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(L) Chris at the Museum of Science and Industry at Chicago, IL Visited after leaving the 2019 Chicago ECOF specifically to see the U-505 German U-Boat What Chris has to say about visiting the submarine: "It wasn't the U-33, but it was amazing to visit such an historic Naval craft."
(R) Chris and Melisa on the balcony of the Clarion Hotel attending the 2018 Morgan City, LA Dum Dum right before heading to Café Jo Jos for the Dum Dum Banquet.

"Leaving Pellucidar" 
This painting was commissioned by Gary Buckingham for his ERB Inc. authorized novel, Tarzan and the Lion of Judah, which saw limited release in November 2021 at the Dum Dum in Alberquerque.  The request was for an image of the dirigible O-220 preparing to exit Pellucidar via the Polar Opening and was to feature examples of the Pellucidarian thag. A pair of thipdars are curious about the dirigible. 

Although the initial release was only a handful of books for the Dum Dum attendees, there is to be a follow-up release of various hardcover editions, including a Deluxe Signed Edition and a Deluxe Signed Sketch edition.  Only 52 of the Sketch editions will be printed, with each featuring a custom remarque by Dan Parsons, the artist who painted the cover of the Dum Dum edition, also known as the Standard Edition.  Note: the B&W image was created specifically to meet the demand for grayscale interior art.  The color image was used only on the limited, 8.5"x11" Deluxe Signed and Deluxe Signed Sketch editions.

Painting by Chris L Adams, Photos (C) Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

"Tarzan of the Apes"
What Chris has to say about his rendition of Tarzan of the Apes: 
"Sometimes I get crazy ideas when I'm looking for something to paint next.   I somehow got the idea to paint my own version of the cover from the first hardback release of Tarzan of the Apes. I consider this my homage to the 1914 1st Edition A. C. McClurg Tarzan of the Apes cover by artist Fred J. Arting. The original dust jacket was limited to 3 or so colors, so I went a little crazy here. The Tarzan is my own design as I felt Fred's ape man looked a bit anemic (sorry Fred!). 
Painting by Chris L Adams, Photos (C) Chris L Adams. All Rights Reserved.

"Tarzan Rescues the Moon"
Based on  Edgar Rice Burroughs's Jungle Tales of Tarzan tale, "Tarzan Rescues the Moon." 

What Chris has to say about his rendition of Tarzan Rescues the Moon: 

"I was asked to do a piece for a small-batch fanzine based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Jungle Tales of Tarzan, which turned 100 back in 2019. In "Tarzan Rescues the Moon", the apes fear that Goro the Moon is being devoured by Numa of the sky. The story details how Tarzan is fetched to save Goro from his fate--which is actually a lunar eclipse. 

This is an oil piece, done on an 11x14 gesso board.  I typically paint in a Bob Ross style (watching Bob is what inspired me to begin painting) and some may recognize in this piece some of the techniques Bob employed.  I think Bob would enjoy that I went with a "Blood Moon".  A B&W image of this painting was used in Gary Buckingham's Tarzan tale, Tarzan: Untamed Frontiers, authorized by Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.  Copies of this paperback (limited to 350 copies) may be obtained by emailing Gary at  Price is $25 shipped for US domestic mail.  Tarzan: Untamed Frontiers is also available from Bud Art Books. 

"Tars Tarkas comes to Helium"

What Chris has to say about Tars Tarkas comes to Helium:

"The idea for this painting came straight from the first novel of my Barsoom series (not yet published, but under contract with ERB Inc.).  This is an early scene where Tars Tarkas visits the city of Helium, at the request of his good friend and comrade-in-arms, John Carter.

Chris and Melisa at the Museum of Science and Industry at Chicago, IL posing with the U-505.
What Chris has further to say about visiting the  submarine: Chris grins:: "A beautiful girl and a WW2 U-boat---what's not to love about that?"

Enjoy the Colourizations of Vintage ERB Photos by Chris at:

Chris L Adams spent years playing guitar in various bands and during that time was more of a voracious reader than writer. After that last band collapsed, he turned from writing songs to writing stories, eventually turning out a Barsoom series as a tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs, his favorite author. 

In addition to the Mars series, he has also written and self-published a host of short stories, together with the occasional poem which he usually shares with friends, with one of the shorter ones always displayed on the homepage of his website. Together with writing stories and poems, Chris also dabbles in painting. As a matter of fact, the cover for his novel The Hunter and the Sorcerer is one of his.

More information about Chris and his works can be found on his site where one will find links, information on available stories, and other things of interest.

Chris resides in southern WV with his wife and two children.

Chris L Adams - Bizarre Tales

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