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Volume 6545

Mutiny ~ 35.09.22 ~ #237

As Tarzan plunged from the burning ship, Erik's archers released a flight of arrows. But Tarzan dived deeply, swam under Erik's ship, and hailed one of  his own vessels. Before is mystified foes could fathom his disappearance, his warriors hauled him aboard. The men of Thalgaard hailed him as a hero, and they were proud to serve under his command. Now the ape-man surveyed the battle scene, and his heart was heavy, because he foresaw defeat. Four of Erik's ships had been destroyed, but the enemy fire-brands had ravaged three Thalgaard vessels. Tarzan quickly evolved a plan which required a swift retreat, and he shouted his orders. His warriors were astonished and resentful.

"No!" they cried. "The men of Thalgaard are pledged never to retreat!"

Now Tarzan brandished the sword he had taken from their wounded king, the sword which symbolized military command. Knowing well the sacredness of Viking oaths, he cried: "You are sworn also to obey him who holds this sword!"

"True," roared an ambitious captain of the warriors. "But you, traitor, shall not hold it long!" With these resolute words, the mutinous captain charged upon Tarzan!

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