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Volume 0896
Bomba the Jungle Boy
Roy Rockwood (John Duffield)
An Analysis Noting Similarities to Tarzan
Part I: Bomba Titles 1-5
by Steve Servello
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Book 1: Bomba The Jungle Boy
Book 1: Bomba The Jungle Boy 
The Old Naturalist's Secret
While roaming the Amazon jungle, Bomba meets the explorers Dorn and Gillis and in doing so, saves their entire camp from a savage jaguar attack. Promising to return one day, they leave for the coast and Bomba soon runs into a party of dreaded headhunters from the distant Giant Cataract. After escaping their clutches initially, the jungle boy secures the friendship of the Araos, before racing back to defend all he holds dear.

Combating snakes, a cayman, vultures, pumas and vampire bats, Bomba returns to the hut he shares with the old naturalist, Cody Casson and by trickery, courage and the stout friendship of his local animal friends, they defeat the marauders. 

Cody, who experiences moments of lucidity, recalls the names "Laura" and "Bartow" and adds that Jojasta, the Medicine Man of the distant Moving Mountain, can shed some light on Bomba's parentage. It is to this terrible land that Bomba will go to next, in his quest for knowledge of his past and origins!




Important "Things" ~ Items given to Bomba by Dorn and Gillis:

Plot Questions

Similarities to Tarzan

Clues to Bomb's Ancestry

Next stop: The Moving Mountain, where Bomba picks up some new friends and hears what Jojasta has to say.
Thoar (Steve S.)

Book 2: 
Bomba the Jungle Boy at the Moving Mountain
Mystery of the Caves of Fire
"Bomba the Jungle Boy at the Moving Mountain" recounts how Bomba once again defeats a marauding band of headhunters from the distant Giant Cataract. This time they are lead by Tocarara, the co-Chieftain and half brother of the wounded (by Bomba) Nascanora. The Medicine Man Ruspak is present again and is even forced by the Jungle Boy to cure a dying Cody Casson! 

After the savages retreat to their old haunts, Bomba drops Cody off with Pipina the old Indian squaw and finally begins his journey to the Moving Mountain, where Jojasta the Medicine Man rules in a ruthless and cruel fashion. Along the way, he battles jaguars and snakes and rescues a family of explorers from the headhunters, the Parkhursts.

Once Bomba arrives at the Moving Mountain, he saves the lives of Ashati and Neram, former slaves of the Medicine Man and he confronts Jojasta who verifies that Bomba does indeed look like Bartow but that if he wanted to learn more of him and Laura, he must undertake another journey, this time to Sobrinini's isle, ever so close to the Giant Cataract! 

The following glossary continues in the vein begun with "Bomba the Jungle Boy." The only difference is that if a term was described in that prior glossary, the description itself will not be included again. Eventually, by the time of "The Lost Explorers," the glossaries will be combined, in a manner I'm not quite sure of, but it will happen.


Headhunters - Pages 4, 6, 7, 18-21, 41 & 87
Tocarora - The partially insane half brother of Nascanora and co-Chieftain of the headhunters. It appears that Nascanora is slightly more powerful in council. Pages 18, 19, 25-32, 45-49, 57 & 58
Ruspak - The Medicine Man of the headhunters. Almost the equal of the co-Chieftains in council. A superb doctor. Pages - 45-49 & 57-73
Tribes of the district - Unnamed and of a neutral position as far as Cody and Bomba are concerned. All fear the marauding headhunters. One tribe did attack the invaders from the Giant Cataract. Pages 5 & 155
Cody Casson - Pages 19, 22-34, 36-44, 49-55 & 62-74
Pipina - A friendly old Indian squaw. Pages 75-77
Jojasta - The half-breed Medicine Man of the Moving Mountain. Killed during a volcanic eruption. Knows Bomba's past. Pages 64-69 (mentioned only), 159, 181, & 190-194
The Parkhursts: Gerry Hicks and his sister Rose who is husband to Mr. Parkhurst. Their son is Frank. All were captured by Tocarora's band but escaped or were rescued by Bomba. Amazingly, they knew Dorn and Gillis by association with the Apex Rubber Corp. and thereby knew of Bomba. Pages 4, 7, 8, 16, 87-123 & 150-202.
Natives - With the Parkhursts, as porters and guides. Pages 118-121
Natives - Servants of Jojasta on the Moving Mountain. Pages 180 & 184
Ashati and Neram - Jojasta's servants, saved by Bomba. Pages 159, 161 & 174-200
Sobrinini - Mentioned only. The Witch of the Pilati tribe, near the Giant Cataract. Jojasta tells Bomba to see her for details of his past. Page 194

