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Volume 6537

A Futile Strategem ~ 35.07.28 ~ #229

As the Viking horde blocked Tarzan's flight, fierce cries rang out: "Capture the savage! He has stolen Sigreda!"

Like a hunted beast, the ape-man retreated and swerved into a narrow side-street. But here, too, an enemy throng was racing toward him. In desperation, he darted into an unlighted dwelling. Hidden there, the fugitives heard King Erik command: "Let each man search a house. The savage is helpless against your swords."

In dark concealment, Sigreda sighed: "Now there is no hope. You shall be killed -- and I shall be Red Erik's bride!"

Soon the door flew ajar. A warrior entered. Tarzan the man-beast sprang upon him. The warrior died silently! Swiftly the ape-man girded on the trappings of his vanquished foe and stalked to the doorway.

Into the street he called out boldly: I require another soldier to aid me in the search."

That soldier died too -- like the first. And Tarzan commanded the girl: "Put on his armor!"

Thus disguised as viking warriors, the fugitives emerged into the street and hastened on their way. But in the swarm and crush, the spear of an awkward warrior struck off Sigreda's helmet, and her hair streamed down.

"Look!" a startled soldier cried.

"And that," cried another, "is the savage we seek!"

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