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Volume 6557

A Cruel Dilemma ~ 35.12.15

When the angry Thorik drew his sword against Tarzan, Queen Sigreda laid her hand upon his wrist and said: "For the love I bore you once, Prince Thorik, and for the love I bear Prince Tarzan now, neither shall shed the blood of the other!"

Then the queen commanded that preparations be made at once for her wedding to the jungle lord. And she gave Tarzan into the hands of a company of nobles, to be decked in princely raiment for the ceremony. Eager to escape the gaping curiosity of the multitude, Tarzan went with them, for he had made his plan to flee. Alone in his princely apartment, he climbed out of a window, to race forestward where he had left Bohgdu the ape and the girl Sybil.

As his feet touched the ground the guttural growl of a beast resounded through he courtyard, He turned to see his faithful Bohgdu in a tiny cell, surrounded by a strong guard of Viking warriors.

"What means this?" Tarzan demanded. "The people were afraid," the captain replied. "The best can be released only by royal order."

"Free me master," the great ape moaned plaintively. "We go back jungle, master."

But now a guard of honor was crossing the courtyard to escort Tarzan, the bridegroom, to the wedding! Tarzan could not permit the wedding; nor could he run away from poor Bohgdu, yet one of these it seemed, he must do!

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