Geluk - Pages 2 & 3
Jaguar - Referrenced as the tiger of the South American jungle. Page 3
Kiki, Woowoo & Doto - Pages 17, 203 & 204
Furred and feathered things - Probably monkees and parrots. Joined in greeting Bomba with his animal friends. Page 203
Jaracara - A poisonous snake of the Amazon jungle.
Cattle - Mentioned only. Apparently herds are owned by some tribes. Page 28
Polulu - Pages 53-55, 62 & 71-73
Jaguar - Pages 78-81, 91, 92, 132 & 142
Baby jaguars - Pages 138 & 139
Anaconda - Pages 80, 81 & 132
Snake - Unnamed. Pages 83, 84 & 132
Alligator - It's teeth were referenced and not as a cayman. Pages 57 & 103
Tapir - Page 102
Piranahas - Mentioned only. Page 104
Tarantulas, scorpions and spiders - Page 114
Boa constrictor - Pages 127 & 132
Pumas - Page 132
Japoti eggs - Page 185


Hut of Bomba and Cody - Pages 19-55 & 61-74
Hut near Moving Mountain - On a neighboring hill. Pages 185-189
Hut of Pipina - On a stream bank near that of Cody and Bomba. Pages 74 & 75
Amazonian Delta - Mentioned as the place where the pocoroca or tidal wave occurs. Page 108
Moving Mountain - Where the Caves of Fire and Jojasta's house and Temple of Ro-Lat are located. Several days travel (Pages 125 & 126) from the hut of Bomba and Cody. Pages 128-130, 134 & 146-200
Jojasta's house - Page 157
Temple of Ro-Lat - Pages 177 & 190-195
River that flows between the huts of Bomba and Pipina - Pages 35 & 74
River en route to the Moving Mountain - Pages 103-115


Harmonica, revolver and matches (magically returned after Bomba threw them away when wet), from Dorn and Gillis - Pages 3, 72 & 83

Clues to Bomba's Past

Cody Casson reiterates about Bartow and Laura. Pages 13 & 64-69
Jojasta confirms Bomba's resemblance to Bartow and instructs the lad to seek out Sobrinini on her island of the Pilati tribe, near the Giant Cataract.
He has been ruling at the Moving Mountain for "many years." Pages 182, 185-187 & 191-193


Rehash of Prior Book(s) - Pages 11-13 and 188
Cover art depicts scene from page 132
Confirmation that Bomba can understand and speak the language of animals - Page 105
Steve Servello

Book 3: 
Bomba the Jungle Boy at the Giant Cataract
Chief Nascanora & His Captives
Bomba pursues a duo purpose as he makes his way up the dread River of Death: to rescue Cody, Pipina, Hondura, Pirah, Ashati and Neram from the headhunters of Nascanora and to seek out the Witch Sobrinini who holds sway over the Pilati Tribe on Snake Island. There, Bomba hopes to learn more of his ancestry. 

The Jungle Boy succeeds in his rescue mission but only partially so in his quest for knowledge. Still, battles with jaguars, a jaracara, wild peccaries and a tribe of mad apes, can't stop Bomba from battling ever on and by book's end, Jaguar Island beckons as his next stop on his journey to learn the truth, of his mysterious origins. 

