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Volume 6552

Sigreda's Love ~ 35. 11.10

The lion rose on his hind legs and fell fiercely upon his victim; and thus died Rabold the Viking. But before the beast could devour his prey, a sudden flight of arrows rained from the platform and ended his life. Tarzan turned to the cannibal chief, surprised that the venerated Lord Simba should be slain, Mengo explained: "We favor Simba by killing him at the height of his triumph. His happy work is done. He has given us a victim for our feast."

Now Mengo ordered that TArzan be unbound for entrance into the fatal arena, from which no man ever returned alive. Sharp spears were pressed against his flesh. One false move, and the lances would penetrate his body! Tears streamed now from Sigreda's eyes as she whispered: "Farewell, beloved. We shall be united in death!"

Mengo returned Tarzan's hunting knife; but of what avail was that small blade in the coming combat! Now the cannibal chief signaled triumphantly and five raging lions leaped from their cages. "Haste!" Mengo roared. "Thrust Tarzan into the pit, or the lions will rush here to attack us."

As the spearmen drove the ape-man into the arena, a cry arose behind him. It was Sigreda screaming! "Rather than witness his death, I shall die." and the distraught maiden ran past Tarzan to face the raging lions!"

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