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Volume 0866
Danton Burroughs
From Tarzana, California
Memories from the
Danton Burroughs
Family Album 

Ed and Emma Burroughs

This is an Emma H. Burroughs check - number 4116. It was filled out by Mrs. Burroughs own hand and issued to Cash in the amount of $5.00 on November 30, 1942.  Emma was Edgar Rice Burroughs first wife and mother of his three children.  Edgar and Emma were married on January 31, 1900.

Michigan Military Academy Years Gridiron Memories ~
Featured in ERBzine 0949
Ventura Boulevard at Reseda Avenue
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Van Nuys, California
Telephone Van Nuys 100
January 4th 1921 sj
Dear Att:

I thought you were hanged long ago.  Hadn't the slightest idea
what had become of you and was very agreeably surprised when I
received your card, for which I thank you.  You make the third
of the old bunch in Nebraska;  - Woodruff Ball at Valentine and
Bert Weston at Beatrice being the others I hear from occasional-

It seems odd to think that you have a son of twelve and yet it
isn't so odd after all as I have a daughter who will be thirteen
this month and two boys younger.

Bob Lay was here for a couple of days in November and I saw Ball
last summer some time.  Mrs. HBorton lives here and I called on
her a couple of months ago.  Dud died herein April, 1919, of
tubercolosis.  He was married to a San Diego girl but left no

I hope everything is going fine with you and shall be glad indeed
to hear from you again when you have the time.


Mr. A. T. Connor,
Grand Island, Neb.

Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tarzana, California
1298 Kapiolani Boulevard
Honolulu  T H
August 5 1942
Joan darling:

As I wrote Jack last, I'll inflict this one on you.  Am enclosing a
couple of snap-shots I thought might interest you and Jack, though why
in hell they should, I don't know.

I had lunch and spent all afternoon yesterday with officers of an Anti
Aircraft artillery regiment.  Gave a talk to twenty-five or thirty
officers at an officers' school after lunch relative to possible co-
ordination of BMTC and AA units in event of an emergency.  The idea was
theirs, not mine.  I felt that the BMTC had been highly honored.  I met
the commanding AA general and innumerable other officers, and was taken
to some very interesting and one very secret place.  Met two Negro AA
majors.  I saw no distinction shown between white and black.  White
officers told me that these men were tops.  Two of the interesting
places I was taken were officers quarters where highballs were served.
Very interesting!

Sunday, I was guest speaker at a dinner given by the Schofield Barracks
Quarterbacks Club at the Chun Hoon residence.  General Green and I
drove over together in his car.  The club is composed of officers and
enlisted men interested in athletics.  It is run much along the lines
of civilian service clubs, with a lot of hooey and joshing.  Although
there were generals, colonels, and what not present, there was no def-
erance to rank. A sergeant was mc, and he kidded brass hats and non-
coms quite impartially.  Fortified by numerous highballs, I got
through my speech without being thrown out on my ear.

Oscar Oldknow sent me a clipping of a Winchell column and it was in
the Honolulu Advertiser this morning, also. Do you know who the lucky
man is?  I hope it is true.

Saturday, I am to spend the day with a Lieutenant Colonel and his Tank
Group.  I shall probably be a hospital case before night.  From what I
hear, the sensations are much like those experienced by a die in a dice
box.  However, I am looking forward to the experience.

Also, the colonel of an AA artillery regiment has invited me to come
out to AA target practice.  They fire at a target towed by a plane.
I am looking forward to that, too.  Can you blame me for rather enjoy-
ing it here?

Hulbert was in the other day.  He wouldn't stay all night, but before
he left he took $6 away from me at poker.  We also played a little
tennis and went to see The Man Who Came to Dinner.  Hulbert it looking
and feeling fine. He has been recommended for a first lieutenancy, but
that doesn't mean that he will get it.

Am enclosing a check, with which please buy Mike a birthday present.
I can't think of anything to get him here, and you know better what he
would like to have.

Lots of love to you all,

Edgar Rice Burroughs
  Tarzana, California
1298 Kapiolani Boulevard
Honolulu  T H
February 5, 1945
Joan Darling:

After four days of cold rain and high winds, I finally got off
late Friday afternoon, arriving here about 4:30 A.M. (Honolulu
time) Saturday, after bucking a 48 mile an hour head wind for
14 hrs and 14 min.

A lieutenant met me at the train in S.F. with a staff car and
drove me to the airport, where I was treated wonderfully.  In-
structions were given that if there was not a one bed room in
the Visiting Officers' Quarters, I was to have a two bed room
in the Visiting Officers' Quarters, I was to have a two bed room
alone; so I had privacy.  The Visiting Officers' Mess was ex-
cellent.  Everything was lovely but the weather, which, of
course, you read about in the papers.

Friday morning I was processed, getting another medical examination
and vaccination.  A very nice captain rushed me through and then
took me to the Officers' Club for luncheon, or rather, dinner.
He came back to me later and took me to the plane.  He also got
me into compartment B, where I had the lower berth.

After eating four sandwiches, a hard boiled egg, fruit salad, po-
tato salad, cake crackers, soup, olives and candy, I took two
nembutols and slept two hours.  The rest of the time I was awake.
Smoking is allowed in Compartment B, and the other passengers were
allowed to come up one at a time to smoke. A couple of good look-
ing flight nurses came up and sat on the edge of my bunk to smoke.
An ATC lt col also spent most of the flight up with me.

Phil met me with a staff car and drove me to the Niumalu, where I
found that they had waited over two and a half months and then
painted my room the day before I was due back.  Everything was
piled in the center of the room.  Naturally, I was fit to be tied.
I got the manager out of bed about 5:00 A.M. and gave him hell.
There wasn't a vacant room in the hotel; so Phil took me out to the
Guest House at Shafter -- a lovely suite where VIPs are housed.  We
sat and drank Bourbon until seven A.M.  Then I took two more nem-
butols and slept until noon.

My room was still not in order when I got to the hotel.  Mildred
Rathbone came along and asked me to her apartment for highballs.
Herbie Phillips and Margo Frisbie got hold of me and asked me to go to
a cocktail party being given for a friend of ours who had
just returned from California with a new bride and two children.

After dinner at the hotel, Henry Mahn asked me to come to his quart-
ters and play Whisky Poker.  There were ten of us.  Henry served
cherry brandy and regular brandy; so we played until midnight.
Yesterday, I went out to call on Floye and Sterling Adams.  They
had Bourbon.  I then stopped at Brownie and Ralph MacMichael's.
They had Bourbon.  By that time I had to hurry back to the hotel
for the Willey's cocktail party.  They had Scotch. So I went to . . .
(page 2 missing)

Edgar Rice Burroughs
UP Correspondent
U. S. S. Cahaba (AO-82)
c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California
A Harbor, 2 July 1945
Joan Darling

We sail again tomorrow morning, and may be gone several weeks.
The Captain thinks about three, but it may be longer.  Then we
return here, when I shall leave for Honolulu, at least according
to my present plans.  But I hope that all of you will have written
me so that I shall have a nice bunch of mail awaiting me.  It
takes only about a week for air mail to reach us from California.
Any mial that arrives after I leave here will be forwarded to my
Honolulu address, where it will be quite welcome.
Was shocked to learn, through a letter from Ralph, that Charlie
Phillips is dead.  When I last saw him in January I though that . . .


. . .There will be another mail before we leave -- this afternoon --
and I hope I hear from some of you little tots.
All my love to all of you,
Edgar Rice Burroughs

Volume 0866

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