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Envelope Packets 146 - 156
by John Martin
My "other hobby," buying, exchanging, making and mailing postal art covers,
ties in with my Edgar Rice Burroughs hobby quite a bit.
I enjoy making covers featuring Tarzan or other ERB characters,
and friends of mine have made and mailed me such covers as well.

I thought it would be fun to start scanning and sharing such covers
on the anniversaries of the dates they were originally postmarked.

Another Tarzan cover made by Keith O'Brien. Keith put this in the mail from the state of Maine four years ago on July 5, 2016, Thanks, Keith! A previous Keith O'Brien cover is here:


Yet another cover with original art by Keith O'Brien of Maine, celebrating Tarzan's activity in the upper terraces of his jungle. This is one of three covers Keith mailed me over a period of several days, and I posted the other two earlier as Pushing the Envelope No. 145 and 146. Besides showing Keith's latest, I also scanned all three scenes together as they do show a sequence in the order Keith mailed them to me: First, in the one postmarked June 26, 2016, Tarzan reaches for a handy vine; then, in the July 5 cover, Tarzan swings across the limbs of another tree, and finally, having landed on a large branch of a third tree, Tarzan gives the victory cry of the bull ape with his knife at the ready. The last cover was mailed July 6, 2016.

Marzan was canceled at Texas, that is. After Donnie Mangus sent this cover of Marzan to the Tarzan, Texas, post office, it canceled the stamp on Friday, July 13, 2018, and put it into the mailstream, where it was re-canceled in the Midland/Odessa Distribution Center on July 14 and sent on its way to me. As you can clearly see, Marzan has a chest like Lex Barker's. Or, at least he used to....


The Cover Monster of Elyria, Ohio, printed a Disney Tarzan image onto this two-cent pre-stamped envelope and added a 42-cent stamp to make up the rest of the postage needed and mailed it to me on July 16, 2009. The cancellation ended up on the back side. The Monster's neighbor, Charlie Delgado, used the Bob Hope stamp and part of the selvage from the stamp sheet on this collage cover showing movie posters. "Flash Gordon" got the center spread but "The Revenge of Tarzan" poster made it onto the display of adventure movie ads. Charlie remembered Bomba, the Jungle Boy, too, and used a couple of art images from an auction catalog on this cover, also mailed July 16, 2009. Once again, the Bob Hope stamp was featured.
If Hope had still been around and had seen these covers, he might have commented, "Call me Bwana!" His co-star, Anita Ekberg, would have been an interesting Jane.

This is an add-on cover. I added on a little bit about ERB's "The Lost Continent," originally published under the title of "Beyond Thirty," to tie in with this old Victory cover postmarked in Tarzana on July 17, 1944. The story was originally published in 1916 but this ACE Frazetta cover for Ace Books didn't show up until October 1963, so the cover is a bit anachronistic in that sense. But, it's all in fun!

And those who have read this book know the meaning of ERB's "Victory."


Every ERB fan knows Geronimo's real name was Go-yat-thlay but much of the world doesn't. The Cover Monster knew it, though, and put together this cachet featuring the Apache who is a character in ERB's "The War Chief. "

The Monster used two 25-cent stamps for postage, one with a Comanche warbonnet, which would probably be a good stamp to use on a cover tied in with ERB's "Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County." The other stamp is John Wayne from the movie "Stagecoach," in which the stage on which he was a passenger had to fight off Indians in Apache territory.

These look more like monkeys and chimpanzees than Edgar Rice Burroughs's Mangani but the late Doc Nichol, Tigard, Oregon, dentist and philatelist, may have been inventing a new species since, in this case, he uses an acronym for his APES (the Antique Postage and Epicurean Society.) It's also known as the Munch and Crunch for Lunch Bunch. There's a reason Doc often used his own, homemade postmark which identifies His mail as coming from "Bull Mountain." This one also got a couple of regular Tigard postmarks of July 27, 2005

The cover says that date was the last meeting of the APES. Might have been their first, as well.

