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Volume 6541

Condemned ~ 35.08.25 ~ #233
At Tarzan's firm demand, Thorik explained the way to the land of cannibals, whither Sigreda had fled.

"I shall go with you," Thorik pleaded, but Tarzan shook his head. "I travel more quickly alone."

Swiftly he took up the trail and came to the inland sea, where he saw Sigreda, far ahead, in a small boat. Without waiting to seek out another boat, Tarzan plunged into the water and followed her. The distraught maiden landed on the shores of Thalgaard, where her father Ruvald ruled as king. Stealthily she traversed the town, slipped past the frontier guard, and vanished into the dark jungle! In the haste of pursuit, Tarzan ignored his customary caution and ran afoul of a Thalgaard patrol! He fought with the fury of a beast, but at last he was overwhelmed and brought before the king. There he told his strange story saying; "Sire, I seek only to save your daughter from a dreadful fate."

King Ruvald laughed, for he believed no word the bronzed giant spoke. Then his brow knitted gravely. "You are one of the cannibals," the king cried. "You have come to spy upon us. At dawn you shall die!"

Tarzan knew then that the king had pronounced doom not only upon him, but upon Sigreda, his own daughter.Alarmed by Sigreda's show of affection, Tarzan hastened to divert her. "You must be hungry," he said. She nodded indifferently; then the jungle lord set forth in search of game and came upon the trail of a mountain antelope. He was happy to quit the ferment of human society, and match speed and wits with this wild creature. Finally he trapped his quarry in the pocket of a ravine and sprang upon it.

Meanwhile, in Tarzan's absence, Sigreda's grief overwhelmed her to the point of utter despair. When he returned, the maiden was gone! And on a tree he found a message scratched on a great leaf. Unable to decipher the Viking script, the ape-man hurried to Thorik, who grasped the message and read:

"I cannot bear the shame of Thorik's deceit I go among the cannibals!" Thorik paled as he continued. "If there is anyone who loves me enough to save me, I shall be happy. Otherwise death will end my suffering!"

"Where is the land of the cannibals?" Tarzan demanded.

"Beyond the inland sea," Thorik replied, "You cannot go there!"


"They devour all who cross their boundaries," said the Viking. "No one can save Sigreda now."

"I shall try!" Tarzan answered grimly.

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