Pages 8-10, 18-21, 161-166, 182 & 183
Nascanora: Pages 161-166, 182 & 183
Ruspak: Pages 175 & 176
Pipina: Pages 31-37, 168-185, 198 & 199
Cody Casson: Pages 31-37, 166-185 & 198-203
Pirah: Pages 168-185
Araos tribesmen: Pages 59-70 & 195-199
Lodo: Pages 60-70 & 196-199
Grico: Pages 63-70 & 196-199
Hondura: Pages 168-185 & 198-200
Ashati: Pages 100-132 & 170-200
Neram: Pages 100-132 & 170-200
Other tribes: Mentioned only and unnamed. Joining the avenging Araos against the headhunters. Page 170
Indian native: Unnamed and gives Bomba info on the nearby headhunters. Pages 123-128
Sobrinini (Nini): A former world famous opera singer that lives on Snake Island, above the Giant Cataract. She knew Bomba's parents, Cody and Bomba when he was Bonny. Pages: 136-150, 156-165 & 191-203
Pilati tribe: From Snake Island. They revolted against Sobrinini when Nascanora took Bomba prisoner while under her protection. Pages 139-141, 149, 156-161 & 191

Giant Cataract:
Where the headhunters dwell, several days journey up the River of Death. Pages 173-184
River of Death: Long river that flows up to the Giant Cataract, Snake Island and Jaguar Island. Pages 121-135 & 185-195
Stream: Near the River of Death. Page 121
River: Near the huts of Cody and Pipina. Pages 23-25
Snake Island: Just upstream from the Giant Cataract, on the River of Death. Pages 135-166 & 189-194
House of Sobrinini: More than a hut, on one end of Snake Island. Pages 142-156
Island: Finger-shaped and between the Giant Cataract and Snake Island, on the River of Death. Pages 133 & 189
Burned village: Mentioned only. Burned by the headhunters. Page 126
Large river: Not the one near the huts or of Death: Pages 38-48
Hut of Cody and Bomba: Still burned down. Page 23
Hut of Pipina: Temporary home of Bomba and Cody. Pages 25-38, 51-57, 62-70 & 200-203

Geluk the Puma:
Mentioned only. Page 3
Doto: Pages 3-10, 21, 22, 38 & 204
Kiki & Woowoo: Pages 38 & 204
Polulu: Pages 28-32 & 204
Puma: Pages 26-29
Jaracara: Amazonian rattlesnake. Pages 11, 12, 16 & 17
Tapir: Pages 39-43 & 50
Jaboty eggs: Pages 48 & 130
Deer & agouti: Page 50
Peccaries: Wild pigs of the Amazon. Pages 74 &  92-94
Alligators: Also referred to as cayman. Pages 41, 47, 133, 187 & 188
Parrots and monkeys: Pages 78 & 88
Jaguar: Pages 95-101
Snakes: Pages 136-142 & 157
Monkeys/Apes: Both terms used. Pages 108-110 & 112-118
Cattle: Mentioned only, of the headhunters. Page 178

Bomba's Mysterious Origins
Laura and Andrew Bartow
are the parents of Bonny, now Bomba. Cody and Sobrinini were friends of his parents. The relationship of Jojasta is uncertain. Sobrinini instructs Bomba to seek out Japazy the half breed (as was Jojasta), on Jaguar Island. For this man had kidnapped Bonny and hated Cody and Andrew. Pages 33-36, 146, 151, 155, 202 & 203

Rehash of the first two volumes: Pages 12-16
Caves: Bomba is fortunate to stumble upon many caves that save his life from headhunters, mad apes, pumas and boiling rain, thus far:
Bomba the Jungle Boy: Escape from headhunters. Was a den of Polulu. Pages 54-65
The Moving Mountain: Escape from boiling rain. Was a jaguar den. Pages 135-142
The Moving Mountain: The Caves of Fear. Of volcanic origin. Pages 147-151 & 162-180
The Giant Cataract: Unoccupied and used to escape a tribe of mad monkee/apes. Pages 115-120

The revolver and harmonica
, given to Bomba by Dorn and Gillis: Grico of the Araos steals them, for a while. Pages 72-74 & 195-197.

