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Volume 6536

Amidst the Vikings ~ 35.07.21 ~ #228

Grimly, Tarzan watched Sigreda drive the dagger toward her heart.

But Erik's hand shot out and grasped her wrist. "Death shall not rob me of you!" he cried. "By yon sacred tree of the gods, I swear you shall be my bride!"

Then he summoned two henchmen to watch over her while he and his captains continued their boisterous feast. For the sake of Thorik, whose betrothed she was, Tarzan vowed to save this maiden from her fate. Briskly he scaled the wall and reached the point where the tree grew strangely out of the roof. Fully aware of the hazards, he descended the tree into the great hall and dropped down near the throne. Snarling like a beast  to affright his foes, the ape-man seized Sigreda and sprang quickly back to the tree. And with his precious burden the bronzed giant mounted again to the roof. So swift and bold was his action that the Vikings were left astonished and confused.

"It was the mischievous god Lok!" a warrior cried.

"It was a monster!" another insisted.

"Fools!" roared Erik. "It was a man! Sound the alarm. Pursue him! NO man can escape the wrath of Erik the Red."

The alarm brought soldiers streaming from every house. And Tarzan, coursing the streets saw that his flight was blocked!"

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