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Volume 6551

Pit of Doom ~ 35.11.03

When Sigreda demanded to go first to face a lion in the sacred kraal, the cannibal chief shook his head. "No!" he scowled. "The victims of our sacred rites must be chosen by lot. That is the law of the Lion People."

Forthwith the lots were cast. The first fell upon the Viking Rabold, the second upon Tarzan, and the third Sigreda. Pompously Mengo gave the signal, and a great savage lion was released from its cage to roam the fatal arena. He was armed with only a short sword which the cannibals had given him to add excitement to the unequal combat. Bravely Rabold awaited his executioner, and the great beast, rumbling in its throat, charged upon him The Viking side-stepped and swung his sword, but the lion was only infuriated by the wound. The carnivore whirled and charged again, its deadly fangs and cruel talons bared for the kill. The cannibals howled with frenzied delight, and . . .  the other lions roared viciously in their cages.

"A moment more -- then finish!" Mengo chuckled. "Prepare you now, Tarzan! Five lions await to taste your blood!"

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