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Volume 6542

Red Erik's Raid ~ 35.09.01 ~ #234
Condemned to death, Tarzan was led in chains toward the prison stockade. Casting his eye seaward, he stopped suddenly and asked his guard: "Is Erik the Red your friend or foe?"

"Our bitterest enemy," the captain replied.

"Then," advised Tarzan, "you must prepare for war!"

His keen eyes had descried vile Erik's bristling fleet slipping down from the far horizon! When the flotilla plowed into view of all, the soldiers cried the alarm, and King Ruvald hastened to them.

"To arms!" he shouted. "We shall defend Thalgaard with the last drop of our blood!"

Then Tarzan spoke up: "The best defense is to attack at sea while they are weary from their journey."

The king gazed at him with approving surprise as the bronzed giant continued: "I shall fight by your side."

"It is well," Ruvald answered. "If we gain the victory, you shall go free. If we are defeated you die!"

Soon Tarzan was zealously aiding the preparations, and the Vikings marveled at his strength. At last the Thalgaard armada put out to sea, and drew near to the enemy fleet. Seeing the superiority of Erik's forces, Tarzan knew that only a miracle could save Ruvald from defeat!

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