cost much less than a typical action-fantasy film.) "Clearly all of us were disappointed that not everyone could see the film," said Conran. It didn't help that "Sky Captain" was delayed from a plum June release date last year to September because of post-production delays. "It would've helped us to have the June date ... but the film was promised (by Paramount) on a date that was not realistic," Conran said. He also said the marketing missed on targeting the coveted under-30 male demographic.

"The film might have been seen as something for their parents, something old-fashioned," he said. "But it also was something very contemporary. "The great thing now is that people can take the time to discover it (on video), to find that it is something for everyone."

© 2005 Flint Journal

Chimps have 'sense of fair play'
Human decisions tend to be emotional and vary depending on the other people involved
BBC NEWS  ~ January 26, 2005
Chimpanzees display a similar sense of fairness to humans, one which is shaped by social relationships, experts claim. They found that, like humans, chimps react to unfairness in various ways depending on their social situation. Details of the study appear in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. A similar finding has been reported in capuchin monkeys, suggesting that a sense of fairness may have a long evolutionary history in primates.

In the study by researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Atlanta, US, chimps were paired to see how they would respond if one received a better reward than the other for doing the same amount of work. When the pair came from a group that had known each other only a short time, the unfairly treated chimp responded negatively. An animal rewarded with cucumbers - instead of highly prized grapes - "downed tools" and refused to do any more work. But when the pair were from a close-knit social group that had bonded over a long period of time, unfairness was more likely to be tolerated.

Fair play award
The same reaction is seen in humans, who tend to react negatively to unfair situations with strangers, but not when they involve family members or friends. "Human decisions tend to be emotional and vary depending on the other people involved," said Dr Sarah Brosnan, of Yerkes National Primate Research Centre. "Our finding in chimpanzees implies this variability in response is adaptive and emphasises there is not one best response for any given situation but rather it depends on the social environment at the time." In a previous study, the same team identified a sense of fairness in capuchin monkeys. "Identifying a sense of fairness in two, closely-related nonhuman primate species implies it could have a long evolutionary history," Dr Brosnan explained. "The capuchin responses as well as those of the chimpanzees - the most closely related species to humans - could represent stages in the evolution of the complex responses to inequity exhibited by humans and may help explain why we make certain decisions."

Human similarities
The scientists found chimps demonstrated "inequity aversion" when they were treated unfairly, but not when they received the better reward. They seemed willing to take advantage of good luck while their partner lost out. The same response was seen in capuchins. But even this selfish response mirrored human behaviour, said the researchers. "Whereas people may prefer equity to any sort of inequity, advantageous inequity is typically preferred to disadvantageous inequity," the researchers write in Proceedings B. "Most people tend to respond by psychological rather than material compensation - that is, justifying why they deserved a superior reward - and most people will choose to ignore information that could lead to a more fair outcome at a cost to the self."

Chimps Are Cultured Creatures
Did sharing evolve from group hunting
Monkeys show sense of justice
Frustrated chimp takes up smoking


Yesterday's 'Tomorrow' Today ~ New DVD Release
By Justin RudeWashington Post Staff Writer ~ January 23, 2005

The retro-futuristic "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" got mixed reviews from critics, but its throwback visual style and digital filmmaking techniques were widely touted for being on the cutting edge.
Set in an alternate and idealized 1939, "Sky Captain" tracks a dashing pilot (Jude Law) and an intrepid reporter (Gwyneth Paltrow) as they embark on a globe-trekking quest to save the world from a mad scientist. The plot's archetypal themes and heroes of yesteryear's pulps leave much to be desired, but the DVD offers much more, with extras that focus on the film's unusual creative process.

Digital high-definition cameras filmed the main actors in front of a blue screen, and that footage was later inserted into computer-generated environments. Using this technique to create an entire feature-length film was a big undertaking, and two featurettes look at how it was done.

The DVD also includes a short film by director Kerry Conran and his brother Kevin Conran, a production designer on "Sky Captain." The six-minute homemade movie was so well received by Paramount that the studio signed up Kerry -- who had never before worked on a major studio film -- to direct a full-length version. The short also inspired Paltrow, who had not yet seen a script, to agree to play a role in the film.

Two commentary tracks, concept art, deleted scenes and a gag reel round out the DVD's extras.
"Sky Captain" is one of several new films that inserts digital footage of real actors into computer-generated environments. With such big names as director Robert Rodriguez ("Spy Kids") working on similar projects, it's fitting that this DVD pays so much attention to filmmaking techniques. In the long run, the methods pioneered in "Sky Captain" may have more staying power than the film itself.

Sky Captain And the World of Tomorrow 
Paramount Home Video; DVD $29.99; rated PG

Ed McMahon remembers Carson
Monday, January 24, 2005
 Despite the tobacco habit, Carson was "always a health nut, very proud of his body," said McMahon. He got a kick out of doing the Tarzan sketches where he was in a nude-to-the-waist costume that showed off his fit form. 

