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Volume 6558

A Woman Spurned ~ 35.12.22

When the guard approached to escort him to his wedding with Queen Sigreda Tarzan longed to flee, but his ears rang with the plaintive cries of the imprisoned ape Bohgdu: "Master, Master, set me free!"

As the honor guard halted before him, Tarzan demanded: "Take me at once to your queen!"

The radiant Sigreda was waiting before the altar of the Viking god Odin, surrounded by nobles and ladies and honored warriors of the realm. A murmur of disapproval arose from the spectators when they saw Tarzan unprepared for the momentous ceremony. "I must see you alone," Tarzan whispered to the shocked Sigreda, who conducted him then to an anteroom.

"I do not love you," Tarzan announced. "I saved you form the cannibals for the sake of Thorik, who does love you."

Sigreda gasped, then fell into a fit of anguished weeping, as might any woman of high or low degree when her love is spurned. "But you shall have power and riches," she pleaded. "You shall lead our brave warriors to new conquests, and rule a vast Viking empire."

Tarzan shook his head. I desire only to roam the jungle, which is my home. Release Bohgdu, and we shall go."

Now the vengeful, impetuous blood of her forebears stirred in Sigreda's veins, and flaming anger dried her tears. "You have made a fool of me!" cried the proud queen; "and now you shall pay a dreadful penalty!"

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