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Volume 6550

Talons of Death ~ 35-10-27 ~ #242

Painfully bound, Tarzan was thrust into a hut to await his doom at the hands of the Lion People. And Mengo delighted in boasting to Sigreda that he had captured the ape-man who had come to save her.

Next morning Tarzan heard the hunting parties setting out to trap the lions which were to kill him. Toward evening they returned, and savage roars announced their success. Soon the night trembled wit the thunder of cannibal drums, booming a dismal prelude to the fearful rites to come. Then the captives were driven forth toward the mystic kraal -- where the talons of death awaited them.

Brave Sigreda smiled at Tarzan. "I know you love me, because you tried to save me. Now I can die happy." Loath to rob the Viking maid of her last comfort, Tarzan did not dissent.

Now the captives were led up a stairway to a platform above an arena where a dozen lions clamored against their cages. And upon the platform crowded the cannibals, their eyes large with eager expectation of the bloody spectacle. Then Mengo, the chief, addressed the prisoners, "You will draw lots to decide the order of your dying!"

"No!" cried Sigreda. "I will go first!"

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