Singer Neko Case roars on behalf of tigers; works with Sadies on upcoming CD
Monday, January 17, 2005 ~ Canada's National Post

TORONTO (CP) - You don't often hear country singers crooning about animal captivity. But singer Neko Case, who has always steered off traditional roads, says she was inspired to write a song about a caged tiger who went crazy walking in circles after reading numerous headlines about the beasts last year. "It was a really bad year for the tigers," she says earnestly. "I cannot figure out how your average citizen gets hold of an exotic animal and has it on their farm or their theme park. Why is this allowed?" The 34-year-old performer tackles the issue on her latest album, The Tigers Have Spoken, a live CD recorded at shows in Toronto and Chicago last year. 
She points to the Siegfried and Roy mauling as an example of what can happen when wildcats are trapped in unnatural conditions. There was also the shooting death of Bobo, owned by one-time Tarzan actor Steve Sipek. The animal was killed after escaping from his owner's Miami compound. 

On the title track she laments: "They shot the tiger on his chain/In a field behind the cages/He walked in circles 'til he was crazy/And he lived that way forever." 

President’s Day Marathon
"Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" and "The Legend of Tarzan" marathons
Airs MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21 (11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., ET/PT) 
Toon Disney presents a President's Day Marathon featuring the wildly popular Disney animated film "Lilo and Stitch," followed by 4 episodes each of "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" and "The Legend of Tarzan."

Stolen statue of Cheeta returned to the sanctuary
 By Kakie Urch ~ The Desert Sun ~ January 15th, 2005 
The bronze chimp that marks the home of Hollywood’s beloved Cheeta has been returned.

Stolen during Christmas week from the Casa de Cheeta primate sanctuary where the retired movie star ape makes his home, the 90-pound statue was returned by a Palm Springs resident who had bought it. According to Dan Westfall, who operates the sanctuary, a resident from less than 2 miles away put a note in the mailbox saying he had purchased it off the person who had stolen it. "He was nice enough to let me know he thought he had it," Westfall said, noting the man didn’t know the statue had been stolen.  As for the star of the Tarzan movies and "Dr. Doolittle,"? "He was excited to see it. He was just happy. He knew it was missing."  Cheeta, the world’s oldest known living chimpanzee, is 72, about 20 years past the 50-year average life-expectancy for chimpanzees in captivity. He lives with 11 other primates in the sanctuary operated by Westfall at 1033 Francis Drive. The sanctuary isn’t open to the public, but tour buses of celebrity homes make the facade a regular stop. Westfall, director of CHEETA, Committee to Help the Environment of Endangered and Threatened Apes, the nonprofit that runs the sanctuary, had made a public call for the return of the statue. "We’re happy to have it back and Cheetah’s happy to have it back," Westfall said. "It’s going to be welded down. It was chained down before and the lock was picked," he said. 

Tree house in the grand manner 
Martin Wainwright ~ Wednesday January 12, 2005 ~ The Guardian UK

. . .  The multi-branched wood and concrete Swiss Family Robinson tree house was a long-standing feature of Adventureland sections of Disney theme parks. Based on the 1960 film derived from Johann Wyss's book about the marooned but inventive family, it was even given its own botanical name: Disney-dendron semperflorens grandis, or large, ever-blooming Disney tree. Since 1999, the identical, 24 metre high structures in Paris, Florida and the other parks have been rebranded as Tarzan's Treehouse. . . 

Danton Burroughs' first choice to play his grandfather in an ERB film bio pic: 
Kevin Spacey signs on as Lex Luther in "Superman Returns," 

Some interesting fan reviews of the John Carter novel set sold on CD through Amazon Books:
Israeli Tarzan Musical ~ Some Tarzan news from Israel
By eli Eshed 
This week, the week of the Chanukah holiday in Israel, a Tarzan musical ~ TARZAN AND JANE ~ was presented on stage with great success. The musical was written by well-known humorist and playwright Ephraim Sidon and directed by Hanoch Rosenne, both of whom had already collaborated on a hugely successful and prize-winning adaptation of Kipling's JUNGLE BOOK. The stars of the musical are two of the best known stars in today's Israeli entertainment world, not least because of their good looks. They are models –actors Yehuda Levy (who plays Tarzan) and Yael Bar Zohar (Jane)  with Tal Mussari as Tarzan's chimp sidekick, Chita.

Bar Zohar had already appeared as Jane in a 1999 children's program for the children channel which was a parodic take on the Tarzan story and in which Jane was presented as the shrewish wife of a particularly stupid Tarzan and fighting for his attention against her rival -- a beautiful woman explorer. At one point in that movie she had even left him for a black chief!  But all ended well and she returned to Tarzan's hands. That half hour movie was filmed in the Israeli “apes park” of Bet Shaman. 

As children musicals for a holiday go, this was a good one. It describes the first meeting of Tarzan and Jane in the jungle and their fight with two evil white men who want to kidnap Tarzan for the circus. Part of the plot, which Burroughs woudn't probably recognize, was having Jane defeat the two criminals and saving Tarzan!  However, the writer Sidon reports that the Burroughs family representative looked very closely on the story and the musical development and enjoyed it very much. .

For pictures look at the official site

My own Hebrew article on the musical is here


AND the biography

Visit Eli's other features in ERBzine:

Ed with lifelong friend Bert Weston and wife Margaret
Spring 2005
Brother Men: 
The Correspondence of 
Edgar Rice Burroughs and Herbert T. Weston
by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Son of ERBzine Editors Chosen 
for 4-Hour WW II Documentary 
by Hollywood's Frantic Films

Robin Hillman
Three great uncles passed through the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
and died in Europe during WWII ~ Robin will re-enact their story.
See the whole story at:

September 13, 2004 feature in 
The Brandon Sun

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