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Volume 6555

Love's Tentacles ~ 35.12.01

With the spears of the warriors blocking his retreat into the cages Tarzan turned to face the charging lions. If he fought one of the beasts he knew the others would set upon him and tear him asunder. Sigreda saw his hopeless plight and determined once more to carry through her resolve to die by his side. To detract the lions from the girl, Tarzan ran toward the far end of the arena, with the beasts in close pursuit. Then he hit upon a shrewd stratagem, and ran up the ramp toward the horde of astonished spectators. The weapons of Mengo's bodyguard were raised against him, but Tarzan leaped suddenly from the incline. The lions continued onward, for now they spied the savages and plunged into the close-packed throng. With frantic screams the cannibals fled, but not before Mengo and several others had felt those fatal claws.

Tarzan rushed then to Sigreda and bore her from the deserted arena in the wake of the scurrying blacks. Swiftly through the dark jungle they traveled until next day, when they neared the Kingdom of Thalgaard, the Viking maiden's home. Mistaking silence for shyness, Sigreda believed Tarzan had saved her because he loved her, and her own love grew apace. Now she threw her arms around him and whispered softly. "Today, my beloved, we shall be wed."

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