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Volume 0974
John "Numa" Vaughan
John Numa Vaughan
ERB Memories from the '60s
From the House of Greystoke to Vietnam

 Seventeen-Year-Old John Vaughan visits
Vern and Rita Coriell
at the
in June 1965

The photos on this page document my first visit to the House of Greystoke, the Kansas City home of Vern & Rita Coriell, in June 1965.  I was 17 years old.  Accompanying me were my dad and brother, as well as my friend Jay. If you look at what's in the background of each picture you get some idea of what his collection was like and what I got to see and handle once upon a time. I hope as ERB enthusiasts, you enjoy what I have to share.
~ Numa

Vern  and Rita Coriell
The House of Greystoke
6657 Locust
Kansas City, Missouri

Young Burroughs fans explore
Vern Coriell's Burroughs Room
and sign the guest book.
John Vaughan (far right)
with brother Terry (middle) and friend Jay Gorman (left).

Part of the St. John art collection at the House of Greystoke
with Vern and Numa's father, Ed Vaughan relaxing on the couch.

Letter to Nam From Rita Coriell ~ 1967
I had met Vern and Rita Coriell and had known them for awhile when I met India Boone (now Grow) through mutual friends and then again through Vern & Rita. This letter was on Rita's stationery and the artwork is by J. Allen St. John.

Notice the date on the letter and the final postmark on the envelope.  Finally got it March 1969 in San Diego, CA while I was going through Sea School preparing for assignment to Sea Duty aboard an Aircraft Carrier (USS Oriskany, CVA-34).

The discoloration on the envelope is Khe Sanh mud.  Dirt was very red there, a lot like Oklahoma red clay.

Princess Estrella from The Face in the Pool

John Vaughan Wounded In Vietnam


John "Numa" Vaughan
Continued in ERBzine 0997
LETTERS FROM ERB, INC. ~ 1963-1965
Correspondence Between Hulbert Burroughs and John "Numa" Vaughan

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Volume 0974

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