 The first of every August is the Great ACE Day, which doesn't mean much to anyone who isn't a member of the Art Cover Exchange, a philatelic organization I joined back in the mid-90s. On the "Great ACE Day," or GAD for short, members send as many postal covers as possible to a selected member, in order to inundate him or her (as well as the letter carrier) in covers. In hte past few years, the "Target" of GAD has received about 1,000 pieces of mail over the first few days in August. In addition, members usually send at least one cover to all of the other members.

    I myself was the Target in 2004 and received a lot of ERB-releated covers, and I regularly get ERB-Tarzan covers from other members in other GAD events as well as year-round.
    Here's a selection of such covers:
--Dave Curtis, Virginia, carves images on blocks to print his covers. For GAD 2004 he made this monkey, since that was the year I was the Target, and added a fellow and his girl swinging on a vine to try to escape from the barrage of covers being fired by a vintage fighter plane.
--Dave Lemon, Ohio, found a picture of some Disney Tarzan nesting dolls and put them on a cover for me to see. He also made one featuring Tarzan's Army and added a stamp from an Endangered Species sheet showing the Florida panther.
--Dennis Gelvin, Olympia, found a Tarzan-related cartoon to adorn his cover.
--Charlie Delgado, Ohio, was looking forward to the issue of the ERB stamp in 2012 about as much as I was, and used an image cut from promotional material to make this cover.
--The Cover Monster of Ohio sent a cover with a "New Adventures of Tarzan Poster," franked by an Edmontonia stamp, and a cover highlighting the Tarzan newspaper comic strip with a Parasaurolophus stamp, both from the "World of Dinosaurs" stamp sheet of 1997.
    Bill Hillman collects these "Pushing the Envelope" posts and features them at ERBzine. To see covers from Aug. 1 I shared last year, as well as many others, go to:
    To learn more about the Art Cover Exchange:

 Movie posters, comic book covers, book covers, autographed photos -- there are so many Tarzan and ERB images out there that it's hard for a cachet maker to decide sometimes what to use on a cover. But all and any of those possibilitieswork great. Here are some covers made and mailed by The Cover Monster of Ohio, all on Aug. 2 of 2004 as part of continuing activity in the Great ACE Day (GAD) event of the Art Cover Exchange.
--Comic Book Covers: Dell Lex Barker and DC Tarzan Family and Korak
--Magazine cover: All-Story Cavalier Weekly with "The Beasts of Tarzan."
--Book cover: "Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle."
--Art: Tarzan: by Dave Hoover
--Movie Poster-type images; "Tarzan the Tiger," "Tarzan the Ape Man," "Tarzan and the Mermaids.
--Photos: Jock Mahoney, Johnny Weissmuller and Brenda Joyce.

David Mask of Maskachusetts found an article about Edgar Rice Burroughs and folded it into a cover to mail to me on Aug. 3 for my philatelic club's Great ACE Day of 2005. That's a well-known photo of ERB dressed as a ringmaster with a performing elephant in the background. After they saw how well he did as a ringmaster, they recommended that he not quit his day job of writing adventure novels.

Back in the "old days" if someone wanted to celebrate Tarzan on a postal cover they had to come up with something other than an Edgar Rice Burroughs stamp. When the USPS published the last set of four stamps in its five-year series featuring Disney animation characters, one of the four stamps was of Mowgli, Kipling's "Jungle Book" character, along with Baloo the bear. This Aug. 7, 2006, stamp was the closest thing to something that could vaguely tie into Tarzan, so I made some first-day covers with images of the ape man to go along with my first-day covers for the Jungle Book stamp.

    These were mostly one-of-a-kind collage covers, using images clipped from Disney magazines or other places and glued onto the envelopes. Several of the covers I made were posted on Aug. 7 of 2019 and can be seen, along with ERB covers for some other dates, at this ERBzine link:
    The other covers I have include one of Disney's young Tarzan, one of an ad for Disney's "Tarzan" of 1999, and one with an image of a statue of the St. John image of Tarzan and his Golden Lion.


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