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Volume 6556

Tightening Bonds ~ 35.12.08 ~ #248

As Tarzan was about to tell Sigreda he had rescued her for Thorik's sake, not because he loved her . . . a Thalgaard frontier patrol espied them and ran toward them, crying: "Hail Sigreda our queen!" Tarzan knew then that the king, her father, had died of wounds suffered in the battle against Erik the Red. Bravely Sigreda suppressed her sobs, for tears were ill becoming to the ruler of a hardy Viking people. Near the town, she seized a warrior's sword and touched it to the ape-man's shoulder, saying: "Henceforth, thou art Prince Tarzan!"

And to the people she said: "We shall be wed, and he shall rule by my side, sharing my wealth and sovereignty."

Then a greater cheer went up from the Viking horde: "Hail Prince Tarzan! Hail the bride and bridegroom!" And in the throng was Thorik, who rushed angrily toward Tarzan, shouting for all to hear: "You vowed to watch over her for my sake; and now you have stolen her love -- to gain power and riches."

Tarzan was perplexed. To say now that he had not sought her hand would bring shame to the admirable Sigreda. He glanced hastily about him planning to flee forever forever from this land of fiery hearts. But Thorik fixed him with a cold stare and said: "The blot on Sigreda's honor can be cleansed only by your blood!"

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