Odds & Ends
Bomba's ability to speak with animals
is explained. Tone and gesture play a part. Page 4
Bomba swings through the trees of the jungle, like Tarzan. Page 7
Bomba starts to bring death and destruction to almost everywhere and everyone he visits. Thus far, his hut, the Araos village (burned by headhunters), the village of the headhunters(flood from the Giant Cataract and the River of Death), the Temple of Jojasta (along with their Medicine Man, by the eruption of the Moving Mountain) and Sobrinini driven from her home and power, on Snake Island, by the rebel Pilati tribesmen. The trend will continue.
Cover art: Scene taken from page 175 as Ruspak gloats over Bomba's capture.
Curiosity: Sobrinini's ancestry is never mentioned, though it is assumed (rightfully so) by the reader that she is white, due to her world-wide opera status. But Cody, Dorn, Gillis and the Parkhurst family are definitely referred to as white while Jojasta and Japazy are said to be half-breeds with all others as Indians or natives.
Thoar/S.J.S./Steve S.

Bomba the Jungle Boy On Jaguar Island
Adrift on the River of Mystery 
In this, the fourth book chronicling the adventures of Bomba the Jungle Boy as he searches the Amazonian jungles for the truth to his mystery shrouded background, he once again confronts the dreaded headhunters from the Giant Cataract. This is the fourth time they've tasted defeat at Bomba's hands. But they do succeed in burning down the hut of Pipina, who he rescues but Cody Casson and Sobrinini wander off and there whereabouts remain unknown throughout this book. 

With a heavy heart, Bomba after an intensive search for the pair, leaves Pipina with the Araos and treks to Jaguar Island, following up on the slim clue given him by Sobrinini when she ruled the Pilati on the Island of Snakes. Curiously, the trail takes him to areas Bomba had never explored but then ends up near the Giant Cataract and the Island of Snakes, only further up the same great river they are both on. Why not go the same, more familiar route taken, in book three?

En route to Jaguar Island, Bomba is saved from a Puma attack by a nearby cave and Pololu saves him from a pair of Jaguars. Other attacks survived are from alligators and poisonous snakes. Same old, same old!

Once he arrives on the island, Bomba is treated as a reluctant guest, in Japazy's house. The half-breed ruler is away in the Abandoned City at this time. As usual, destruction seems to follow the jungle Boy and Jaguar Island sinks due to the fury of (another) volcano and so another land joins with the village of the headhunters at the Giant Cataract, Jojasta's temple at the Moving Mountain and Sobrinini being cast out of Snake Island. 

And why is it that everywhere Bomba wants to go is shrouded in mystery as lands of terror, yet the rulers of these lands couldn't have resided there for more than fourteen years? And do we ever really learn Jojasta's role in all of this? At book's end, Bomba starts out for the Abandoned City as Jaguar Island slides beneath the waves of the great river. The cover art depicts the scene from page 145 as a jaguar that had leaped over the ducking Bomba, is in turn attacked and killed by a waiting cayman.


1. Headhunters  Pages 2-33, 46 & 47
2. Pipina  Pages 34-65
3. Toluro  A headhunter defeated by Bomba in hand to hand combat, but not killed.   Pages 12, 17-20 & 47
4. Araos  Pages 55-65
5. Pirah  Pages 54-65
6. Honduras  Pages 54-65
7. Ashati and Neram  Pages 107-121
8. Sunka, Boshot, Olura & Tama Members of the tribe Japazy rules on Jaguar Island  Pages 150-168
9. Abino  The Chief Elder of the tribe and ruler in Japazy's absence Pages 150-203
10. Solani  The son of Abino and a friend of sorts to Bomba  Pages 175-177 & 184-187
11. The Elders  Took their cue from Abino  Pages 177-181, 189-193 & 200-203
12. Manasta  A native of Jauar Island, killed earlier by Japazy.  Pages 154 & 155
13. Natives of Jaguar Island  General populace fleeing the wrath of the volcano Tamura.  Page 205


