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Volume 6543

Sea Battle ~ 35.09.08 ~ #235

As Erik's fleet maneuvered to encircle King Ruvald's Armada. The archers and spearmen swung into action. A rain of missiles filled the air, and Tarzan's arm flew like a shuttle as he fixed arrows to his bow. But the speeding shafts did not halt the relentless progress of the stout-armored foe.

Now Tarzan called to Ruvald who shouted to his oarsmen and the ship darted toward Erik's vessel. A quick turn -- and the prow of the Thalgaard ship plowed through the enemy craft. Many of the Vikings were hurled into the sea and dragged beneath the water by the weight of their armor. Erik clung to a fragment of wreckage until he was hauled aboard another of his vessels. And now seeking to duplicate Tarzan's strategy, Erik ordered his craft to cut through his rival's flagship. As the ape-man turned to advise Ruvald the Thalgaard monarch fell wounded and speechless to the deck.

Knowing that every moment was precious, Tarzan took up the sword of the fallen king, and assumed command. At his order, the ship veered and drew alongside the enemy craft. "Lash the ships together!" Tarzan cried. When his order had been obeyed, his voice rang out once more: "Aboard the enemy! Fight to the death!"


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