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Volume 6554

Caged Fury ~ 35.11.24 ~ #246

Roaring with rage, the captor lions clawed viciously at the cages in which Tarzan and Sigreda had sought refuge. From the cannibals rose great howls of fiendish mirth at the plight of the captives. And Mengo commanded his warriors: "Go to the rear of the cages and drive Tarzan into the arena!"

But the ape-man needed no prodding, for his heart raged now with the fury of battle. He opened the cage door. With a hungry snarl, one of the lions plunged in, and Tarzan jerked the door shut. Then the furious battle was joined between beast and man-beast in the close quarters of the cage. The swirl of talons mingled with the flash of Tarzan's knife; for the ape-man was no less agile than his brute foe. Finally, embracing the beast, the jungle lord drove the blade into its throat. As the carnivore died, Sigreda thrilled at the heroic victory of the man she loved. Now Tarzan leaped out of the cage to enter another, to pursue the same strategy of killing one lion at a time. He eluded the swift beasts and darted toward an open door, but he came to a sudden stop. The cages bristled now with spears thrust from behind by the warriors! Tarzan was trapped between two arms of death!

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