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ERB ECLECTICA 2002.12.27
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Burroughs went along with cowboy star, Ken Maynard, calling his wonder horse, Tarzan,
until the name "Tarzan" started to appear in the titles of Maynard's films

Ken Maynard on the original Tarzan 
with the Cole Bros. Circus in Texas, 1940. 
Ken Maynard's wonder horse Tarzan in front of trailer ~ 
April, 1958

featured on
New Music For Films, Vol. 2
by Christopher Franke 
On Sonic Images
This second album in the series of original film music by Christopher Franke includes orchestral and electronic suites from his scores for the films

Tarzan ~ Mars ~ Pellucidar ~ Non-Series ~ Alternate Jackets

The Beasts of Tarzan ~ A.C. McClurg — $25.00

In 1999, Normand Design began the Edgar Rice Burroughs Dust Jacket Reconstruction Project. My intention was to produce high quality reproductions of some of the most exciting and sought-after dust jackets in book collecting.

Advances in digital imaging tools have made it possible for all collectors to have reproduction jackets gracing the volumes in their libraries, and indeed, there has been quite a proliferation of "laser-copies" and color photocopies in the book collecting market. When it comes to reproducing painted artwork, these methods suffer from the limitations of the equipment in being able to adjust colors for the greatest range and balance.

I painstakingly adjust the color and clean each image to assure brightness and detail. I work from several sources to obtain the best reproduction available. The type is completely reset with digital fonts to match the originals—even to kerning and typos. The jackets are complete and printed in one piece on glossy paper. I'm sure you will be pleased.

Phil Normand
Visit the RECOVERINGS site for illustrations, descriptions and order information.

ERB Pulp Magazine Cover Art
From the Jerry Schneider Collection
Argosy All-Story - February 19, 1921 - Tarzan the Terrible 2/7Argosy All-Story - March 5, 1921 - Tarzan the Terrible 4/7Argosy All-Story - March 19, 1921 - Tarzan the Terrible 6/7
Argosy All-Story - October 15, 1921 - The Efficiency Expert 2/4Argosy All-Story - February 2, 1924 - Tarzan and the Ant Men 1/7Argosy All-Story - February 23, 1924 - Tarzan and the Ant Men 4/7
See more ERB pulp covers in our Illustrated Pulp Bibliography

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Jerry Schneider's ERBville Press
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Rare 1964 Offset Print Fanzine ~ 10 pages, 8 1/2" by 11"

Art by 23-year-old Wehrle who has gone on to do book covers, magazine illustrations and comics.
This early work is less finished, but shows the time put into it and some fledgling design ability.


Edgar Rice Burroughs'
John Carter of Mars, 
loved his newfound planet 
which the Martians called Barsoom.

This is Robert Nailor's interpretation of 
Carter's beloved red planet.

Nailor is also known as Lore or Lorewriter.

John Carter Fun Trivia Quiz:
10 Quizzes by AWKINS
Based on The Warlord of Mars
Based on Thuvia, Maid of Mars
Question 1:
Where did John Carter travel to after leaving Matai Shang's secret tower?

Question 2:
What are Tals, Xats and Zodes?
Wild animals
Units of land measurement
Units of time
Units of weight

Question 3:
Who helped John Carter kill the Sith?
Tars Tarkus
Gur Tus
Kar Komak
Torkar Bar

Question 4:
Who is the father of Thuvia?
Kulan Tith, Jeddak of Kaol
Thuvan Dihn, Jeddak of Ptarth.
Bar Comas, Jeddak of Warhoon
Tal Hajus, Jeddak of Thark

Question 5:
What is the white furred, 6 limbed creature of the frozen north?

Question 6:
Who is Jeddak of Jeddaks, Ruler of Okar?
Salensus Oll

Question 7:
Who was the controller of the magnetic tower switch?
Dotar Sojat
Dak Kova
Djor Kantos

Question 8:
How does Phaidor die?
She was stabbed
She was killed by Banths

Question 9:
How many comprise the royal tribunal that proclaimed John Carter 'Warlord of Barsoom'?

Question 10:
Which is the odd book out?
The Warlord of Mars
A Princess of Mars
Thuvia, Maid of Mars
The Gods of Mars

Question 1:
Who arranged for Thuvia to be kidnapped?
Kulan Tith
Vas Kor
Kar Komak

Question 2:
To whom was Thuvia betrothed?
Kulan Tith
Kar Komak
Vas Kor

Question 3:
Who made the impression of the key to Cathoris' flyer?
Kar Komak
Kulan Tith
Vas Kor

Question 4:
Where was Thuvia taken after being kidnapped?

Question 5:
Hortan Gur is Jeddak of?

Question 6:
What was unusual about the inhabitants of Lothar?
All of these
They neither ate nor drank
They conjured images with their minds
There were no females

Question 7:
Who or what was Komal?
A statue
A clan of yellow men
A wizard
A God

Question 8:
Who was the bowman who did not vanish?
Kar Komak
Tal Hajus
Tars Tarkas
Than Kosis

Question 9:
Who is the Jeddak of Dusar?

