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DUM-DUM 2021
Albuquerque, NM, USA :: November 6 and 7
Organizer: Gary Buckingham
Artist Dan Parsons created the convention logo

Overview by John Martin

Albuquerque is one of those cities large and well-known enough that it isn't necessary to identify which state it is in, although for the record it's in the northern part of New Mexico.
  Founded in 1706, it was named in honor of the Viceroy of New Spain, the 10th Duke of Alburqueque, and today is the 32nd largest city in the United States.

  According to Gary Buckingham, contented Albuquerque resident, giving directions is easy in the city of 600,000 because all you have to tell people is to head the direction of the mountains or the direction from the mountains, which happen to be the Sandia-Manzano Mountains.

  There are main drags with common U.S. city names, such as Carlisle, Menaul, Broadway and Broadhurst but also many street names that reflect the culture -- Rio Grande Street, named for the mighty river that flows through the city, Arrowhead Avenue. Comanche Street and Guadalupe Circle.

  Driving through town, one sees the mixture of commonplace USA alongside the colorful names of the country's southwest. There's Andy's Painting, the Yeller Sub and Ho Ho Chinese Food and if you're a female in failing health you can be admitted to Lovelace Women's Hospital. You can eat at the Sombremesa Restaurant, the Campo at Los Poblanos, or the Dog House Drive-In.

  But no matter whether the establishment is McDonald's, the Dollar Store or the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, most commercial buildings in the sprawling city are wrapped in the adobe-style architecture characteristic of the southwest.

  In Albuquerque, you could visit the ABQ Biopark -- the zoo -- to see beasts of the kind Edgar Rice Burroughs included in his books. And also, if you happened to be in Albuquerque the weekend of Nov. 6-7, you could have attended the 2021 Dum Dum at the Holiday Inn Express, hosted by Buckingham, where between 20 and 30 fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs showed up to talk and trade over their favorite subject.

  Buckingham is the author of "Tarzan: Untamed Frontiers," which contains two novelettes about the ape man -- "Untamed Frontiers" and "Secret of Katanga."

  But more to the point of the Dum Dum itself is his newest, a full-length work titled "Tarzan and the Lion of Judah."

The 480-page book, authorized by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., as the 10th book in its "Wild Adventures" series, has cover art and illustrations by Dan Parsons, San Luis Obispo, California, who also provided artwork for "Untamed Frontiers."

  "Tarzan and the Lion of Judah" is being published in three versions -- trade paperback, regular hardcover and limited hardcover. The limited edition will be a larger size, will be signed and numbered, and will include two extra illustrations (one by Neal Adams). In addition, 52 copies will have an original Dan Parsons sketch on the signature page. Attendees at the 2021 Dum Dum will have first shot at purchasing those limited editions.

  The only one of the three editions available at the Dum Dum was the regular hardback edition with wrap-around dust jacket. A copy was to have been given to each Dum Dum attendee as part of the registration package. However, due -- ultimately -- to problems publishing houses are having with keeping up with demand due to covid-related hiring problems, Buckingham's publisher was able to get just 12 copies into his hands by the Dum Dum. So, some went home with a book and other fans signed up to voluntarily wait until Buckingham could get more copies to mail to them.

  Beyond that, it may take a bit for more regular editions, as well as the paperback and limited, to appear, but one is urged to "watch this space" ( for announcements.

  The wait should be worthwhile as Buckingham loves history and is a meticulous researcher. He has done extensive digging for all of his ERB-related stories and spoke at the Dum Dum of some of that research and his thought process as to how Tarzan, as presented by ERB, could have fit into some historical timelines.

  The term "Lion of Judah" goes as far back as Genesis 49:9, where the tribe of Judah is described as "a lion's whelp."  Later, Jesus was born into the tribe of Judah and is referenced in Revelation 5:5 this way: "...behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed...."

  The "Lion of Judah" in Buckingham's story, though, is Haile Selassie. When the Queen of Sheba, who is believed to have at least parts of Ethiopia in her kingdom, came to visit Israel's King Solomon, also of the tribe of Judah, it is reported she had a child by him and the title of "Lion of Judah" was passed down to other descendants, concluding with Selassie, modern-day emperor of Ethiopia, who died Aug. 28, 1975.

  Just how it is that Tarzan interacts with Emperor Selassie is something one will have to learn by reading Buckingham's novel.

  The Dum Dum included a meeting of The Burroughs Bibliophiles, during which Scott Tracy Griffin was elected to the board to fill the slot vacated by Jess Terrell, who did not seek re-election.

  All of the special presentations took place in the huckster room, which was an excellent idea since no one had to abandon their book tables to go into another room. All of the presentations were well attended and there was plenty of time between presentations for fans to look over books and other items that were for sale.

  Among those giving presentations was Jim Sullos, president of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., who brought a number of the company's recent publications, and also showed a "printer's proof" of "Skies of Venus" by Neal Romanek, which will soon be published as the 11th novel in the "Wild Adventures" series.


The fans showed up in ones, twos and threes Friday in Albuquerque and many impromptu gab sessions resulted.

After breakfast with Don and Diana Stephens, Alan Hanson, Scott Tracy Griffin and I went to visit host Gary Buckingham and then we went to the zoo to visit the animals ERB wrote about.
Back from the zoo, the Holiday Inn Express parking lot had more fans and soon all were over at Applebees.

Afternoon and evening arrivals included ERB Ink’s Jim Sullos and David and Susan Brueske, Robert Lupton, Bill Briggs, Rob Olsen, Lee Strong, Kenneth and Debbie Manson, Jimmie and Rita Goodwin, Jamie Chase, Mike Conran, Bill Ross and Ralph Brown.

More were flying in at midnight and who knows what the weekend will bring for the Saturday-Sunday event.

THE 2021 Dum Dum starts officially Saturday but got under way informally as fans continued to arrive Friday. Here’s photos of some who showed up by mid-afternoon: The Goodwins, Mike Conran, Bill Ross, Alan Hanson, Robert Lupton, Bill Briggs, Jamie Chase, Gary Buckingham, Scott Tracy Griffin.

Others there Friday were Don and Diana Stephens, Kenneth Manson and wife Debbie, Lee Strong, David and Susan Brueske, Ralph Brown, Rob Olsen, yours truly, and ERB Inc’s Jim Sullos.

1. Jim Goodwin found the Dum Dum arena
2. Jamie Chase and Bill Briggs

1. From left, Mike Conran, Bill Ross, Alan Hanson, Robert Lupton, Bill Briggs
2. From left in Dum-Dum room, Bill Ross, Gary Buckingham, Robert Lupton, Jim Goodwin

1. Informal gathering in Dum Dum room
2. From left, Jim and Rita Goodwin, Mike Conran at Applebee’s

Newlyweds Kenneth and Debbie Manson

Although ERB wrote of them, the jungle beasts were unable to attend the event in Albuquerque this weekend, having been barred.
But some of us ERB fans did the next best thing and visited them in their lairs at the ABQ Biopark.
Some of the beasts were shy but the orang-utan was happy to pose.

1. Curious Orang-Utan
2. Orang-Utan Jungle Gym

1. What lurks in the murk?
2. White Rhino aka Buto

1. Alan Hanson and Scott Tracy Griffin spy on Tantor
2. Pacco seeks shade

Ska flexes

Click for full-size

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