1. Hut of Pipina  Pages 26-42
2. River (That flows by the huts of Cody and Pipina)  Pages 23-28
3. Ygapo or swamp. Two hours journey from the moloca of the Araos.  Pages 47-52
4. Moloca of the Araos.  Pages 53-65
5. Trail and river, to Jaguar Island. A new land for Bomba.  Pages 70, 71, 95 & 97
6. Cave (Used by Bomba and Doto to escape Pumas).  Pages 85-92
7. Streams (Two different and insignificant waterways).  Pages 96 & 103
8. Jaguar Island. Two days journey above the Giant Cataract. Pages 119, 124 & 142-208
9. The great river (On which the Giant Cataract, Island of Snakes and Jaguar Island are). Pages 129-145 & 207
10. Small island (Above Jaguar Island).  Pages 137 & 138
11. Deserted cabins on Jaguar Island.  Page 149
12. Tamura, the volcano on Jaguar Island.  Pages 155, 203, 204 & 208
13. Village of Japazy.  Pages 163-205


1. Jararaca  Pages 5, 6, 76-79 & 207
2. Alligators (Caymen)  Pages 26-28, 126-128, 130, 132-136, 142-145, 207 & 208
3. Doto  Pages 79-94
4. Pumas  Pages 85-93
5. Turtle eggs, fish & wild pigs  Pages 97 & 105
6. Tapir  Pages 98 & 105
7. Jaguars  Pages 98-102, 144, 145, 207 & 208
8. Polulu  Pages 99-104
9. Boa constrictor  Pages 107-109 & 207
10. Buzzards  (Probably the same type of vulture he fought previously). Pages 159 & 160
11. Cooanaradi  Pages 195-199 & 207

The Mystery of Bomba

Bomba learns little more while on Jaguar Island but does discover (page 173) and take (page 204), a picture that is probably of Laura. Funny, I had assumed that the same picture hanging in Sobrinini's house was the one he eventually began to carry with him. So now Bomba has tasted a sample of luxury, in the dwellings of Japazy and Sobrinini. There he discovers portraits, beds, furniture and simply a higher level of dwelling. Bomba recaps what he knows of his parents (page 175). How interesting that Sobrinini becomes a witch and Jojasta a medicine man. Japazy is a chief or maybe a king while Cody is considered a sorcerer by some. But the natives of Jaguar Island have heard Japazy speak of Bartow in anger and he glanced often at the portrait of Laura. Is Bomba Bonny, the son of Laura and Bartow. Perhaps the half-breed will reveal more when he and Bomba confront one another in the Abandoned City.
Stephen Servello

Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Abandoned City
 A Treasure Ten Thousand Years Old

"Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Abandoned City" is actually a direct continuation of events related in the previous book, "Jaguar Island." Thus far (five books), this is the only such type of sequel. The island realm of Japazy the half breed has just sunk into the Great River and Bomba is trying to escape the fury of both the river and its still spewing (though underwater) volcano, Tamura. 

Determined to continue on his quest to locate Japazy (whom Sobrinnini of Snake Island told the jungle boy to find), who was away on one of his trips to Ximotox (the abandoned city), Bomba saves the life of Gibo, the (somehow), only surviving inhabitant of Jaguar Island, discounting Japazy and his party. Curiously, it is as if Ashati and Neram (formerly slaves of Jojasta), no longer existed. When Bomba looks back on all his friends (page 53), he leaves out these two, though they had appeared as recently as the last book. In fact, Gibo continues to appear in all the remaining books, including those taking place in Africa and Asia. 

Gibo, aside from constantly whining about spirits and demons, seems to have cornered the market on philosophy when it comes to mothers. On page 47 he tells Bomba "Because mothers are a blessing of the gods and it is not written that the mother should be forever parted from her son." But what of Gibo's mother who probably died during the sinking of Jaguar Island. I guess Bomba's mother is more important than Gibo's?

