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Volume 0996
ERB Newsmagazine 2003.01.17

Nell Dismukes McWhorter Memorial Collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs
(Special Collections and Archives ~ University of Louisville Library)
The first German edition of Edgar Rice Burroughs Princess of Mars 1924
The first German edition of Edgar Rice Burroughs'
Princess of Mars (1924). 
Burroughs presentation copy to his son, Jack, with a humorous sketch
on the  first preliminary leaf of Master Mind of Mars.

Collection: Nell Dismukes McWhorter Memorial Collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Date/Extent : 1884- , ca. 100,000 items
Description : Established as a memorial to Nell Dismukes McWhorter (1908-1976) by her son, curator George T. McWhorter (1931- ) this collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) is the largest in any institutional library world-wide. First editions in English and thirty other languages, many in original dust jackets, rare periodicals with first appearances in  print, pulps, comics, fanzines, films, posters, correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia, all document the popular culture phenomenon of Tarzan and other heroes created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The collection is especially rich in primary  source material, with original art by illustrators J. Allen St. John  (1872-1957) and Burne Hogarth (1911-1996), the files of first Burroughs biographer Irwin Porges, as well as Burroughs family letters, photograph albums, notebooks, and unpublished works. Also present are audio tapes of interviews with the author's family and friends and signed presentation copies of his works. The University of Louisville collection has served as a major resource for television and print documentaries on Burroughs, most recently John Taliaferro's Tarzan Forever (1999) and a forthcoming feature in Smithsonian magazine. George T.  McWhorter, curator, principal donor, and editor of Burroughs Bulletin and The Gridley Wave, received in 1999 the first Burroughs Empire Medal from the international society Burroughs Bibliophiles. The generosity of George McWhorter has inspired other donors, most notably Roy and Dela White of Colorado, who gave their extensive collection, including the family papers of Edgar Rice Burroughs' daughter Joan, in 2000.
Repository : Rare Books
1989 Christmas Card from George McWhorter ~ Memorial ERB Collection
1989 BB Christmas Card

BBC Radio 2 will begin broadcasting a new 7 part adaptation of Tarzan of the Apes read by actor Robert Powell this coming Friday (03.01.17). The blurb in the guide reads:

Tarzan of the Apes 9:15pm Radio 2 ~ Abridged and produced by Jane Marshall

Robert Powell reads a seven-part adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic tale. From this novel sprang 12 more (someone didn't do thir homework properly!), as well as over 40 movies and hundreds of comics, not to mention a myriad of Tarzan merchandise from underwear to ice cream. So, this gives us the chance to reaquaint ourselves with the original and the best, starting with the tragic death of baby Tarzan's human parents in British West Africa at the end of the 1880's. (Written by Jane Anderson)

Laurence Dunn ~ The ERB Traveller

Monstrous Movie Music
The only CD label dedicated to music from classic science fiction, fantasy, and horror films!
Collectible CDs for Burroughs fans:
CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (and other jungle pictures)
A Cannibal Carnival
Creature from the Black Lagoon CD Cover
Mighty Joe Young
On the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (and other jungle pictures) album is a 5-minute suite featuring almost all the orchestral music music written for M-G-M’s famous TARZAN films of the 1930s and '40s starring Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O’Sullivan, and everyone’s favorite chimp, Cheeta! These vine-swinging movies had very little music in them, making the cues that were used very memorable.

The seven pieces include the wonderfully outlandish "A Cannibal Carnival," which served as the Main Title for Tarzan Escapes, Tarzan Finds A Son!, Tarzan’s Secret Treasure, and Tarzan’s New York Adventure.  And of course, the suite closes with the gorgeous “My Tender One,” which ended four of the films on a triumphant note after Tarzan, Jane, Cheeta, and Boy  vanquished their enemies and resumed their normal routine of day-to-day jungle living.

Of special note is the long-lost cue "In The Woodland," which was deleted from Tarzan Escapes before the film was released.  The evocative piece is heard on this CD for the first time since the 1936 scoring sessions! And there’s even a :13 "End Title" that sounds like Cheeta laughing, because that’s what it was written to accompany!  Who else but Monstrous Movie Music would preserve this priceless moment featuring everybody’s favorite cinematic chimp? The Tarzan suite contains important genre music from great composers like Herbert Stothart, William Axt, and Daniele Amfitheatrof.
Cost: $18.99 plus postage and insurance of $3.75

Novels in e-Text from Russia

A Princess of Mars ~ Chess Men of Mars ~ Fighting Man of Mars ~ Gods of Mars ~ John Carter of Mars ~  Llana of Gathol ~ Out of Time's Abyss ~ Pellucidar ~ Swords of Mars ~ Synthetic Men of Mars ~ Tarzan of the Apes ~ The Master Mind of Mars ~ The Monster Men ~ Thuvia, Maid of Mars ~ Warlord of Mars ~  Russian Text 1 ~ Russian Text 2 ~ Russian Text 3 ~ Russian Text 4 ~ Russian Text 5

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Welcome! Tarzan and I in invite you to explore our home-in-the-trees and discover it's secrets and adventures. ~ JaneThe suspension bridge leading from the entrance tree to the main treehouse,Many years ago a young family enjoyed their life here; until the fateful night of Sabor's attackSabor perched in the raftersKala bravely rescued the lone survivor. With love, she raised the baby as her own and named him 'Tarzan'The baby Tarzan. When Sabor growls the baby criesUnder Kala's watchful eye Tarzan grew tall and strong, never realizing he was human.Under Kala's watchful eye Tarzan grew tall and strong,Jane sketching Tarzan.sketchroom2.JPG (23432 bytes)When I first met Tarzan I was frightened. As our friendship grew, I taught Tarzan what it means to be human. In return he showed me the many wonders of his world as 'Lord of the Apes'.Jane's ingenious kitchen doubles as an interactive musical area for kidsThe base camp interactive area at the bottom of the Treehouse
A baby elephant drinking from the stream

Volume 0996

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