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Volume 6538

Sigreda's Anguish ~ 35.08.04 ~ #230
"Surrender!" the soldiers shouted when they had penetrated the disguise of Tarzan and Sigreda.

"Never!" the Viking maiden answered. Raising her sword to fight, as Tarzan, too, prepared for battle.

Then King Erik shouted: "No harm must come to Sigreda, and I myself shall spill the blood of the savage!"

Fighting furiously, the girl wounded a soldier before she was seized from behind and disarmed. And now Red Erik, with proud confidence, charged down on the ape-man to engage him in single combat. But the jungle lord's blow sent Erik's sword flying amongst a group of Viking warriors. profiting by the confusion, Tarzan seized the girl and broke through the circle nor could any Viking overtake him. Sigreda felt strangely thrilled in the strong arms of the stranger, and she was regretful when at last he set her down.

"Whither do we go?" she asked.

"To Thorik, your beloved," Tarzan replied; and a new joy swept her heart.

When they approached the camp, Sigreda said: "Let me go first, I wish to surprise  him."

But as she beheld her betrothed, she uttered a startled, heartbroken cry and beckoned to Tarzan. And the troubled jungle lord gazed upon the cause of her new woe -- Thorik in Sybil's

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