Inevitably, there is a cave scene that saves the life of Bomba. In this case (pages 57-68), he and Gibo flee a tribe of monkeys/apes and find out that an anaconda had made these extensive caves his abode.

En route to Ximotox, Gibo states "Sooner would Gibo jump into the blazing fires of the Moving Mountain and be consumed with fire." Now, I cannot state with any certainty how far away Jojasta's realm lay, but I don't believe the Great River flowed near it, thereby making me think the distance great. Yet Gibo was aware (page 75) of not only its existence but of some of its characteristics. I would have thought Jaguar Island's Tamura, a more suitable volcano for being consumed.

The abandoned city itself seems a bit contradictory, in terms of plausibility. It is located deep within Amazonia and has not even a remote connection (physically) to either the Incas to the West or the Mayans to the North. Yet this enormous and fabulously rich city of Ximitox exists and flourished over ten thousand years ago, or so Gibo relates.

The cover art of my Clover Book edition depicts the scene from page 117 where Bomba fires arrows into the approaching horde of snakes, within the outskirts of Ximotox. Weaponless Gibo gapes at the jungle boys prowess and looks on. In an odd situation, the snakes are called upon by Ramenez, a Spaniard or possibly a half breed like Japazy, who was left to guard the approaches to the city and protect Japazy's back. What's curious is that it seems he has been there for years and gone insane, forgetting mostly why he was even there. But surely Japazy couldn't have been in the city during his most recent trip, for years. And just who was Ramenez anyway? Did he accompany Japazy to the jungle from the outside world, all those years ago?

After Bomba confronts Japazy, as Ximotox is destroyed (pages 196-203 yet another land visited by Bomba that destructs or incurs serious damage), the half breed acknowledges Casson (who is still missing in action from the last book), and Sobrinnini. But not Jojasta, specifically, whom Bomba did mention. It is curious that all of the above players do seem aware that they are all in the Amazon and roughly where. How do they know? Japazy shows his awareness on page 158. The other lands where Bomba seems to bring disaster are the Moving Mountain, the Giant Cataract, Snake Island and Jaguar Island.

Well, Japazy falls to his doom and Bomba is not directed to anyone else for further information on his parents. In a switch, it is Japazy's diary (of sorts), that provides the opening into the next adventure of Bomba, "On Terror Trail."


1. Dead Jaguar Island native - Due to the eruption of Tamura. - Page 1
2. Gibo - Former native of Jaguar Island and forever more a companion to Bomba - Pages 6 -13 and 18 - 208
3. Demonic appearing man in waterfall and Ximotox (Ramenez) - Crazed Spaniard left by Japazy to guard the approaches to the abandoned city. - Pages 73, 89, 100, 102 - 117 and 125 - 127
4. Jaguar Island natives - Pages 138 - 142, 175, 176, 188 - 193 and 198
5. Japazy - Halfbreed ruler of Jaguar Island and involved in Bomba's past. Died when treacherously attacking the jungle boy and plummeting to his doom, just outside of Ximotox. Pages 139 - 142, 152 - 163, 175 - 181 and 199 - 202
6. Shimazu - Native work slave of Jaguar Island, slain by Japazy in Ximotox. Pages - 139 -   142
7. Solani - Right hand man of Japazy's. Slain by Bomba Pages 162 - 164, 175 - 177 and 195
8. Arima - Friend of Gibo's. Pages 170 - 174, 184 and 185
9. Melota - Friend of Arima and Gibo. - Pages 170 - 174, 184 and 185
10. Antor - Jaguar Island native loyal to Solani - Mentioned only - Page 171


1. Pumas and jaguars (together) - Pages 4, 88 and 197
2. Jaguar - Pages 20 and 21
3. Pumas - Pages 27 - 35
4. Turtle eggs - Page 26
5. Alligators/caymans - Pages 9 - 13, 18 - 20, 34 and 35
6. Apes/monkeys - Pages 50 - 52 and 56 - 58
7. Peccaries - Pages 37, 38 and 68 - 70
8. Anaconda - Pages 62, 63, 66, 67 and 197
9. Snakes (jararacas, cooanaradis, boa constrictors and anacondas) - Pages 113-120 and 125 - 127
10. Fish - Pages 72 and 73


