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by Doug W. Higley
This article first appeared in ERB-dom No. 8 ~ Dec. 1963

I was living on Oahu back in the '60s and was a big fan/reader of ERB.
I happened to hit the library and looked it all up and discovered this series of clippings.
I submitted this short article to Caz, which he published in his award winning ERB-dom
                                                                                        ~ Doug Higley
On April 11, 1935 one of the world's great adventure writers was met aboard ship by a living image of his creation .This event made the front page of the Honolulu Star Bulletin. It was certainly a date to be remembered by Mr. Burroughs for he had reached his honeymoon paradise. The Bulletin carried a number of articles on ERB and each contains a number of very interesting little known facts. 

The first article appears on April 10, 1935, on page 3 and the headline reads, "ORIGINATOR OF TARZAN IN TOMORROW," followed with, "Edgar Rice Burroughs . . . . most popular author of the day will arrive in Honolulu. . ." and continues with the usual biographical notes. 

The second article appears on April 11, 1935, on the front page. A large photograph of ERB and his new wife is at the top of the page. The Tarzan who greeted ERB at the dock was a husky, dark skinned Hawaiian youth, who looked every bit a "Tarzan", in the article ERB is quoted as saying, "My first Tarzan story was just a vagrant idea . . .  a new type of story and not more unusual than a new type of stove." He mentioned how he had sent it in on the backs of old discarded letter paper with little hope of it being accepted and was "completely surprised" when it sold. This rather lengthy article goes on to tell that ERB had never swung from a tree and had never been to Africa. At the time of this article, ERB had 43 books published and the filming of the 12th Tarzan movie had just been completed in Guatemala.

The third of the series is headed, "CREATOR REGRETS BUT TARZAN'S GOT A WIFE", and is in the August 24, 1938 issue of the Bulletin. ERB is quoted in this article as saying, "I married Tarzan off in my second book. I know now that the wedding was a mistake. . . He's just not domestic." The item goes on to explain how ERB attributed the popularity of Tarzan to the surpressed desire in every man to himself be a "Tarzan", and battle lions and bellow like an ape. It also mentions ERB's refusal of $10,000 for the original manuscript of the first Tarzan story written in long hand. 

The fourth and last article appears on Sept. 18, 1940. It tells that ERB had completed three 20,000 word novelettes during the first part of the month of September and had started his fourth on Sept. 16!!! His work schedule was as follows: ". . .  to work at 9 AM in slacks and beach slippers. Answers correspondence until 11 AM, works on stories until 4 PM. Following the two finger method, he types out 330 words in 20 min." The news item also states that ERB had come to think of TARZAN as a real person, whereas John Carter and his other characters were thought of as purely imaginative creations. 

In the Spring of 1945 ERB wrote a series of news articles called "Laugh It Off" while aboard a U.S. Navy oil tanker, and after a little searching in the files of the Honolulu Advertiser, I found four of them on the 5th, 6th, 9th and 12th of July. Each of these articles is written in a humorous vein, and filled with warm anecdotes and downright good reporting.

Don't ever miss a chance to read any of these articles. 

ERBzine References
Years later, in 2004, ERBzine also discovered these clippings.
These four, and more, are featured in ERBzine 1127
At the time I had typed out the text for easier reading.

Originator of Tarzan Tales In Tomorrow
April 10, 1935

Author Here: Harbor Diver Turns Tarzan
April 11, 1935

Creator Regrets but Tarzan's Got A Wife
August 24, 1938

Tarzan's Creator Writing 20,000 Words Weekly Here
September 18, 1940

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