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Volume 6553

Trapped By Lions! ~ 35.11.17 ~ #245

When, to spare herself the sight of Tarzan's death, Sigreda ran to face the raging lions, the ape-man raced after her. He expected to save neither her nor himself from that savage pack, but his fighting spirit impelled him to battle. One lion swifter that the rest was almost upon the Viking maid, Tarzan swept her aside and faced the charging beast. Then the jungle lord stepped lightly away and leaped suddenly upon the carnivore's back as it rushed past. The surprised beast reared upright. Tarzan's left hand gripped its mane while his right drove his knife into the lion's throat. As the brute fell, Tarzan leaped clear, hastened to Sigreda and lifted her in his arms while the other beasts raced at her. 

Whirling now, he ran toward the far end of the arena, handicapped by his human burden. The cannibals howled with glee at the thrilling spectacle, knowing that there was no escape from the pit of death. But the ape-man's keen eyes alighted upon the open cages, from which the lions had been released to kill him. With a supreme burst of energy he dashed to a cage and thrust Sigreda inside. Then as a sharp claw scraped his back, the ape-man darted into another cage and closed the door. Now the fugitives were captives of the lions! Eventually, Tarzan knew he must fight the whole pack to conquer -- or to die!

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