Question 10:
What happened to Kar Komak?
He ran off
He was killed by Carthoris
He vanished
He died saving Carthoris


Take the full test and check your score at:

1941 Christmas Release
The New York Times Review
Bosley Crowthers

God Rest ye, merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay ~ especially the current offering at the Capitol, which is just another Tarzan film, that's all, and not an anthropologist's nightmare, as a serious person might suspect. Metro calls it "Tarzan's Secret Treasure," and that's as good a title as any, for it tells in truly comic-strip hyperbole of a shockingly outrageous attempt by a couple of greedy scientists to ravish the ape-man's paradise of its gold. And it concludes in the customary fashion with Tarzan conscripting his faithful friends, the beasts, to put the outsiders in their places and to save his African solitude for himself, his mate and his youngster, who has grown to be quite a lad.

  Don't let it throw you, Christmas revelers. It is all in the spirit of fun. And although there is nothing about it which would distinguish it from other Tarzan films save the introduction of Barry Fitzgerald as a kindred soul in the wilds and the fact that Johnny Weissmuller has added a few words to his vocabulary in the animal scenes, especially those which star a chimpanzee, and the fanciful concept of the whole thing is, as usual, pleasantly lacking in guile. Obviously, the Capitol is playing to juveniles this week. 

Print out 10 full pages of Tarzan art for your colouring book and Mickey will help you colour them.

Visit Mickey at:
Disney Coloring Pages

Tarzan gets the 'Smallville' treatment in new show

It worked for Superman, so why not for another comic book orphan? The WB is set to follow up "Smallville," its hit series about the Man of Steel's angsty teen years, with a similar look at young Tarzan. Taking a page from Crocodile Dundee," the pilot follows Tarzan as he's taken from the jungle to New York City, where his uncle runs Greystoke Enterprises. Action will focus on Tarzan’s efforts to reintegrate into society alongside characters such as the uncle, a NYPD detective and, of course, Jane. Warner Bros. will produce the show, tentatively called  “Tarzan,” and David Nutter, whose credits include "Smallville" and "The West Wing," will direct. This will be the 15th television  incarnation of Tarzan. 
New from from McFarland:

    Human Prehistory in Fiction Charles De Paolo
    ISBN: 0-7864-1417-0 ~ 172pp. references, bibliography, index $32 softcover 2003

It has a chapter devoted to ERB's THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT as well as chapters on other early writers (e.g., Wells, Verne) and their view on early man.

The current issue of "Comic Book Artist" magazine, issue #22, October 2002,
features a big, honkin' tribute to the Gold Key artists of the 1960s. This chunky publication is worth all six dollars and ninety-five cents! It features articles on the history of Dell and Gold Key, and the split between the two; a previously unpublished Russ Manning interview by Shel Dorf from 1969; article on Giolitti, the Turok artist (with a cover gallery of 84 Turoks reprinted); interview with Manning assistant Mike Royer; interview with Tarzan/Jungle Twins artist Paul Norris; interview with Korak artist Dan Speigle; interview with cover artist extraordinaire George Wilson; interview with writer Mark Evanier (who got his start at Gold Key before moving on to write & edit the ERB, Inc. comics that were published exclusively in Europe in the late 1970s); writer and dino expert Don Glut (another contributor the the Manning/ERB, Inc. studios); and a list of "Top Ten" Gold Key artists, including Manning, Marsh, Spiegle, and Frank Thorne (later the Korak artist for D.C.) -- all lavishly illustrated with Tarzan & ERB art, some unpublished, some from Europe, etc. Cover is a stylized modern interpretation of Magnus, Robot Fighter.

Recently picked up an ERB-knockoff titled "Valley of No Return" by Richard A. Booth, Northwest publishing, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, 1995. It's an oversized (but thin) green paperback lost race story about a geologist stranded in the Arctic who discovers a lost valley populated with dinosaurs, prehistoric cats & wolves, and an Indian-like tribe. Story is amateurish but not unreadable -- I believe this is a vanity publication. Of interest to ERBites is the back cover blurb, "In the traditon of Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose grand adventures have for years been passed from parents to their older children, Richard A. Booth has concocted a fantastic adventure of heroism and love which will delight adventure fans of all ages. The adventure continues in 'Return to the Valley', a Northwest Publishing book soon to be released." However, the tale seems to owe more to Kioga than ERB. Cover art by D. Cude looks like a Frazetta knockoff, with a T-Rex & naked babe. No sign of the sequel, so I don't know if it was ever published. My copy is signed. $7.95 cover price (I paid $3.50 used).

~ Lord Passmore

Tom Johnson's JUR Novels

For novels in the Burroughs tradition check out:
"Jur: A Story of Pre-Dawn Earth". 
"Savage Land of Jur" 
"Jur: A Story of Pre-dawn Earth" 
"Savage Land of Jur" 
"Dark Streets of Doom" 
"Crime's Last Stand" 
"Lost Land of Jur"

Volume 0989

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