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Volume 0967

Hillman Memories of ECOF 2002

Jeddak and Princess of the North: Art by Thomas Yeates

Scriptwriter Panel: Marv Wolfman ~ Ted Elliot ~ Chuck Pogue
ERB fans with Forry Ackerman at Ackermansion 1999
Wayne and Edie JamesBruce ~ Lydie ~ Patrice
Hillman interviewed by Griffin for Griffen Film ERB documentary
Bruce Bohnett ~ Stacy Burroughs ~ Ginnie and Dick Spargur ~ Huck Huckenpohler

Sunday's next scheduled event was the scriptwriters' panel with Tracy Griffin, Marv Wolfman, Ted Elliot and Chuck Pogue. Since I had to prepare for an upcoming interview I left the room partway through this fascinating discussion. So as not to miss any of the dialogue I left my video camera running while propped up on a chair in front of the panelists. This plan turned out to be somewhat short of successful, however. Over the years I've built up a reputation for leaving my cameras behind -- the most memorable locale was on the street outside of Forry Ackerman's Ackermansion in LA.  Ever vigilant and well-meaning watchdogs kept bringing the still-running camera up to our room. Fortunately much better recordings of this, and all the other panels, were made by Wayne James, who later generously circulated his tapes to avid fans.

Patrice Bonnyrat of Griffen Films had slated Sunday afternoon for a series of interviews with selected ERB fans. The many-hatted Tracy Griffen conducted most of the interviews. Footage of the Huckster room and guests of honour had been shot earlier in the weekend and much more filming was planned in various locations around America for the coming months. Eventually Tracy would help with the script and Lydie Denier and Bruce Boxleitner would serve as hosts for what would be a three-hour PBS bio documentary. Patrice had contacted me months before and had sent a number of topics for me to prepare.

  • 1. Describe your professional or artistic link to Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • 2. How is his influence reflected in your work?
  • 3. What do you feel was Burroughs' greatest contribution to society?
  • 4. What do you think the future holds for the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs?"
  • The main emphasis in my participation would be my involvement in the creating thousands of ERB tribute Webpages and ERBzin-e weekly fanzines for our ERB Cosmos Website. Because these Webpages touch on every area of Burroughs' life and work, I attempted to outline how he was in the vanguard of every type of media involvement... and lifestyle throughout the 20th Century: journals, photos, sketches of personal adventures, pulps, newspaper and magazine articles and serializations, novels selling worldwide in dozens of languages, script treatments and film production, movie features and serials, publishing companies and self-incorporization, newspaper adventure strips and the first comic books, commercial sponsorship and endorsements, toys and premiums, radio shows, family involvement in most of his projects, spin-offs and imitations galore of his iconic creations,  records, syndication, wartime reports and columns, television, film animation... and there appears to be no sign of any of this slowing down into the 21st Century. Give a Burroughs fan a chance to talk about his obsession and he will usually bite the bit and run with it... when the on-air time reached a half hour this ERB spieler was dragged off the set -- still babbling.

    After the final planned convention event, the Burroughs Bibliophile auction, we joined the Spargurs and Brian Bohnett for our second unforgettable eating experience with the mighty Ghak, Steve Wadding. Jerry's Deli was hopping when we arrived. Our waitress, Bubbles from New York, put up with our antics only because she took an immediate liking to Steve. Ghak's prowess with a knife and fork has been well documented in previous convention reports and he lived up to his reputation as Bubbles brought on dish after dish of culinary delights -- all served with a bubbly exuberance. 

    Having heard of Jerry Spannraft's collection of Coke and diner memorabilia, we knew we had to somehow smuggle out one of the deli's impressive, oversized menus to add to his collection. Bubbles proved to be a fine accomplice in this as she escorted us out to the parking lot and showed us how to avoid the security cameras. Our final image of the diner is one of Bubbles waving fetchingly from the curbside as Ghak's car pulled out of the lot onto Ventura Boulevard.

    It was with some melancholy that my Princess and I finally tucked ourselves in under our new jungle quilt. We realized that tomorrow would bring only farewells and a tedious day-long journey by shuttle, air and car. Our only regrets were that we didn't have more time to visit with special ERB friends or to explore the wonders of Southern California. An early Monday flight forced us to decline Bob and Lindy's invitation to visit their home and a chance to revel in the amazing Zeuschner collection... and to swap guitar licks and tall tales.

    We would like to send out thanks and congratulations to the organizers of ECOF 2002: Rob Greer, Bob Zeuschner, Tracy Griffin, Jim van Hise, and all the participating LA SubERBs and Capitol Panthans. A special thanks goes out to Danton Burroughs for opening so many doors throughout the event: ERB, Inc. offices, Tarzana Ranch, and his personal treasure trove of ERB rarities.

    Winner of this year's "Find JoN's Camera" contest is Bruce Wood who found it cleverly hidden on the front desk in the Holiday Inn lobby. Bruce "Abner Perry" Wood is a longtime Burroughs collector and scholar, who has assembled a comprehensive online Atlas of maps illustrating the many ERB empires. He also has produced a series of replica dust jackets that are much in demand by ERB book collectors.

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