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Volume 6549


Scaling the palisade, Tarzan dropped down into the village of the lion people, who held Sigreda captive. Cautiously he slipped past the sentries, unaware that they had been ordered to let him pass freely. Weaving among the huts he attained the center of the village and swung into a clump of trees. His goal was the isolated tree beneath which the cannibals held council, for he wished to learn their plans. He leaped toward it, but when his fingers closed on a bough, a harrowing ripping of wood foretold his fate. Under Tarzan's weight the branch snapped where the crafty Mengo had cut it half way through! The ape-man fell into a bristling circle of expectant warriors. He fought with the fury of a trapped beast, and four cannibals fell by his hand before the throng subdued him.

"This," roared Mengo, "is the last of Tarzan! Soon he shall face Lord Simba in the mystic Kraal. Then -- the feast!"

Tarzan smiled. He feared no lion. Mengo divined his thought, for he had heard of the ape-man's jungle triumphs. "We shall honor Tarzan," Mengo added, "by setting many lions upon him. One must kill him!" As if to confirm the chieftain's fatal judgment, a great beast roared savagely in the jungle!

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