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Volume 6546

Flight ~ 35.09.29 ~ #238

When the mutinous captain swung his first blow, Tarzan's mighty arm sent his sword clattering to the deck. The ape-man called then to the dumb-founded throng: "If there be another who questions me, let him speak!"

But now the awestruck soldiers bowed to his supremacy, and the oarsmen obeyed his command to retreat. Tarzan's Vikings fought valiantly through Erik's fleet and fled homeward in seeming disgrace. Scornful Erik followed slowly to save his warriors' strength for the final assault on the Thalgaard town. When the fugitive flotilla came to the bridge, Tarzan ordered deep notches hewn in the stanchions. These timbers were secured by long stout ropes to the ships which now lay in wait. As the foe reached the underpass, Tarzan's ships leaped forward, ropes jerked taut, and the great bridge thundered down. Red Erik's fleet was destroyed, and the realm of Thalgaard was saved from his ravaging hand. Later, in the triumphal procession beside the litter of the wounded king, marched Tarzan, who had been his prisoner.

Weakly, King Ruvald spoke to him: "By heroic victory, you have won the reward of freedom. May you spend it wisely."

Tarzan answered: "Perhaps, Sire, I shall spend it to buy death, for I go now to seek your daughter, Sigreda among the cannibals!"

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