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Volume 6547

The Lion People ~ 35.10.06 ~ #239

When Tarzan announced his plan to save Sigreda from the cannibals, Ruvald offered him a company of soldiers.

The ape-man shook his head, "The jungle devours those who do not know its ways. I go alone!" Then he hastened away and crossed the Thalgaard frontier into the country of the merciless savages. Despite the peril of his mission, Tarzan breathed with joy the free air of the jungle, his natural home. Presently, Usha, the wind, brought to him the scent of black men. These, he judged, were his cannibal enemies. Deep in the forest he found the monstrous creatures, bearing a captive lion which they treated with strange reverence. Tarzan followed curiously after them, catching random words in a dialect he understood.

At the gate of their palisaded village, the chief came forth in barbaric splendor and addressed the snarling beast. "Mengo bids welcome to Simba. Tonight Simba will share our feast!" The chief bowed before the lion, then called through the gates: "Fetch the prisoners!"

Encircled by a warrior guard, four white captives filed through the passage. Among them was Sigreda!

Mengo pointed to the lion and said to the prisoners: "By the law of the Lion People, Simba will be your executioner!"

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