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Volume 6548

The Cannibals' Trap ~ 35.10.13 ~ #240

From the chieftain's speech, Tarzan judged that the lion was to kill the victims for the cannibal feast! "That lion shall kill no one," he murmured. He drew his bow. An arrow whirred -- and pierced the venerated beast. Then the ape-man's voice boomed from the forest "Free the white prisoners, or you Chief, shall suffer the same fate!"

Crafty Mengo leaped behind Sigreda for protection, and called, "Who are you who slays Simba, Lord of the Lion People?"

And the voice answered: "I am Tarzan, Lord of Jungle Beasts -- and a jungle man who defies me, dies!"

At the mention of his dreaded name, Mengo and his retinue fled through the gateway, dragging their prisoners. But Sigreda smiled radiantly as she thought "Tarzan has come to save me, because he loves me."

Presently Mengo told the elders, "Tonight, surely, the ape-man will seek to spy upon us from our council tree. Wise Mengo will trap him."

From the boughs of the tree, the savages removed sections of bark, cut deep into the wood, and replaced the bark. "When he leaps into the branches," Mengo chuckled, "they will break and the man-beast will drop into our hands!"

As twilight fell, Tarzan swung toward the village, resolved to find some means of setting Sigreda free. And his goal was the great council tree, which the cunning cannibal chief had devised as a trap.

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