1. Jaguar Island and Tamura - Page 4
2. The Great River - Pages 1 - 11
3. Streams - Enroute to Ximotox. - Pages 36, 71 and 72
4. River/stream - Crossed by Bomba and Gibo enroute from Jaguar Island to Ximotox. - Pages 48-54
5. Waterfall - One of the approaches to Ximotox. Pages 72, 73, 76 - 80, 91 - 94, 204 and 205
6. Valley - In which Ximotox stands. Pages 85 - 88 and 205 - 208
7. The cleft - Gives egress to the abandoned city through a rocky barrier. Pages 88 - 98
8. Ximotox, the abandoned city. Ten thousand years old. Japazy loots it of its treasures. Pages 108 - 204
9. Cave - Where Bomba and Gibo took refuge from the tribe of avenging monkeys. - Pages 57 - 68
Stephen J. Servello
Endpaper Art from Grosset and Dunlap editions

Bomba lived far back in the jungles of the Amazon with a half-demented naturalist who told the lad nothing of his past. The jungle boy was a lover of birds, and hunted animals with a bow and arrow and his trusty machete. He had a primitive education in some things, and his daring adventures will be followed with breathless interest by thousands.
    --- Cupples & Leon advertisement
1. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY; or, The Old Naturalist's Secret ~ 1926, Cupples & Leon
2. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY AT THE MOVING MOUNTAIN; or, Mystery of the Caves of Fire ~ 1926, C & L
3. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY AT THE GIANT CATARACT; or, Chief Nascanora & His Captives ~ 1926, C & L
4. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY ON JAGUAR ISLAND; or, Adrift on the River of Mystery ~ 1927, C & L
5. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY IN THE ABANDONED CITY; or, A Treasure Ten Thousand Years Old ~ 1927, C & L
6. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY ON TERROR TRAIL; or, The Mysterious Men from the Sky ~ 1928, C & L
7. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY AND THE SWAMP OF DEATH; or, The Sacred Alligators of Abarago ~ 1929, C & L
8. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY AMONG THE SLAVES; or, Daring Adventures in the Valley of Skulls ~ 1929, C & L
9. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY AND THE UNDERGROUND RIVER; or, The Cave of Bottomless Pits ~ 1930, C & L
10. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY AND THE LOST EXPLORERS; or, A Wonderful Revelation ~ 1930, C & L
11. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY IN A STRANGE LAND; or, Facing the Unknown ~ 1931, C & L
12. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY AMONG THE PYGMIES; or, Battling with Stealthy Foes ~ 1931, C & L
13. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY AND THE CANNIBALS; or, Winning Against Native Dangers ~ 1932, C & L
14. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY AND THE PAINTED HUNTERS; or, A Long Search Rewarded ~ 1932, C & L
15. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY AND THE RIVER DEMONS; or, Outwitting the Savage Medicine Man ~ 1933, C & L
16. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY AND THE HOSTILE CHIEFTAIN; or, A Hazardous Trek to the Sea ~ 1934, C & L
17. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY TRAPPED BY THE CYCLONE; or, Shipwrecked on the Swirling Seas ~ 1935, C & L
18. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY IN THE LAND OF BURNING LAVA; or, Outwitting Superstitious Natives ~ 1936, C & L
19. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY IN THE PERILOUS KINGDOM; or, Braving Strange Hazards ~ 1937, C & L
20. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY IN THE STEAMING GROTTO; or, Victorious Through Flame and Fury ~ 1938, C & L
Publishers: Cupples & Leon (First Editions) ~ McLoughlin Bros ~ Ward, Lock ~ Grosset & Dunlap.

Steve Servello
Steve Servello continues his analysis of
Numbers 6 - 10 of the Bomba series
in ERBzine 0899

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